Valley Pain Centers

If you are looking for a pain management facility in Phoenix, AZ, you should consider Valley Pain Centers. This practice specializes in treating patients with difficult pain conditions. Many patients have undergone numerous surgeries, but they have not found effective relief. The doctors at ValleyPainCenters specialize in minimally invasive, safe procedures. They can diagnose and treat your pain with a consultation and/or a surgical procedure.

The pain management physicians at Valley Pain Centers will conduct a noninvasive physical examination that will evaluate the various joints and structures of your body. They will also conduct peripheral nerve tests, blood work, and X-rays to determine the underlying cause of your pain. This will help your physician determine what the best treatment option is for you. During your visit, your physician will explain the recommended course of action and discuss your next steps.

To determine the most appropriate treatment, Valley Pain Centers will first perform a physical examination. This will include a thorough survey of the spine, nervous system, and extremities. Your physician will then determine which specific area of the body is causing your pain. X-rays and blood work will help the physician pinpoint the exact source of your pain. In some cases, they may also recommend further tests. For example, a nerve test can detect if a particular area is causing your pain.

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