Intex Queen Air Mattress Review

The price of Intex Queen air mattress in the US is between $85.50 for the cheapest model and $123.09 for the most expensive air mattress, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Intex Queen High Rise Dura-Beam Plus Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump



well hey youtube so today guys we are
back here with another review
and today we have review here this is
the intex
22 inch height queens comfort plush
gyro bed air mattress guys so if you’re
looking for an air mattress guys you
don’t have
crazy amount of money but you want a
crazy amount of quality
and value for your money and this is a
queen size bed you know
that you really really can’t go too
wrong with this product here
i have used it as you can tell it’s
pretty dirty already i’ve definitely
been using it i bought this recently
from my brother
who’s using it for a longer period of
time before me he allowed me to buy it
from him i kind of needed it on the fly
so i kind of paid more than a new one is
worth which a new one is about uh
70 on amazon guys you can expect to pay
about that much on amazon
so nothing uh too crazy at all and
obviously guys when you buy this it
comes with it comes with a nice box
unfortunately you know that’s one of
the cons of buying a thing used is
sometimes you don’t get everything that
comes with the box and there was no box
it was just this and it comes with the
case which i
forgot where i put it i put it somewhere
i think it’s under this thing to be
honest with you guys
yeah it’s about 70 bucks on amazon it’s
a fair value it’s this is a flawed
product though i’ll be honest with you
it’s not perfect
i love that this thing has a built-in
pump it really makes this process more
convenient to fill up and to
decrease also guys and another thing
that’s interesting is
it uses one small hole to intake air and
out take care
there’s a bigger hole which i’ll show
you in a minute when this thing is all
ready to go and been blowing up
but that bigger hole is more reserved
for like you could throw the cord in
and keep it close as possible to the
wall so there’s a lot of versatility
here but i’ll tell you now
this thing can deflate and you’re gonna
see that in a moment here
but that’s definitely the biggest uh
problem by far that’s definitely the
the biggest problem and uh yeah without
further ado not gonna waste too much
uh here we go let me show you what i
mean guys here it is this is the product
spread out here as you guys can see
it goes from like right here which you
can’t even see
all the way to the wall i know my twin
bed over here looks big and that’s just
because it has a bed frame and
but you’re going to see this is much
taller than that this is much bigger
than that
and yeah so we’re going to do a little
time lapse here i’m going to try to do a
time lapse for you
so you guys can see exactly how long
this takes and everything
so yeah please enjoy
okay guys we are back here about five
minutes later now since the beginning of
the uh
the montage here this is it guys this is
the full
bed i’m gonna lay in this for you
and then and that will kind of help give
you my opinion on the product
okay but yeah i didn’t take too long
good hearing health i mean do you guys
see how tall this thing is
it’s heavy first of all when it gets
i mean air can be kind of heavy you see
how tall that thing is
it’s like four it do it’s humongous this
thing is giant i can’t even illustrate
you how ginormous this thing is
it’s really massive by all by all
accounts guys so
yeah let me jump in this thing and
you’re going to see how it is
so just for context of how big
okay guys i’m back and i think this
i’m going to stay on the side so i can
kind of finish the video you can see
exactly what’s going on here but yeah
so overall there’s one problem with this
product and the reason why it’s not
perfect because everything else about
is perfect the price is reasonable it’s
ginormous it’s all that stuff
but guys if you have two people on here
especially unfortunately this thing can
very very flat over time and
i’m gonna try my best to show you
exactly what i mean later on
but that’s a problem right now it’s nice
and firm
but it does get pretty soft after a
while so
i’m gonna do i’m not gonna do a time
lapse but i’m gonna pause the video
and i’m gonna show you and illustrate
the one flaw but other than that guys
it’s a really good product with a fair
price it’s nice and big to fit two
people if not more
i mean maybe if everybody weighed about
my way up 125
120 pounds but maybe you’d have a better
chance with that maybe it’s not
something that is as apparent
as that but still i still anticipate
it’s some type of flaw with the design
it’s so
big it’s just not meant to be uh used by
people with too much weight i i i fear
you know i do fear about that
but if you’re white then this is
definitely perfect and you know
it’s comfortable there’s nice groups
here that are great
but let me come back to you guys after a
period of time
and i’ll tell you what i mean you can
see exactly what i mean so i’ll be right
back for you guys
we’re back here guys we’re back here
with some more content let me show you
exactly where it’s
me what i mean by this so yeah it’s been
it’s been a few hours guys it’s been
about two hours
and let’s inspect this product here once
again is it possible maybe my unit is
sure it’s possible
is it really my unit this bad here we go
so hopefully you guys could tell just
how much
it deflated i mean if you don’t have a
problem with that then
then guys what you’re getting here is
actually a fantastic product but
i have a feeling some of you may be
bothered by that and i am too i think
for my needs also this is the bag by the
way i don’t know if i showed you that
but but if you’re bothered by that i
don’t blame you it’s kind of quick it
really is unfortunately but
so it’s really up to you to determine
maybe it’s just a defective unit
or i don’t even know guys there’s so
many things it could be but overall
if you can get over those spots which
could be potentially major then you
really have a great
great product here you know i wish i
spent maybe some more money on the r d
in this product because it’s only 70
bucks you could easily charge 120 for
and get rid of those little kinks there
and i think that would
probably fix whatever is causing the
problem i don’t know if there’s a hole i
don’t know
what it is maybe that maybe because the
air pump is inside the bed maybe that’s
causing a problem i don’t know
level one guys if you’re so interested
the amazon link will be down below
make sure you check it out the gear best
international link will also be down
below for you guys
also guys make sure you check out my
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you just go on the site you don’t even
make an account you just go the videos
uh yeah the stuff is there so it’s not
too obtrusive i don’t
i don’t think you know that’s my opinion
on it oh guys also if you don’t have any
money don’t worry make sure you guys
like comment subscribe
favorite put on the notification bell
turn off the ad block
and check out my girlfriend’s amazing
overall guys this is a fair product i
like it a lot i just wish
that the deflating thing was fixed
that’s really other than that it’s great
so yeah we hope you guys enjoyed this
video and thank you bye

