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The price of RV bunk mattress in the US is between $139.99 for the cheapest model and $163.40 for the most expensive mattress, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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FoamRush 4-Inch Bunk (28" x 75") Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress Replacement, Medium Firm, Comfort, Pressure Relief Support, Made in USA, Travel Camper Trailer Truck, Cover Not Included reviewed by Community Clinic Association
FORTNIGHT BEDDING 6 Inch Foam Mattress with Blue Nylon Water Resistant Cover - Narrow Twin, Cot, RV, Bunk Bed, Size, Made in USA (30x74x6) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Wolf Corp Journey RV Bunk Mattress Bed, Cot, Natural reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mobile InnerSpace Truck Sleep Mattress, 28 by 73 by 4-inch reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
FoamRush 4-Inch RV Bunk Mattress (28" x 75")
Fortnight Bedding 6-Inch Foam RV Bunk Mattress (30x74x6)
Wolf Corp Journey RV Bunk Mattress Bed
Mobile InnerSpace Truck Sleep Mattress, 28 by 73 by 4-inch
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Fortnight Bedding
FirsTime & Co. Store
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FoamRush 4-Inch Bunk (28" x 75") Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress Replacement, Medium Firm, Comfort, Pressure Relief Support, Made in USA, Travel Camper Trailer Truck, Cover Not Included reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
FoamRush 4-Inch RV Bunk Mattress (28" x 75")
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FORTNIGHT BEDDING 6 Inch Foam Mattress with Blue Nylon Water Resistant Cover - Narrow Twin, Cot, RV, Bunk Bed, Size, Made in USA (30x74x6) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Fortnight Bedding 6-Inch Foam RV Bunk Mattress (30x74x6)
Mattress Brand
Fortnight Bedding
Prime Benefits
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Wolf Corp Journey RV Bunk Mattress Bed, Cot, Natural reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Wolf Corp Journey RV Bunk Mattress Bed
Mattress Brand
Prime Benefits
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Mobile InnerSpace Truck Sleep Mattress, 28 by 73 by 4-inch reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Mobile InnerSpace Truck Sleep Mattress, 28 by 73 by 4-inch
Mattress Brand
FirsTime & Co. Store
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REAL Mattresses For Our RV Bunkhouse



