TimTam Power Massager Review

The price of TimTam Power massager in the US is between $349.95 for the cheapest model and $400.00 for the most expensive massager, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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TimTam Power Massager - Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes (Gray) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun reviewed by Community Clinic Association
TimTam Handheld Percussion Deep Tissue Power Massager Pro for Full Body Muscle Recovery with 5 Programmed Settings and Travel Bag reviewed by Community Clinic Association
TimTam Power Massager Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes
TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun
TimTam PowerMassager Pro Handheld Percussion Massager
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Product Page
TimTam Power Massager - Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes (Gray) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
TimTam Power Massager Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes
Prime Benefits
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Product Page
TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun reviewed by Community Clinic Association
TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Product Page
TimTam Handheld Percussion Deep Tissue Power Massager Pro for Full Body Muscle Recovery with 5 Programmed Settings and Travel Bag reviewed by Community Clinic Association
TimTam PowerMassager Pro Handheld Percussion Massager
Prime Benefits

TimTam PowerMassager Pro Demo Video



what’s up everybody this is the TimTam
power massager Pro and we’re going to
take a look at it today so this is Tim
Tams top-of-the-line massage gun it is
designed for professionals
hence the pro in the name so think
people such as therapists chiropractors
elite athletes anyone that’s going to be
using this on a daily basis for a
multitude of different reasons TimTam is
really the first company in probably a
year and a half to make a technological
leap forward with the massage gun
they’ve done a lot of cool things
there’s a lot of neat features in this
it’s almost like a mini computer with
all the different components they’ve
added so this review will be a little
bit longer than some of my other reviews
just based on all the features I want to
make sure I’m doing it do justice
because of that let’s just jump right in
and start reviewing it so the first
thing that I noticed is that the stroke
length on this is much larger than most
other massage guns this does have an
advertised stroke length of 30
millimeters typically you’re seeing
somewhere between 10 and 16 millimeters
when you’re looking at something like a
hyper volt or a thorough gan g3 Pro so
part of that is the the shaft on it
itself is 20 millimeters so you’re gonna
get quite a good punch from this device
just from the back and forth motion of
that massage head it is an adjustable
device another unique feature on this
rather than just rotating up to 90
degrees it does rotate 175 degrees so
we’ve got seven different angles all you
have to do is press the T and it locks
in and all the different angles so you
know really a lot of different
capabilities there to hit anywhere you
would really need to if you’re trying to
reach in your back or you know some
hard-to-reach places that you know you
might not necessarily have somebody
there with you to help that’s gonna
really help with that the device is a
three-speed device so the three
different speeds are 1000 percussions
per minute 2,000 percussions per minute
and 2800 percussions per minute to turn
the device on there’s a power button
inside the handle here you press it once
your LED screen lights up you press it
and it’s gonna turn on to the first
level 1000 percussions per minute one
2000 productions per minute 3 taps 2800
percussions per minute and then to turn
the device off you just hold it for 2
so one change that this does have
compared to the original TimTam the
version 1.5 that I tried it does have
the one touch on/off it’s not a trigger
that you have to hold there anything so
once it’s on it gives you the
flexibility to move it around you can
grab the different sides of the handles
so you know really good flexibility and
capabilities there the battery is
removable so that’s a great you know
tool if you’re looking to travel with it
you only have to throw the battery and
your carry on you don’t have to take the
whole device if you’re wanting to get a
second battery you can buy them on their
website you just have a charged battery
on hand pop it in really convenient the
battery that I found it though is only
an hour so it is an improvement from the
version 1.5 but still a little bit lower
than most other devices on the market
the noise on this as you heard when I
was playing or cut it on there it is
pretty quiet they do advertise it on its
lowest speed it’s only 10 decibels I
measured it between 60 and about 75 on
the low end to high end so still not you
know any great improvement on the noise
compared to anything else in the market
that’s advertised as quiet does have a
brushless motor so huge huge improvement
from the version 1.5 that I last tried
in terms of weight it is only 2 pounds
so superlight really really easy to move
around it doesn’t come with a case but
it does come with a drawstring pops that
you can keep everything in there so now
to get into some of the really unique
features of it so it does come with
three different attachments this
attachment on here that I have you see
it’s got that red tone on it this is
actually a heated tip so it heats up to
ninety-nine point five degrees this is
amazing when it comes to think of
warming up or just trying to you know
loosen up a tissue to have that
additional component of heat really
really big improvement in order to get
the heat function on inside the handle
on the other side and I don’t know if
you can see this but there’s a plus
sign on the top here you just press and
hold that plus sign and on the LED
screen a little circle will appear I’ll
try to put it there hopefully you can
see it once that circle is on this tip
is gonna start heating up and it doesn’t
I mentioned it gets 99.5 degrees it’s
not anything that’s gonna burn you but
it is warm enough that you can feel it
when I was trying it out the first time
I would recommend using it on the lower
