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The price of bassinet mattress in the US is between $22.99 for the cheapest model and $32.99 for the most expensive baby cradle mattress, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Big Oshi Baby Bassinet Mattress - 15" x 30" x 2" - Waterproof Exterior - Thick, Soft, Breathable Foam Interior - Oval Shaped, Comfy, Padded Design, Also Fits Portable Bassinets reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Colgate Mattress Cradle & Bassinet Mattress - GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Reversible Bassinet Pad with 2” Thickness, Wrapped in Waterproof Quilted Cover - 15” X 30” X 2” reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Co Storage Cradle Mattress Bassinet Mattress Baby Crib Mattress Organic Cotton Foam Mattress Pad with Extra Waterproof Bamboo Sheet Liner reviewed by Community Clinic Association
ICEBLUE HD Waterproof Oval Bamboo Fabric Baby Moses Basket Bassinet Crable Changing Pad Mattress-Set of 2 reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Colgate Mattress Cradle & Bassinet Mattress - GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Reversible Bassinet Pad with 2” Thickness, Wrapped in Waterproof Quilted Cover - 15” X 33” X 2” reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Big Oshi Baby Bassinet Mattress, 15" x 30" x 2"
Colgate Bassinet/Cradle Mattress, 15" X 30" X 2"
Co Storage Baby Crib Mattress, 15" X 26" X 1.2"
ICEBLUE HD Baby Moses Basket Mattress, 15" X 26" X 1.2"
Colgate Waterproof & Non-Toxic Bassinet Mattress, 15" X 33" X 2"
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Big Oshi
Colgate Mattress
Co Storage
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Big Oshi Baby Bassinet Mattress - 15" x 30" x 2" - Waterproof Exterior - Thick, Soft, Breathable Foam Interior - Oval Shaped, Comfy, Padded Design, Also Fits Portable Bassinets reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Big Oshi Baby Bassinet Mattress, 15" x 30" x 2"
Mattress Brand
Big Oshi
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Colgate Mattress Cradle & Bassinet Mattress - GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Reversible Bassinet Pad with 2” Thickness, Wrapped in Waterproof Quilted Cover - 15” X 30” X 2” reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Colgate Bassinet/Cradle Mattress, 15" X 30" X 2"
Mattress Brand
Colgate Mattress
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Co Storage Cradle Mattress Bassinet Mattress Baby Crib Mattress Organic Cotton Foam Mattress Pad with Extra Waterproof Bamboo Sheet Liner reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Co Storage Baby Crib Mattress, 15" X 26" X 1.2"
Mattress Brand
Co Storage
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ICEBLUE HD Waterproof Oval Bamboo Fabric Baby Moses Basket Bassinet Crable Changing Pad Mattress-Set of 2 reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
ICEBLUE HD Baby Moses Basket Mattress, 15" X 26" X 1.2"
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Price not available
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Colgate Mattress Cradle & Bassinet Mattress - GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Reversible Bassinet Pad with 2” Thickness, Wrapped in Waterproof Quilted Cover - 15” X 33” X 2” reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Colgate Waterproof & Non-Toxic Bassinet Mattress, 15" X 33" X 2"
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Baby Bassinet for Newborns and Infants Safe Mattress



Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Today Ryan and I
will go through Graco pack n play we’re going to cover
these topics
This is one of the popular pack n play in the market.
Actually, for the first few months of Ryan’s birth, we also used this as a crib so no need to
get a new crib and you can save some money here
let’s jump into it
Coming up
What’s up guys! my name is Amir and this is my associate Ryan
Let’s start with the quick unboxing. we want to make sure we have all the parts required
for the assembly
Pull the legs apart like this
Make sure the center with the red tab is up
pull the sidebars up and make sure you hear the click sound
I suggest doing the opposite sides at the same time
push the centerpiece down and make sure it locks
now we have a stable structure
An important tip is to not push the center down
before locking the side arms
This simple tip will save you lots of headaches
Perhaps if you just want to remember one point
out of this video, this would be it!
now we put the padding. later in the video,
I cover the mattress and fitted sheets in more detail
so stay tuned as we focus on the assembly for now
the softer side of the padding should be up
this side with the straps should be pointing down
now we use the straps under the mattress to secure the pad
I suggest turning the pack n play to the side
first take this strap from the side with the shorter length
through this opening on the bottom side fasten this to the bottom of the pack
and play
then take the straps on the padding with the snaps at the end
from the corners fasten them to the bottom base
make sure you attach all the four corners
Turn it!
Now, you have the fully assembled Pack n Play
once assembled this is what it looks like
In this step, we assemble and install the bassinet
Grab the bassinet,
and unfold this now you want to make sure
these rods are like this insert the tapered end
to the other side
make sure it’s secured repeat this for the other side
next, we fasten the bassinet inside the Pack n Play
using these clips
make sure all of them are secured before the next step
we have to do this before placing the pad in the bassinet
take the pad and put it inside the bassinet. The softer side of the padding,
should be up
This side with the strap should be down
As you can see, the surface of the bassinet mode is higher
and this makes it easier to take the baby in and out
In order to take down the Pack n Play, disconnect the mattress pad and remove it
It’s important to first pull the center with the red tab, up
to unlock before you collapse the sides stop after you hear the click
to collapse the sides, push the buttons on the sides
A useful tip when you collapse the side: First, lift the rail up a little before
pressing the button It helps to release the lock
then put all the legs together like this
Wrap the mattress pad around it like this
make sure the cushion side is inside
use the straps to keep it tight
Bag it, and you’re ready to go
Just make sure the handle is out of the bag
The mattress pad is a little scratchy. I highly suggest getting a fitted sheet
or actually, since you’re at it you may want to buy a couple of sheets…
as the incident happens!
I put links to the sheets that fit the Pack n Play in the description below
Most of us, or at least some of us thought that when you get the Pack n Play
You just have one option for the mattress
and can only use the firm pad that comes in the box
the thing is the mattress pad that comes with the product
is intentionally designed thin and firm for the safety benefit of infant and newborns
However as the baby grows older and
becomes a toddler he or she may appreciate the comfort and
support of a better mattresses you also would appreciate the longer nap
that they take in a more comfortable mattress
I saw two options that our friends got that fit the Graco Pack n Play
and we also liked them a lot We are planning to get one of these two
Both of them are Amazon Choice as well
I put the link in the description below
One of our friends bought another pad that was not a fit for the Pack n Play
it was short on one side which created a gap
she was very upset as her daughter got stuck in the gap once
First option is the milliard trifold pack and play mattress
This is made of high-density foam and provides a balance between firm support
and soft comfort so your little one can sleep better
you can too! I especially like the portability of this
as you can easily fold up the mattress into a carry bag
that comes with it for free so you can easily store or travel with your mattress
if you think you will travel often,
I would recommend this one
the second option is Dream on Me 3″ Foam
Pack n Play mattress. while it does not
have the portability of other mattresses however, this seems to be somewhat more
comfortable this method is thick and cozy
It is covered in a plastic-like material that makes cleaning it easy with just a
wipe so, I’m curious which one of these
mattresses do you prefer? leave a comment below and let me know
and by the way, if you’re getting value out of this video please give us a
thumbs up and consider subscribing thanks for the support and you have a
good one

Bassinet Mattress Deals and Discounts

Bassinet Mattress Review

Quality of the bassinet mattress is an important thing to consider when choosing a baby crib. As we know that a baby spends most of his time sleeping and it is very important for him to have a comfortable mattress to rest on. The mattress quality will therefore depend on the material used. This is the reason why hospitals insist on getting high-quality bassinet crib mattresses for their patients.

You may be wondering what material should be used for your little one’s bassinet mattress and the answer is either vinyl or rubber. Vinyl is cheaper than the other two but not durable and it is not easy to keep clean. On the other hand, rubber is more expensive but it is a good choice if you want high-quality yet inexpensive sleeping gear.

There are some things you need to consider when buying a comfortable bassinet mattress such as size, design, and even color. Size is something that cannot be ignored because size determines how much comfort your little one will get. There are three sizes of bassinet mattresses available. They are standard, crib, and twin. The size should be according to the age and standard of the newborn. Crib models have side openings that need to be taken into consideration because babies tend to swallow objects when they sleep.

X-shaped models are better than rectangular ones as this allows you to turn them in any possible direction. It is also important that the mattress has enough space inside for your child to sleep comfortably. It is recommended that the mattress for the bassinet should be waterproof as this helps in keeping your child safe from infections and other health complications. A waterproof mattress is a must for you as you sleep with your baby and you should therefore go for waterproof mattresses.

Bassinets are often expensive, therefore you should take good care of them as it would cost you a fortune if you buy a low-quality product. Bassinet mattresses should be kept clean at all times as dust mites and other dirt particles cause diseases and make your child sick. To make your baby comfortable and safe, you should purchase a bassinet mattress that matches its design. Usually, double-sided bedding comes in sets and therefore it is a good idea to get them together to ensure that you get a complete set.