Intex Queen Air Mattress Deals and Discounts

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Intex Queen Air Mattresses

The Intex queen air mattress can be used for camping, day beds, or as a full-size bed for yourself. The queen size is a perfect size to accommodate a person of average size easily. The mattress has been designed with your comfort and health in mind.

In 4 minutes, the queen air mattress is completely inflated by the built-in electric pump. Just release the tension on the mattress and it will inflate itself. If the bed feels too firm or soft, you can easily adjust your comfort level with a simple touch of a button. Once the bed is inflated, the user can then go about enjoying the amazing support and comfort it provides. The Intex queen air mattress comes with an Intex Proachable Foam which helps to keep the bed nice and fresh after use.

The cost of these beds is considerably less than other brands and models that are available on today’s market. As more people become aware of the health benefits associated with using Intex air mattresses, more people are opting to buy them and put them to good use. With many health and beauty aids available to us, such as moisturizers and lotions, it makes sense to use these beds to give your bed a luxurious feel.

If you suffer from back problems and need a good night’s sleep, then nothing can beat the comfort and support provided by the Intex queen air mattress. These beds have been designed with you in mind and include a foam mattress base and a high-tech support system. The support system works by adding memory foam to the surface of the bed, improving your sleeping posture. This will ensure that you are well-supported throughout the night and will give you a long, peaceful sleep.

Some people suffer from allergies and are concerned about the dust mites that can remain in some air mattresses. Intex air beds have been designed specifically to be airtight and sealed so there is no dust on the mite. Intex also uses some air pumps throughout the mattress to help remove any moisture and odor.

To get the most benefit and use out of your Intex Queen air mattresses, make sure that you purchase them from a reputable supplier and retailer. There are several places online where you can find these mattresses at discount prices but do your research before choosing a particular supplier. You can also find a range of spare parts, such as air pumps and air filters, from a reputable store. Although it is tempting to buy a new Intex queen mattress whenever you want, this may not always be the best option. It is best to get a mattress that you are happy with for many years to come.

Pros of Intex Queen Air Mattress:

  • Affordability.
  • Portable.
  • Fast inflation time (4 minutes on average).
  • Quality materials.
  • Thoughtful construction, i.e. multiple air chambers that evenly distribute weight.
  • More supportive than most air mattresses.
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable firmness.
  • Waterproof (kind of).
  • Comfortable.
  • Provides enviable amount of support for an airbed.
  • Soft flocking on sleeping surface for extra comfort.
  • Indented sides keep fitted sheets from slipping.
  • Convenient hand carry bag for storage and transport.
  • Fiber-tech construction provides added comfort and support.
  • Sturdy bottom ring provides additional stability.
  • Built-in pillow is both convenient and comfortable.
  • Internal pump offers fast inflation and deflation.

Cons of Intex Queen Air Mattress:

  • Not made for everyday use.
  • Air mattresses always come with concerns about air leakage.
  • Leaks air.

