Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at HonorHealth

The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center is a world-class facility that is part of the Scottsdale Shea Medical Center. The multidisciplinary team’s treatment combines academic medicine, community oncology and genomic cancer research. Patients also have access to nutrition, yoga and other wellness programs. The program has earned recognition for its compassionate care, and it is the only place in the Southwest to offer such a comprehensive program.

The cancer center is an integral part of the HonorHealth Network and includes both inpatient and outpatient facilities. The Center also offers emergency services. The medical staff is compassionate and expert and is trained to handle all of the latest cancer research. The comprehensive care offered at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center includes advanced treatment options, multiple disciplines, and a comprehensive support program for survivors and families. The facility’s medical staff is comprised of oncologists, surgeons, oncology specialists, nurses, and social workers.

The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Honorhealth Phoenix offers a full spectrum of cancer services, including diagnostic tests, treatment, and supportive care. The center is affiliated with the Shea Medical Center, which means it accepts most major insurance plans. Always verify your coverage with your health insurance provider to make sure you’re covered. Once you’ve opted to undergo treatment at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Institute, the cancer center will provide you with comprehensive care, including genetic counseling and bone marrow transplants.

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