Cradle mattresses come at a variety of prices. However, you cannot beat the comfort that it provides for your little one. It is therefore important that you invest in it so that you can sleep peacefully at night. It is a good idea to look for a professional so that you can get the best bassinet mattress for your little one. You may also want to try looking for used mattresses at flea markets or second-hand stores in your neighborhood.

Big Oshi baby bassinet mattress

Designed for baby’s comfort, the Big Oshi baby bassinet mattress features a waterproof fitted mattress cover with a top layer of vinyl and a middle layer of soft urethane foam filler. Its 2″ thick, plush cover is machine washable and offers your baby a quiet and breathable sleep. You can even buy a waterproof bassinet mattress cover in multiple colors.

The Big Oshi Waterproof Oval Baby bassinet padding is made of thick foam for extra comfort. The Big Oshi Contemporary Design Toddler & Kids Bed comes with sturdy wood frames and modern slats. Fitted Mini Crib Sheet is available for portable cribs, full-size crib mattresses, playpens, and pack-n-play. The Big Oshi Madison Newborn Baby Bassinet is designed to be used indoors or outdoors.

While most bassinet mattresses are made of foam, it’s important to select one specifically for the model of bassinet you own. Foam-filled cradle mattresses contain harmful chemicals. Toxic vapors from these mattresses are harmful to a baby’s lungs. Make sure your baby’s bassinet mattress is made with natural, nontoxic material. Purchasing a mattress that doesn’t contain toxic materials is a great way to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related problems.

You can purchase the Big Oshi Waterproof Oval Baby Bassinet Mattress from Desertcart. It ships worldwide and is available in 164 countries. This includes Kuwait. The mattress is delivered by Desertcart. You’ll need to unzip the carry box carefully before it arrives at your home. A couple of hours is recommended for the mattress to fully recover its shape. The Big Oshi Waterproof Oval Baby Bassinet Mattress is ideal for traveling with a newborn.

Colgate cradle mattress

You’ll find Colgate cradle mattresses in white to fit most bassinets. This mattress is made with a 1-1/2″ thickness and has an easy-to-clean, tear-resistant cover. It’s waterproof, too! And, it comes with a 1-year warranty for a worry-free purchase. But what if your bassinet is a bit dated? Or perhaps your bassinet just isn’t the type of bassinet you’d like?

If you’re looking for a crib mattress that will last your baby’s entire life, there are several different models to choose from. The Colgate Eco Classica III is an eco-friendly option. It features eco-friendly foam and sustainable plant oils. Its extra firm side provides the correct support for your infant, while the softer side offers the perfect amount of comfort and softness for toddlers. It is wrapped in a certified Cotton cover with an inverted seam for extra durability.

If you’re looking for a cradle mattress for your newborn, consider buying one from Colgate. The 15 x 33 x 2-inch size of this mattress makes it ideal for bassinets from most manufacturers. Its tear-resistant, waterproof cover is easy to clean, and it fits most bassinet models. It’s a good idea to measure the bassinet size before buying a mattress, too.

Another excellent option for your infant’s bassinet is a Colgate cradle mattress. Made with soft foam, it’s ideal for newborns and provides a firm sleeping surface. This mattress is made of CertiPUR-US(r) certified foam and has a thick, two-inch cover. It’s also Greenguard certified and meets the strictest standards for safety and environmental protection.

Co Storage baby crib mattress

The Co Storage baby crib is designed with convertible features that allow it to be converted into a toddler or a daybed. The convertible crib mattress is adjustable, so it can be raised or lowered according to your baby’s height. The mattress is elevated to prevent the child from falling out when being picked up and to prevent them from climbing out when turning around. The crib mattress also comes in four different heights to accommodate your child’s growth.

The waterproof outer layer protects the Co Storage baby crib mattress from damage and makes the item water-resistant. The memory foam interior is comfortable for your child and prevents the mattress from losing its shape over time. Because it is non-toxic, the Co Storage baby crib mattress is also reusable. It can last up to five years if properly stored. The Co Storage baby crib mattress is designed with a unique OVAL shape and is made of two inches of memory foam.

If you’re worried about the mattress getting dirty while in storage, you can always roll it up. You can use a box made of cardboard or take it from a Uhaul. When you’re not using it, wrap it in a bed sheet to protect it from dust and dirt. However, if you’re moving out of the house, you shouldn’t store the mattress on its side, since you risk damaging the mattress during the moving process.