i can tell you right now it’s gonna fit
this is welcome back friends brooke and
corey from wondering weekends here so
ever since we’ve had a bunkhouse rv we
have longed to have
real mattresses in place of the bunk
in the rig so the kids they’re younger
now it’s not that big a deal
but townley’s be almost is almost eight
so it is starting to become a big deal
and we do a lot of rving during the
school year it’s super important to us
that they sleep as well
on the road as they do at home we’ve got
the solution for you stay tuned
all right y’all so our solution is
touched a mattress
and they’re made in the usa we custom
ordered our mattress based on
our bunk specs and they even came when
you can purchase these from tashta
with custom fitted sheets that fit our
new mattresses
and also waterproof mattress pads which
you know are essential especially if you
have kids
all right let’s talk first things first
one of the options you have for
these toxic mattresses is what’s called
their hyper flow barrier
so this is going to especially folks in
new humid environments that store your
this is going to add a layer of airflow
your mattress to keep condensation mold
and mildew out
these are a significant investment so i
would highly suggest these at least
research them so as you can see our
bunks aren’t the typical size they’re
a twin and not quite a full um and we
have this angle
that’s cut out as well so we were able
to order our touch to mattress
with our angle cut out and there’s even
a cut out
for our um blind attachments there at
the bottom so
our um mattress is going to be thicker
our other mattress was only about two
inches thick so we’re gonna have a much
thicker mattress now and we’re gonna
have to account for that space which
they were able to do
okay guys so we just slid it in for the
first time
and i mean hold on a second let me get
this broken
look at this fit guys
taksha knocked it out of there sorry get
a little glare out of the park
even our little notches are perfect
all right let’s talk about them hand
this back to brooke let’s talk a little
bit about
what makes these real mattresses so i’ve
talked to the owner brian
great guy again made in the usa
everything here is made in the usa
now all of their mattresses come with a
full two inches
of real memory foam i’ll link in the
maybe in the description box
i’ll put a link to their commercial it’s
hilarious normally we don’t link
commercials but this is really funny
but it comes with a full two inches of
memory foam real memory foam
uh the commercial will explain that and
then it also has supportive layers so
this is a three layer mattress
brian suggested we get a six inch
instead of a five inch
because that adds that other layer of
support now
this is the utopia you can see here this
is their top of the line
custom mattress again this is a one-off
well two-off because we got bunks right
two off custom mattress
they also sell a a beginner line so
if you’re interested in that that’s
worth taking a look at but we’re just so
excited about having
real mattresses in the bunks and it just
looks great doesn’t it bro
i am shocked and amazed i cannot wait
for the kids to try these
i mean it’s like the perfect fit yeah
it’s really cool well they laid on them
the other night inside the house
okay guys so first time laying on the
tatcha mattress what do you think
cozy it’s cozy is it crazy
yeah man i am so jealous that we don’t
have one of these
and they were just in heaven they they
love it so
and like i said we camping through
school they need to be able to sleep
so what we’re going to do now we’re
going to throw on the uh the mattress
and the sheets we like to take the
mattress off of the bunk to do that it’s
just a lot easier for us
and maybe that’s a tip for you too but
we’ll show you how those fit as well
all right y’all the waterproof mattress
pad is on and it is amazing when you
don’t have to tuck
extra material from a rectangular sheet
under the um corner here so it fit
perfectly and i’m
really pleased with how easy that was
well and also i’ll say
because we we’re smaller than a full but
bigger than a twin we have to buy fulls
and there’s a whole lot to stuff in over
here and it kind of makes our old
mattress kind of stick up like this and
not this man this is like a glove
and this is a this is an investment no
doubt about it uh
so to us it was a no-brainer to get the
waterproof mattress back absolutely
okay bed sheet is on fitted sheet went
on and again when bed linens fit it’s
amazing how much easier it is to make
the bed
so you’ll see i mean we have a great fit
and the ankle corey can you show them
over by the window
sorry it’s a little bright it there is
but yeah even this little notch right
here that’s cut into the
mattress the mattress pad and the sheet
so everything’s cut exactly the same
that’s right we’re not going to have a
problem with this little anchor right
here always hitting the mattress
i’m super pumped about this
okay brooke final thoughts i’m pumped
i’m pumped to make a bed with the sheets
of fit
and i’m excited for the kids to have
something really cozy to sleep on
um actually fall asleep in their bed
sometimes yeah absolutely well and like
we said the reason this is such
so important to us is we do rv during
school year and we need them to sleep
just as good on the road as they do at
it’s worth the investment to us as far
as what they cost
go to tox’s website build out whatever
mattress you need
that’s going to give you an estimate
because the costs vary
significantly so depending on what size
you want
what level you want this is utopia this
is top of the line what thickness
how many cuts they have to make these
are custom made mattresses and i can
tell you for custom made mattresses they
are very reasonable
so go build a mattress go see what it’ll
it’s worth the investment to us yeah and
i love the display in the usa
that’s right absolutely all made in the
usa that is awesome we love that
hey guys i hope this video was useful uh
share it with your buddies i know a lot
of people are looking for something like
this even if it’s just the sheets
okay um but share it with your camping
buddies it always helps the channel
and please consider subscribing bye
see ya okay becky what do you think of
your new
matches um it feels so
cozy it’s cozy you like it yeah
is it better than your last one yeah is
it a whole bunch better or a little bit
a whole bunch a whole bunch tally what
do you think
um i like it um
but at the latter part it goes up a
little bit too high
it goes it really high at the ladder
part yeah this is true but don’t you
think it’s a lot more cozy yeah it’s
really cozy
are you happy to have it yeah

RV Bunk Mattress Deals and Discounts

RV Bunk Mattress Review

If you plan to travel with your RV camper, a choice of RV bunk beds is essential to make sure your sleep patterns and comfort levels are optimized for your particular needs. An economical yet cozy option that doubles as a bed and couch are the Double Wide RV bunk mattress. Its twin size provides enough room to sleep two people tightly and comfortably. With the extra space, there’s room for things like a desk, a chest of drawers, and a bookcase.

An alternative to the double wide is the full-length twin that is also available in twin, king, and queen sizes. As with the double-wide, one side of the mattress can be shorter than the other. The Full Length RV bunk bed mattress is an economical option for campers who need the maximum amount of sleeping space without sacrificing comfort. Like the twin, it is made from durable materials that resist wear and tear. The mattress is one inch thicker than the standard twin size and one-half inch thick.

