Universal Community Health Center

It’s time for a Universal Health Care System in the United States of America. Why you ask? Well, there are two major reasons; we are broke and our health care costs are out of control.

The United States Government is in no position to fix this problem, which they created and now they are trying to bail out large corporations with taxpayer money, but why should we accept that? Further, why do we have all these different industries here in the U.S., when it could be just like in Scotland where they have a single health care system and it works just fine. Additionally, the government has failed completely on creating any jobs or economic growth. All they have done is created a buzz, but have done very little real change.

Universal Health Care is indeed the answer. It is time that we the people take back our health. We have the power to say with one vote that enough is enough. Enough is not enough!

East Washington Boulevard 1005
Los Angeles 90021 CA US
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