Tulare Community-Based Outpatient Clinic

The Tulare Community-Based Outpatient Clinic was established in 1997 as a collaborative effort between the Tulare Healthcare System and the community. The clinics offer comprehensive outpatient treatment of the entire family from preventative care to specialty treatment for the whole family. If you or a family member have recently been injured or ill and require an extended health care option, the Tulare system can help. This clinic offers comprehensive inpatient care, and the environment is light-hearted and warm with friendly, devoted staff members committed to your well-being.

The Tulare community-based outpatient clinic can treat many different types of medical conditions, including general physicals, dental, mental health, social work, and psychotherapy. Patients may also be seen at the outpatient clinics for ear, nose, throat, sinus, gastrointestinal, and allergies care. All of these treatment options are covered by a network of qualified doctors who participate in a fee-for-service plan. If your general illness or physical ailment requires a lengthy stay in the hospital, many of the Tulare outpatient clinics offer a free stay during hospitalization.

Many people choose to go to one of the Tulare outpatient clinics for preventive care, such as physicals, teeth cleaning, and skin exams. However, if you have recently been ill or injured and require more extensive treatment, the Tulare center can assist you through an inpatient treatment program. Through this program, patients receive specialized care from licensed nurses and a team of fully trained and experienced doctors. In most cases, the inpatient treatment involves a combination of medication, therapy, and special-sized care units that allow doctors to treat their patients in a supervised setting. In addition, some of the specialty outpatient clinics offer surgery, diagnostics, and surgical services. Whatever type of specialty you require, the Tulare community-based outpatient clinic can offer you the comprehensive care that you or a loved one requires.

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