Choosing a safe mattress is extremely important for your baby. Babies spend more time sleeping than adults do, and toxic mattresses can contribute to a variety of conditions including childhood obesity and neurodevelopmental disorders. When choosing a crib mattress, look for a certified organic mattress with low emissions. Alternatively, consider an environmentally-friendly model that is made of GOTS-certified cotton. However, these environmentally-friendly cribs may cost a bit more, so make sure you look for a model that meets your budget.

ICEBLUE HD baby moses basket mattress

Having a comfortable baby bed for your new baby can be challenging, but the Iceblue HD Baby Moses basket mattress is a great option. The soft cotton material offers a cozy environment for your little one while you sleep. The basket’s reversible, breathable cover helps to keep your baby cool and comfortable. This Moses basket mattress is also great for traveling as it is easily portable.

The mattress pad is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic. It is filled with seven layers of pressed flax and is designed to be both breathable and anti-bacterial. Many foam mattresses contain fire-retardant chemicals that encourage the growth of bacteria. A recent study in New Zealand found that bacteria is one of the leading causes of SIDS. This mattress pad has been made with only organic cotton and is completely safe for your baby.

The basket’s base is made of a sturdy weave and its mattress pad cushion is soft and pleasant to the touch. The Iceblue Bbaby Moses basket mattress is made of eco-friendly materials and has a removable liner for easy cleaning. The bassinet spread is oval, slightly larger than the container. The ICEBLUE HD Baby Moses basket mattress includes a cable-patterned blanket and pillowcase to keep your baby warm and cozy.

The woven cotton fabric lining on the ICEBLUE HD Baby Moses basket is both durable and stylish. The fabric is made of ultra-soft cotton and breathable foam, making it ideal for sleeping for your baby. Despite its lightweight design, it is easy to move around and is easy to transport. Moreover, the woven paper wicker is beautifully crafted, and the entire basket is designed to last.

Colgate waterproof bassinet mattress

The Colgate waterproof bassinet mattress is an excellent option for your newborn’s room. Its soft, two-inch foam pad is perfect for your infant’s bassinet and fits the most popular cradles. Its waterproof and tear-resistant cover is a great feature, as is the fact that it is certified by Greenguard Gold Children & Schools. It is free of harmful chemicals, which is important because your child’s first years are spent sleeping on the mattress.

The Colgate waterproof bassinet mattress provides a firm, supportive sleeping surface that is suitable for your newborn. It is made from non-toxic barrier fabrics and fire retardant chemicals and meets or exceeds federal flammability standards. The mattress is easy to clean, and the waterproof backing extends its lifespan and helps keep hygiene a top priority. You can find a variety of sizes and models, including convertible bassinets.

Another option for a waterproof bassinet mattress is a Colgate Wee-A-Way. This waterproof mattress cover is extra soft and has elastic around the perimeter for a secure fit. The waterproof backing keeps liquid away from the mattress, and the cover is machine washable. The mattress also meets government safety standards and is a family-owned company. The manufacturer of the Colgate waterproof bassinet mattress is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Colgate crib mattress is a high-quality option for your newborn’s crib. It can transition easily from the crib to the next, making it a perfect choice for traveling or visiting relatives. Its waterproof cover keeps it clean, and you can take it with you anywhere you go. There is a weight limit of 65 lbs on this mattress, which is the average weight of an 8-year-old child.

Pros of bassinet mattress:

  • The baby can be kept close to the parents.
  • Bassinets are easier to use as they sit at waist level, making it easier to lay down the baby.
  • Bassinets are typically less expensive than cribs.
  • Some babies sleep better in the smaller space of a bassinet.

Cons of bassinet mattress:

  • Bassinets are designed for newborns up to four months old and the baby will grow out of it sooner, requiring a replacement with a crib.
  • Bassinets are too small for older babies.
  • Bassinets do not allow for as much airflow as cribs, which are better suited for older babies and can be grown into.

Bassinet Mattress Guide

How to choose a bassinet mattress?

Bassinet mattresses are one of the most important accessories that you can buy for your baby to ensure that he or she is sleeping in a safe and comfortable environment. As a parent, one of the most important things that you need to do is to provide your child with the best possible start in life. This is where the bassinet mattress comes into play. Since babies spend the vast majority of their time sleeping, you must provide them with a comfortable sleeping environment that is free from any health risks or complications. This is especially true since little one will be sleeping on this mattress for quite some time every single day.