speed at the thousand percussions per
minute as it starts to speed up it kind
of cools itself off just within the
movement but once it was on on that low
speed you could really feel it
especially when I was doing it on my
quads and in my pecs that heat is you
know a really nice component to that
warm-up so the other tip that it comes
with is the standard round ball and this
is the same tip that came with the all
new power massager and the version 1.5
and again all their tips are threaded
they do just screw on really easily you
know you know not gonna come off or
anything while they’re being used so
really convenient there this tip is
interchangeable with any of the other
ones and then this last one is the Tim
Tam polished light so it’s a real big I
mean if you’re looking for a a wide area
that you want to massage this is a metal
tip on it as well so these are both
metal on that two-tone there now what
you’re going to hopefully hear when I
screw this in I’m gonna put it by my mic
this tip is actually vibrating so it’s
got a 60 Hertz vibrating tip when you
screw this polish light on so if you’re
looking to just do a broader area it’ll
be great to have that extra little
vibration but what I’ve been using it
for is if someone has lockjaw or if you
got some you know sort temples or you
just want to do something on your head
that you would never be able to do with
any other massage gun it really is great
for some of those more sensitive areas
maybe if you got you know a sensitive
neck or you’ve got some bad headaches
and you want to get a little bit of
vibration that you wouldn’t be able to
do with a full massage you know think of
something like this obviously you never
use that on your head but to have that
vibration really key again no other
device that I’ve seen on the market
that’s kind of added a second component
into the tip so we’ve got a heated tip
and a vibrating tip so awesome job
timtam on that really cool improvements
a lot of other features that we’ve got
to go through still so it has a skin
temperature sensor so on the tip of the
gun here there’s a little metal nodule
when you put that on your skin and press
the thermometer button on the back
handle it’ll actually tell you the
temperature of your skin so I’m gonna
see if I can show it there so it’s
showing 86 point 87 but so I don’t
really know what feature you use that
for maybe a therapist or somebody might
be able to tell me a little bit more but
it’s really just a break sure when
you’re using the heated tip you’re not
burning yourself or you know using it in
too long in one area also it has five
different features of Massage modes that
you can use so just under that plus sign
which the plus signs also I mentioned
that’s how you hurt turn the heated
function on and off it’s also the same
button that you have to press an old it
turn the vibration on and off so the the
five modes are just below it here it
does have a deep-tissue mode which is
essentially just the normal mode that
it’s in it has a warm-up mode a recovery
mode a neck
and a lumbar mode which is for your back
and what these do is they’re just
different cycles of pulsations so it’ll
start you know really really slow and
then as it’s going slow for a while then
it’ll jump up to a faster speed there
goes and just depending on what mode and
what area you’re massaging its gonna
control you know it’s gonna have a
control of you know which different
speed and you know sequence that it goes
through the device does have wireless
connectivity so they do have an app
that’s going to be coming out towards
the end of 2019
I assume the wireless connectivity will
you know working with that app somehow
so you can control the massage gun with
your phone or any other wireless device
it does also have a little compartment
on the bottom that you can unscrew and
put in a GPS tracking device so
unscrewed I’d say there’s space for
about the size of a you know maybe a
camera chip a SIM card something like
maybe if you’ve got like one of those
tiles the GPS tracking things you can
slip it in there after all it is a
pretty expensive device so you want to
make sure that if it gets misplaced that
you can find it really easily one other
thing that I forgot to mention when I
was talking about the battery it does
come with four different international
chargers that you can interchange so
I’ll just jump back quick here to that
so the battery charger does come in this
little stand
but the charger itself the charger
itself on the back just unscrew the wall
component and it has four different
options that you can put in there so
obviously I’m in the States here so I’m
using the AC wall unit for the States
but pretty convenient that you know if
they’re if you’re gonna travel with it
or you know you’re buying it from a
different country other than the States
no worries you’ll be able to use the
charger lastly is the Stahl force so
with a lot of these great features
unfortunately they did have to sacrifice
the Stull force a little bit so anybody
that’s watched my channel before knows
that I like a really high style force I
was a collegiate track and field runner
I like to really get aggressively into
my legs and my hips so I want something
with a high stall force
this unfortunately I’d say probably has
something in the 30 to 35 pounds of
stall force meaning I’m able to stop it
really really easily so here it is on
the lowest speed I mean that’s not even
much it’s a little bit harder when you
got on the high speed but still you know
not the greatest but as you’ll see when
it’s still hung up here it starts back
up right away so you know that’s the one
flaw of other devices when they stall
out is that they completely turn off and
you have to turn them back on so well it
is stalling when I’m pushing really hard
on my hand or if I’m going into my legs
or anywhere it’s gonna start back up
right away as soon as I relief that
pressure so you know it’s nice in that
function but I just can’t get as
aggressive as I really would like to but
overall I think they’re paving the way
for the future of the massage gun I
think this is a really really awesome
device if you’ve got the budget for it
and you want the heated tip you want the
vibrating tip you want a lot of
flexibility in the head removable
battery this could be the massage gun
for you so that’s a review drop any
questions in the in a bottom here if you
got them like subscribe thanks for

