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The opening of Vybe urgent care centers in Philadelphia and other cities across the country demonstrates a growing trend toward the use of walk-in clinics. This form of healthcare offers routine health care services such as vaccinations, blood pressure checks, and physical examinations to patients of all ages. The company has locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area, and its locations are expected to expand in the coming years. During its first year of operation, Vybe opened four new centers, with a plan to open at least 20 more.

Vybe has a variety of locations across the city, including those that accept Medicaid. Its University City location sees only 2% of patients who require emergency care and often does so without a referral. Although most of its locations offer a wide range of medical services, vybe emphasizes high-quality care and exceptional patient service. While many people may be hesitant to visit the ER, many consumers appreciate the convenience of walk-in care.

In Philadelphia, Vybe has five locations, and the company accepts Medicaid and workers’ compensation insurance. Its basic visit costs $125, and patients are referred to the emergency room only when necessary. The Philadelphia-based company’s CEO, Dr. Michael Szewc, hails from the city and is passionate about the health of the local population. With its mission to provide a comprehensive range of urgent care services, Vybe’s goal is to attract patients in the area.

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