There are many different factors that you need to consider when deciding which type of bassinet mattress would be best for your little one. One of these factors is the comfort level of the product. Since you are going to be spending most of your baby’s time sleeping, this would be the one that needs to be the most comfortable as well as durable. You also need to make sure that the material used is safe enough for your baby’s delicate lungs.

Most parents make the mistake of looking for the cheapest materials they can find for their baby’s bassinet. Unfortunately, by doing so, they often compromise on the quality of the product and end up buying an inferior product that would simply fall apart after just a few months of use. To avoid falling into this trap, make sure that you look for a product that features all-natural latex foam or even cotton as its core. By doing this, you not only ensure maximum comfort but also long-term durability. In the long run, this would mean much lower costs and more savings for you.

How to elevate the bassinet mattress?

The main purpose of using an elevated bassinet is to have a safe and comfortable resting position for your baby. When your baby is sleeping on their back, they are more prone to being disturbed or thrown off the rocker by an object in the room. If you decide to get an infant-elevating bed, then you will not have to worry about this happening. Many models on the market today are designed with safety and comfort in mind. They are also quite lightweight which makes them easier to move around than older models, which can be tricky if you have to carry it somewhere.

You also want to make sure that any material used is sturdy and will be able to support your baby’s weight when they are asleep. Many people opt for memory foam pillows, as these can provide the best support, without being too firm for their delicate bodies. There are many different options when it comes to style. You can find both standard and convertible beds, along with other options such as enclosed sleepers. With the enclosed sleeper you have the option of connecting a canopy to the side of the unit, this will allow you to have a full view of your baby while they are sleeping.

It is important to consider a few factors before making a purchase, these are important for any new parent. The type of crib that you purchase will be directly related to the types of accessories you get with it. An elevated bassinet is great for those who want to keep their babies as comfortable as possible, by providing them with a comfortable sleeping position. Other accessories come with the crib wedge, including rails for additional support and pillows for extra neck support. Whether you are looking for a crib wedge or another type of attachment, you will find that there are a variety of choices available.

How to clean a bassinet mattress?

If you are considering how to clean a Bassinet Mattress then the following will give you some guidelines on the best way to do this. First, always be very careful when removing the Babies from the crib, this can be hazardous as they may not be breathing and if not properly removed then it can cause suffocation. If this happens to you are unable to remove them safely then you should call in an experienced doctor.

The second point to consider is that bassinet mattresses should be regularly washed with warm water and then dried at High Heat. This can be done using a hairdryer and by placing them in the sun, which can be extremely dangerous. Always keep in mind that when washing bassets it is important to check for any tears or punctures and make sure there are no foreign objects lodged inside the crib. There are many products available that are specially designed to deal with these types of issues. A third point is that because bassets are relatively small it can mean that you have some different components to deal with which means that you will need to purchase several products, including an infant changing mat, blankets, and a crib mattress. Although this is generally an expensive purchase you will not have spent much money on the particular item which caused the suffocation in the first place.

Before you buy any of these items, it is advisable to do some research into the suppliers to ensure that they will provide safe products that won’t cause any injury. It is also good to seek advice from other parents who may have dealt with a similar situation as yours and find a product that they can recommend to you. Another good point to consider is that because bassets are relatively small you may wish to purchase a relatively firm bassinet mattress. As a general rule, you want to avoid purchasing a very soft bedding product as this will cause your child to suffocate. So, a firm mattress is the safest choice, but it must be firm enough.

Oval mattress for baby bassinet

An oval mattress for a baby bassinet is an alternative to the traditional crib that can be used in conjunction with a standard spring mattress. This type of bedding system allows a parent to keep both hands free to tend to their infant, yet still, have the comfort and support that come with a coil spring mattress. This style of baby bedding system can often be purchased at very reasonable prices, as they are becoming more widely available. This type of bedding for baby bassinet also offers increased durability over a regular sprung mattress due to its unique design. This type of baby bedding can also be made to fit any standard-size crib, making it ideal for those parents who are shopping for new furniture but do not yet know what type of bassinet or crib they will need.

An oval mattress for a baby offers many advantages over other styles of bedding that may be purchased for this age group. One of these advantages is that it is designed to conform closely to the body of the baby, helping to ensure that babies are properly supported and comfortable throughout the night. In addition, an oval mattress for a baby can help protect the delicate skin of a child during the first few months of their life. This protection is especially important as some infants can tend to wriggle uncontrollably in their cribs, which can be extremely painful for the child.