TimTam Power Massager Deals and Discounts

TimTam Power Massagers

The All New Power Massager was designed by professional athletes, physiotherapists, and coaches to help athletes reduce pain and improve performance. Its new design features a better battery life, a lower noise level, an antibacterial grip, and a one-touch trigger. These are all features that will help you to get the most from the massager. You will enjoy using the new TimTam power massaging tool.

The TimTam massager has 3 different massage tips. The vibrating head is for the largest muscle groups, and it can go as low as 900 RPM in Warm-Up mode. The heating tip is the same size as the standard tip and heats up quickly. This provides relief from muscle pain and fatigue. In addition to the three massaging tips, the TimTam has a programmable pulse feature.

The TimTam massage gun has three different massage tips. The vibrating head works on the biggest muscles, such as the quads, calves, and hamstrings. The vibrating head is 60 Hz, so it is perfect for working on large muscle groups. The heating tip is also similar in size to the standard tip but heats up very quickly. The TimTam is a great all-around massager that will give you instant relief from muscle pain and stiffness.

The TimTam is a portable massager with adjustable settings for different parts of the body. It is easy to carry and uses three different types of attachments. The rotary massage tip works best for large muscle groups, while the vibrating tip is perfect for smaller muscles. The heating tip can be used to warm up the arms and shoulders. The timing is adjustable and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. It is ideal for anyone with aching muscles and is portable.

The TimTam is a great electric massager that comes with a single round rubber percussion head. It is equipped with a 12-volt lithium-ion battery, charging station, and portable travel box. Unlike other electric massagers, the TimTam is more than just a massager. It can also be used to soothe muscles. It is a very convenient massager and can be used in a variety of situations.

The TimTam Power Massager is effective in reducing muscle tension and pain. Its 5-minute massage can be the equivalent of a thirty-minute traditional massage session. Although the TimTam PowerMassager is an incredible tool, it is important to use caution when using it. If you have a health condition, you should consult your physician before using it. While it is a great way to relieve aches and pain, it can also cause side effects.

