VCare Clinics

VCare Clinics in Houston are part of a group of physicians who are dedicated to improving the lives of the under-served. The organization is comprised of seven Texas clinics that served over 150,000 patients last year. These clinics cater to low-income people who need medical attention, but don’t have the financial resources to afford it. They also offer referrals to medical facilities such as the University of Michigan, which are located across the state. Despite the low cost of their services, VCare Clinics Houston are popular with patients, as they are open every day, and their providers have earned a reputation for their compassion, competence, and competence.

The recent flooding in Houston has left a devastating toll on the health care system in the area. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many free clinics in the area have been hit hard. Direct Relief is providing grants to these organizations to help them recover. These grants will help these clinics improve their ability to provide care to those in need. The money from the hurricane relief will help the organizations increase their capacity to serve patients, while improving their infrastructure and patient care.

During the recent hurricane season, donations to VCare Clinics Houston were greatly appreciated. After the storm, they doubled their patient visits. As a result, they started offering walk-in visits, which now account for half of their patients. The Direct Relief grant will pay for a new medical practitioner’s salary and help them make use of a medical call center to reduce the administrative burden. These grants will also help them purchase a larger vaccine refrigerator and diesel generator to ensure uninterrupted power.

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