A longer model that offers more depth than a standard double size is the King RV Mattress. The kings are available in twin, king, and queen sizes. The queen size can work well for couples or families planning to spend time on the road with an additional adult. The king size provides adequate sleeping space for adults but those in a camper with their bedrooms may prefer to have a friend sleep in the sleeping area. Most people opting for these RV mattresses opt for the twin or full-length models, which provide just the right amount of room.

To measure your RV mattress size, first determine the width of your camper by standing inside the motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV) against the wall. For those traveling with a larger family, determine the total number of people sleeping in your RV by multiplying the number of adults by two. Once you have the number of adults allowed in your RV, measure from the top of the RV to the closest point on the floor. You will need to measure the mattress height by using a flexible tape measure.

When selecting an appropriate RV bunk mattress size, remember that many campers like to customize their RVs with features that personalize their traveling experience. There are many choices when deciding on the type of mattress; the first three styles are flat, coil spring, and memory foam. Each type of mattress has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the mattresses reviewed, memory foam is believed to be the best choice for campers. The reason for this is that it provides a comfortable temperature and firmness with greater support.

Many campers opt for an electric mattress because they are easier to use and provide more comfort. Electric mattresses work best with electric stoves. If you are looking for an economical way to provide warmth on cold nights, gas heaters can work well also. The important thing to consider when purchasing an appropriate RV twin mattress size is the amount of sleeping space available. Make sure the size you choose will allow you enough space to stretch out and sleep comfortably. You do not want to get caught up in trying to fit a large bed into a small RV!

Pros of sleeping on an RV bunk mattress:

  • RV mattresses are more comfortable while on the road.
  • RV mattresses can fit unique shapes and sizes compared to regular mattresses.
  • RV mattresses are usually shorter than regular mattresses, making them easier to store and transport.
  • RV mattresses are more comfortable and durable.
  • RV mattresses support and sleep cool with a high-density support foam layer and a gel memory foam layer to soothe aches and dissipate body heat.

RV Bunk Mattress Guide

What is the size of a bunk bed mattress?

When you go to buy a bunk bed, you will have to know the size of the mattress to be used so that you can get the right size. The size is measured by using the height of the bed and the width of the bed. If your bed is not too high or too low, you can always get a twin size. In this case, it will be better for you to choose the twin bunk bed mattress since the height of a twin size is usually equal to the height of a full-size bed.

If your bed is lower than the standard size, then the most suitable size for you is the full size of a bunk bed. This site has the same depth as the depth of the mattress and it will allow you to use the mattress while lying down. However, if your mattress is not thick enough, you can use the thickness or the width of the twin size. Indeed, even if your mattress is too thick or too wide, you may find the mattress is still comfortable.

To help you decide on the size of a bunk bed, you can measure the mattress first. Then you can check out the size of a twin-size mattress and then compare all three sizes to get the best one for you. However, you should bear in mind that some manufacturers may be able to provide you with twin-size mattresses, but they may also offer only twin-size or even full-size mattresses. Therefore, you should find out the correct size of a bunk bed mattress before buying.

What size is an RV queen mattress?

Knowing a size of an RV queen is very important. It is because this type of mattress is a little bit larger and it offers more comfort compared to other sizes. Some models have been designed with special features like U-shaped sleep bars that provide more space for your back and neck. It means that you can easily make use of this site to maximize the comfort of your sleep. When looking for the right mattress for your recreational vehicle, it is very important to know the size of the RV queen so that you will be able to buy the right size mattress. Here are some tips that will help you find the right-size RV queen:

In shopping around, it is important to know the size of the RV queen so that you will be able to determine the best size for you. The first step that you need to do is to measure the inside dimensions of the bed so that you can get the exact measurement. After measuring, the next thing that you need to do is to determine the size of the mattress that you want. If you want to have an orthopedic mattress then you can choose one that comes with casters or rollers. If you want to get the one with the frame, you can select the platform style or the split frame model.

In this case, you also have to determine the thickness that you want so that it will be easier for you to get the right mattress for your needs. The thickness will also depend on the purpose of the mattress. You need to choose the right thickness according to your health. If you think that you don’t want to change the mattress often then you can choose the ones that come with foam inserts so you can also get the perfect mattresses for your needs.

Full XL mattress for RV

An in-ground full XL mattress for RVs bunk is the best way to sleep hard in the toughest conditions and for a long time. The full-size bed offers a lot more room than most mattresses for RVs, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth. There are many brands and models of full-size mattresses for RVs available today. When choosing a full-size bed, it is important to consider not only the size of your RV but also the size of your bed as well. A full bed can be used for overnight stays, as well as day times spent sleeping.