Intex Queen Air Mattress Guide

[openquestionmicro]Weight limit for Intex double air mattress[closequestionmicro]
You might be wondering what the weight limit is on an Intex Double Air mattress. The truth is that there is no weight limit on this type of bed. They are simply meant to provide a good night’s sleep by supporting your body and your head, so it will never feel like you are in a constant cage or just floating in a sea of weight.

One thing you need to know about these beds is that they tend to use more coils than other air mattresses. While that does not mean that you will have to spend more money on them, it can mean that the Intex Air Mattress will take longer to break in and can also put a strain on you when first trying to use it. You must read all of the information that is provided with the air mattress before purchasing it so that you will know exactly what it is you are getting yourself into and if it will be right for your needs. If you are interested in the best bed available today, then the Intex Double Air Mattress should be at the top of your list.

However, if you are looking for an air mattress that will simply give you comfort and help relieve back and neck pain, then there is no real reason to purchase the Intex Double Air Mattress. The weight limit is only a safety precaution for those people who are obese. Those who are underweight can simply purchase a lower-quality mattress that will give them the same or better results. If you are overweight or underweight, then consider a traditional spring mattress instead, which will provide you with a great night’s sleep without worrying about your weight or how much you can easily lift into the air mattress.[endanswermicro]
[morequestionmicro]Inverter for car Intex built-in air mattress pump[closequestionmicro]
Intex built-in air mattress pumps come as stand-alone compressors that plug into an existing outlet on your vehicle. They can be a great addition to an older vehicle that you’ve put a lot of miles on, or if you just want the convenience of an air mattress pump in your car. Most of the Intex pump models come with three speeds; the low speed is meant for use indoors. The higher speed is ideal for running when the engine is running, or at least at idle.

You’ll find many people that swear by putting an Intex air mattress pump in their cars. They work just like other air compressors in that they push air through a system of nozzles that force it through the media. Some models allow you to manually control the flow of air by raising and lowering the nozzle. The media in an Intex pump is usually made of foam or compressed air that is pushed through a tube. This tube is also used to direct the airflow to either side of the air bed so that it is equally distributed under the entire mattress. A common complaint with an Intex pump is that the air sometimes escapes from the sides of the bed, which can cause discomfort to some people.

While an Intex air mattress pump may be the perfect addition to your car, you should still think about other accessories and parts for your car. A new or used Intex pump may be the cheapest way that you can improve the look of your car without replacing the whole air mattress pump. You can replace your existing pump with one that is designed specifically for your vehicle and the type of use that you need it for. If you haven’t already taken this step, consider installing a new style headlight or taillight as well. The added visual appeal is worth it compared to the money that you’ll save on gas![endfaqmicro]

3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Foxy

    I had no idea what to expect when I bought this Airbed. But I can tell you what I got, particularly after trying it out after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, was surprisingly good. It arrived in a regular package, plastic-wrapped, with basic instructions.

    And it is straightforward:

    1) unfold and spread it out
    2) attach it to the power source and
    3) Turn on the light, and it’ll be over in 3 – 4 minutes!

    And you’ve got an airbed that’s just as comfortable as any mattress I’ve ever slept on. My wife and I have slept on it and have no complaints. After it has been completely inflated, simply drape a blanket or sheet over it and lie down to relax – take a nice nap on it.

  2. Billy

    This is an excellent buy for the price. The included inflator makes it simple to use, but it does take some time to inflate. However, the inflated measurements are a little thin. After it has “spread out,” the final size for a queen is approximately 77″ x 55″, which is slightly smaller than the standard queen size of 80″ x 60″. The 18″ height is accurate, and it’s easy to get in and out of, but I would have preferred anything shorter to make sheet fitting easier.

    As an air mattress, it sleeps very cold, so you’ll want something thick between you and it to prevent cold bed syndrome and humidity from forming between you and the bed’s impermeable vinyl.

  3. Jason Tellez

    I’ve had a few mattresses in the past. Some are bad, while others are good. This one is fantastic. I read some positive and some negative feedback. Due to the pandemic, I set up this mattress in the living room so I could lie down and watch a movie while my friend sat on the sofa. I’ve had no problems with it. I filled it once, then slept in it to break it in, and then added a little more air the next day. I had to let some of it out! It was too difficult. This one is a champ at keeping air. I’ve been up for at least two weeks and am still carrying. I don’t sleep on it every night, but it can accommodate two people weighing approximately 400 pounds. There will be no sagging; simply break in. All is fine. I’m pleased with my purchase.

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