These benefits of an oval mattress for a baby can be experienced almost immediately after the purchase. Although many people who purchase an oval mattress for a baby immediately use it for their crib, it is still important for prospective buyers to view a selection to ensure that they will feel comfortable with using this type of bedding for their baby. If a parent is unsure whether or not they will be happy with the final decision of purchasing this style of baby bassinet, it may be advantageous for them to view several mattresses before making the final decision. This will allow them to find one that they feel most comfortable with, as well as one that has the features that are most appealing to them. These styles of mattresses for baby bassinets can also be purchased at a relatively low price, compared to other types of products.

Mattress pad for bassinet

Many parents buy bassinet bedding and mattress pad together so that they can get the best possible combination for their child. But there are other things that you need to consider when making your purchase, especially if you’re buying a mattress pad for the bassinet. If you are planning on using the bassinet in the spring, then you will need to buy a mattress pad that is suitable for use in the damp autumn and winter weather.

However, a waterproof firm mattress surface is necessary for newborn babies. The bassinets should never be heavy, as you do not want your baby’s face to be permanently molded into it. Just as a crib mattress needs to fit snugly within the box, so does a bassinet mattress. You want to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible for your little one so that he or she sleeps well and can wake up without a lot of fuss.

It may be worth considering waterproof mattress pads for bassinets as these are made from memory foam which is also great at keeping babies warm. Bassinets tend to leak a lot, especially when they are first used but with some waterproof mattress pads for bassinets, you can avoid this problem. You will probably find that your baby will sleep more soundly on a waterproof mattress pad than on a regular mattress, and the material is much more comfortable for your baby to sleep on.

Mattress for wooden bassinet

While crib mattresses are designed specifically to provide the most support for your baby, a mattress for a wooden bassinet is designed to provide more comfort than a typical crib mattress. The reason for this is that these bassinets are much larger than cribs and because of this they need more support and are generally much higher off the ground. This provides more comfort and allows you to rock and move your little one while they are sleeping. Because of the size of the mattress for wooden bassinets, you want to be sure that it is a high-quality mattress. You also want to make sure that it is comfortable enough for your child to sleep on.

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a mattress for your wooden bassinet. The most important thing is to make sure the mattress for your bassinet is high-quality wood. You can do some checking on the Internet to see which types of wood the mattress is made from. Many people prefer to use woods like Mahogany, and although it is very expensive it will last you a long time and is usually easy to maintain and keep clean. If you are not able to find a specific type of wood mattress then you may want to consider a different type of wood that is less expensive and will last longer.

One of the biggest threats to your child is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SID. This condition is caused by the suffocation of the child during sleep and can be avoided by choosing a mattress for your wooden bassinet that is firm yet comfortable. You can also help prevent SIDS by choosing a mattress that offers a lot of support. This will help protect your child in the case of an accident by providing additional support for their head. If you can’t find a specific mattress for your wooden bassinet then make sure you ask the salesperson which ones he recommends.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Jay K. Blakeborough

    This cradle was made for my first grandson. None of the sizes available online were an exact fit, so I went with the one that came the closest. When I got it, I realized it wasn’t quite perfect, but I didn’t think it was worth returning. I contacted the company and asked if they would make me a customer mattress. They were, and they made the ordering process very easy. It was made, shipped, and delivered in the same period of time as the first one did (which was only a few days). Excellent customer support! Excellent craftsmanship! Grandson is sleeping soundly! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

  2. Lina Flores

    Almost flawless in every way. It’s firm enough to be healthy, but soft enough that after trying every trick we could think of, I was finally able to get my baby to sleep in her bassinette. My only “gripe” is that it falls about 1.5 inches short of being a perfect match. I just made sure to leave a space at the foot of her bed. Aside from that, this little foam pad is ideal. Although it is only a foam pad, it is essential to get a waterproof cover to protect it from accidental leaks.

  3. Messy

    The pros:
    With few options for a replacement bassinet mattress of this size, I was relieved to see a green guard certified option like colgate. It is firm enough for an infant, but much superior to the paper mattresses commonly used in bassinets and play pens. This mattress has provided me with an additional 3-6 months of use with a hand-me-down bassinet for my new baby at a fraction of the cost of spending $200 on a new bassinet that would be outgrown too easily.

    The cons:
    With few sizing choices, you can have to settle for the closest fit and find out how to make do. It took some time for the package to arrive.

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