If you do your shopping online, you will find that many stores offer full in-ground RV mattresses for sale. You may be able to take advantage of promotional offers and discounts, so keep your eyes open for any specials or money-saving deals. You must buy a high-quality full-size mattress for your recreational vehicle, as anything less will not provide adequate support for your body while you sleep.

Many manufacturers produce excellent full-size mattresses for RVs, such as Sealy, Serta, and Simmons. There are also companies such as Vistaqual and Stearns and Foster that have been making in-ground beds for a long time. Buying a quality full-size mattress for your recreational vehicle is an investment in your comfort and your finances as well. Not having a comfortable mattress can lead to back problems, poor posture, shoulder and neck pain, and an even greater risk of injury from slipping and falling.

RV Temperpedic mattress for double

Are you in the market for an RV Tempurpedic mattress for double sleeping? If you have already done some research, then you know that a mattress can make a big difference in your comfort and your restful sleep. Many people who choose to purchase an RV prefer the convenience of having both a bed and a mattress. Not only does it provide more sleeping space, but it also offers additional comfort while you are traveling.

There are many reasons why people chose to buy an RV rather than a regular bed. People like the idea of being able to pack everything in their RV for trips to get away from it all and just relax. Many people also like the idea that they will not have to deal with the hassle of hooking up a conventional spring mattress to their RV’s body frame, as well as dealing with springs that will eventually wear out and break.

When it comes to an RV Tempurpedic mattress for double sleeping, you can’t go wrong. This is a mattress that has been proven to be comfortable and to provide great support when you need it the most. Numerous retailers offer these mattresses, which include Best Buy, eBay, and Craigslist. Before you buy anything, you should read consumer reports about the mattress you are considering buying and look at reviews from actual owners of the product. That will give you a better idea if the Tempurpedic is made of quality materials or just another mattress that will simply wear out quickly and will not last very long.

Double bunk mattress for travel trailer

When purchasing a double bunk mattress for a travel trailer, you will want to look at many different brands and types. Some of the top brands that have been getting a lot of attention lately are Sealy, Serta, Slumberjack, and Fisher & Paykel. The reason these manufacturers are the most popular is because of the top-notch quality they provide. If you do not know much about these mattresses, they are designed to provide the best comfort while providing support to the sleeper during travel.

To choose the right camper bunk mattress for your needs, you should consider where you plan to use it. If you are going to use it in an RV then you will need a mattress that will fit perfectly with the size and dimensions of the unit. Make sure the mattress does not pass the “over-the-top” test as this can cause pressure sores on people using the mattress. Another important thing to consider is the amount of “give” in the mattress. Give meaning the springs inside the mattress are not so tightly wound up that they are causing too much give when traveling and sleeping.

To find the best double bunk mattress for your travel trailer you can shop around or go online. Many different sites sell them and you can compare prices quickly. You may also want to ask the salesperson if they can recommend a store or website to get the best deal on a mattress. Just remember to get the right size and density for your needs and your trip will be more enjoyable.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Matthew Barrios

    I was cynical at first, but I wanted something other than the inexpensive, bad, and thin pad that came with our RV for my daughter to sleep on. This thing is both firm and comfortable. I lied down the first time I laid it out in the bunk room and was immediately at ease. It’s very good for the price.

  2. W. F. Green

    This mattress was purchased to go with the Zinus Platforma Narrow Twin bed frame for our cabin to replace cots that are too large and difficult to get out of. I was surprised with how well this mattress helped me, despite my 6’1″ height and 220 pound weight. I sleep on my side and had no problems with my arm falling asleep. I want to purchase some more to replace the other cots in our cabin next year. It was simple to load the box into the car and ride into the lake on a small Cessna.

  3. Richard Lambert

    This mattress was purchased for my freight trailer, which I converted into a sleeping/camping trailer and equipment hauler for my extended trips rock hunting and gold prospecting. Decided to buy because it had very good reviews and was sold as a more conventional cotton style filled mattress rather than the modern foam, which is also very cheap and has a very short life. I was a little concerned because, although the reviews were positive, there weren’t many of them.

    This purchase has made me very happy. It is exactly what I wished for in terms of consistency. As long as good care is taken to keep it clean, this mattress will last a very long time. Definitely adheres to older-style longevity over foam.

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