The TimTam Power Massager comes with one rubber tip, but you can purchase other attachments for the massager. Its adjustable head allows you to use the massager in different positions. For example, you can use it to apply pressure to the back of your neck. It can also be used to work on the upper and lower back muscles. The head can be used in various ways to alleviate stiffness.

The TimTam massager has a long battery life, allowing it to be used for more than one hour at a time. Its powerful percussion can reduce lactic acid build-up and repair micro-tears. The TimTam can be used anywhere you need to provide percussion massage without using a lot of time. Its low noise level makes it easy to use anywhere you want. Its powerful design has gained the endorsement of Georges St. Pierre, a famous mixed martial artist.

The TimTam is a portable percussion massager with an ergonomic handle that allows you to use it for longer periods. Its head rotates at 90 degrees to target the different areas of the body, and can also target the same muscle from different angles. The TimTam has a high RPM of 2000, which makes it one of the most powerful percussion massagers on the market. However, it is important to remember that the TimTam does not generate sound in the same way as your spine or shoulder blades. The result is that it does not produce much of a buzz.

The TimTam Power Massager is designed to provide deep-tissue massage with a single therapy tip. The device has a powerful stall force of 75 pounds. The weight of the unit is 3.3 pounds and comes with accessories. The All New Pro is a better option than the original model because of its many functions. If you’re a professional athlete, the TimTam will help you recover faster and improve your performance.

TimTam Power Massager Guide

TimTam power massager for trapezius pain
For many people who suffer from chronic pain such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, or jaw pain, a Timtam power massager for trapezius pain may be the answer. The reason that this type of massager is particularly useful is that it can help to stimulate the muscles that are located in the area around the shoulder blades. These muscles are responsible for supporting the shoulder and they are very important for movement. While this area may feel like it is inflamed and irritated, there is an important underlying muscle in the shoulder that makes this part of the body more resistant to strain and injury.

It has been found that when the Timtam power massager is used on these muscles to exercise, the muscles can become less tense and thus reduce the pain experienced. Many people who suffer from chronic back pain also use these massagers when working out. They are particularly useful for those who find that exercising causes them pain, such as those who lift things using their shoulders. One of the best benefits of using a Timtam on the muscles of this area is that they can provide a gentle massage that helps to relieve the tension in the back. The massager can be used for a variety of different exercises, including stretching and strengthening exercises that can be very effective at strengthening the muscles and relieving pressure.

Many of the models of these massagers have a variety of different settings to suit what you are doing. Some models will be able to detect which muscles are being used and vary the strength of the stroke accordingly. This means that if you are doing some form of shoulder exercise, the speed of the stroke will be adjusted so that the muscles of the shoulders are not overworked and then damaged. As well as providing a gentle massage for the shoulders, these devices can also help to prevent injury from happening in the first place by increasing your flexibility and range of movement during exercise.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Michael J.

    My sciatica has been acting up a lot recently. Sometimes heavy lifting exercises are needed, and other times, too much time is spent sitting in an office chair. My sciatica was caused by tight quads, IT bands, and lower back. The TimTam provided immediate muscle release, and I’ve been using it three days in a row whenever my muscles tense up. After using this, my legs feel like jello.

  2. Chris Parrotte

    This thing is incredible. I was worried about being disappointed because I knew it was costly. I started by massaging it into my neck and shoulders. The next day, I was extremely sore in the places where I had used it, and I worried that it would be a dud purchase. I took a day off and then persisted. I’m getting better, and I’m always looking for new places to use the device. This is actually available without a partner, though I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be. It’s strong enough that as long as you can hit the area you’re trying to massage, it’ll be fairly successful. The only real issue I have is the noise. This thing is EXTREMELY LOUD.

  3. Rusty

    I’ve been using it for about six months and it has helped with post-mountain bike leg and back pain. It makes me feel better and on a daily basis. So far, I’m pleased with the product. The vibration function, on the other hand, is almost non-existent. The heat function is largely ineffective. The battery will drain if the device is simply switched off but not shut off. They’re either really dumb or think I’m a moron. The trick is to keep the battery charging even after the indicator light indicates that it is fully charged. Is this something I’d recommend? Yes, but not wholeheartedly.

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