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The price of thin mattress in the US is between $109.99 for the cheapest model and $126.77 for the most expensive mattress, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Lucid 5 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress Twin— Gel Infusion—Hypoallergenic Bamboo Charcoal—Breathable Cover,White reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Linenspa 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Firm Mattress, Low Profile Bed Twin 5 Inch Mattress reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed / Trundle Bed / Day Bed / Twin Mattress, Pink reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Milliard Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover Space Saver Single Size (75 inches x 25 inches x 4 inches) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Narrow Twin Size Mattress, JINGWEI 5 Inches Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress Bed in a Box, Pressure Relief & Supportive, Medium Firm, Narrow Twin Mattress, 30 X 75 X 5 inches reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
LUCID 5-inch Memory Foam Low Profile Bed Mattress
Linenspa 5" Thin Gel Memory Mattress
Zinus Memory Foam 5-inch Twin Thin Mattress
Milliard Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover Space Saver Single Size (75 inches x 25 inches x 4 inches)
JINGWEI 5-inches Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Thin
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Lucid 5 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress Twin— Gel Infusion—Hypoallergenic Bamboo Charcoal—Breathable Cover,White reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
LUCID 5-inch Memory Foam Low Profile Bed Mattress
Mattress Brand
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Linenspa 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Firm Mattress, Low Profile Bed Twin 5 Inch Mattress reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Linenspa 5" Thin Gel Memory Mattress
Mattress Brand
Prime Benefits
Mattress Price
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Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed / Trundle Bed / Day Bed / Twin Mattress, Pink reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Zinus Memory Foam 5-inch Twin Thin Mattress
Mattress Brand
Prime Benefits
Mattress Price
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Milliard Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover Space Saver Single Size (75 inches x 25 inches x 4 inches) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Milliard Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover Space Saver Single Size (75 inches x 25 inches x 4 inches)
Mattress Brand
Prime Benefits
Mattress Price
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Narrow Twin Size Mattress, JINGWEI 5 Inches Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress Bed in a Box, Pressure Relief & Supportive, Medium Firm, Narrow Twin Mattress, 30 X 75 X 5 inches reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
JINGWEI 5-inches Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Thin
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Price not available
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tataMe Low Profile Mattress and Cover



hi this a video review for this mattress
and these silly people here are my
helpers for the day so I just wanted to
show you how this arrives in case you’re
it’s a queen-size mattress what’s gonna
happen here this is the box that it
comes in hey my double vanos can you
turn it sideways please this is the
queen-size mattress as well it’s like a
magic trick and keep going this is
namaste at the bottom in case you’re
wondering there we go we made it all the
way around so we’re gonna go ahead we
haven’t had it out of the box yeah if
you may have noticed but my husband did
open up the top so we could get this out
easier now if you’re not familiar with
memory foam by the way this is the
mattress protector that you have to
purchase separately this is not included
but if you have memory foam it’s a good
idea to go ahead and purchase a mattress
protector especially if you have pets or
kids just saying I we have memory foam
mattress that we’ve had lilly enough for
about ten years now and the mattress
protector has saved us because we have a
had a dog that drooled in his sleep yes
this is exactly how memory foam
typically comes
so when we get this out we will be put
in the memory the protector on it right
away because we just got a new puppy
full of energy and excitement right
there last thing we need is puppy pee on
our new mattress so wait before you do
can you guys like lift it up so we can
see cuz it’s not it’s it’s not light but
it’s not as heavy as you would think it
would be it’s pretty heavy but it’s
pretty heavy but I mean compared to our
mattresses upstairs yeah especially if
it’s cold when it arrives the colder it
is the longer it’s gonna take to fluff
up it appears to have a zipper lining so
you can open it up and what if this is
cuz I watched the Kickstarter video it
has this sort of flow through technology
it’s supposed to keep it cool and one
side is supposed to be firm and the
other side is supposed to be soft or
handle them there’s handles on them how
this will indicate to you how much it
will expand to yes it’s not a very thick
mattress which is part of the design are
they labeled you can feel it yeah yeah
yep so this time you can feel the
mattress we’re gonna go ahead though and
put the protector on this because again
we’ve got this very excited puppy here
and I just we just don’t want to get
puppy pee on the new mattress so when I
come back it’ll already be in the case
we’ll let you know how that
so this is the last you’re gonna see of
this that’s the other reason why I want
to do it now so we’ll be back
okay so we’re halfway through putting
the protector on and I decided I’d
probably should film this because it’s
actually a lot easier to do than we
anticipated yeah and we’ll show it to
you the whole thing it like zips three
quarters of the way it unzips so we’ve
already got it slid underneath the
mattress and then these these little
pockets on the ends that the mattress
tucks into and because me and sorry this
is the water below this section and this
part is actually very soft it’s like
bedsheet soft and yeah that’s got it
like a green detail around it and there
is a the slightest tiniest smell that
smells like new sheets yeah it’s the
waterproofing but it reminds me of like
when you first get sheets before you
wash them is this the right size
protector – yes okay looks a little
now if you’ve never done a mattress
protector before they’re not all this
easy so case you’re one person still
they’re not all this easy to zip up or
install if they’re expanded or not
so all right we’ll keep going and we’ll
get this fully expanded we’re gonna
actually I’m gonna sleep on it and test
it out yeah look at all the volunteers I
have for this one all right we’ll be
back again later okay it’s been um
almost 24 hours since we set this up it
did rise up to its full depth she’s not
even an hour maybe half an hour it was
ready to roll
and we all kind of cuddled on unless if
you want family bonding time just put a
mattress right in the middle of your
living room everybody’s just gonna
cuddle on it I actually was able to take
a nap which is awesome that doesn’t
happen very often and we tried both
it’s a ongoing debate on which side is
better I thought the firm side was
better but then I’m leaning towards
maybe the soft side so we’ll see but
really quickly I just wanted to show you
the depth on this guy cuz it is only
five inches it’s like it says very very
comfortable like I said we have memory
foam we sort of have like a generic
tempurpedic bed that we’ve had for years
and I have scoliosis and sciatica and I
didn’t have any issues with my back on
my husband has sciatica as well and
we’re not small people I didn’t have my
hips digging into the floor which is
usually a problem with a smaller
mattress or a thinner mattress no issues
at all no complaints pretty awesome very
comfortable and I think that’s it so if
you have any questions feel free to
leave a comment I’ll try my best to help
you out but for now I hope that this was

Thin Mattress Deals and Discounts

In the realm of sleep, comfort, and bedroom aesthetics, a rising star has captured the attention of homeowners and sleep enthusiasts alike: the thin mattress. Gone are the days when ‘bigger is better’ was the mantra. The modern era, with its evolving living spaces and shifting preferences, has observed a surge in the demand for thin mattresses. Whether it’s city dwellers trying to maximize their apartment space or minimalist aficionados seeking simplicity, the appeal of these slender sleep surfaces has never been more pronounced.

But why are so many people gravitating towards this slimmer option? Thin mattresses are not just about making a style statement or fitting into a compact space; they come with a slew of advantages. From offering a cooler sleep experience to being more cost-effective, these mattresses have proven that comfort and convenience can co-exist in a sleek package. Let’s delve deeper into the world of thin mattresses and unravel why they are becoming the preferred choice for many.

Size Dimensions (in inches) Best For
Twin 38 x 75 Single adults, kids, guest rooms
Full (or Double) 54 x 75 Single adults, teenagers, smaller master bedrooms
Queen 60 x 80 Couples, master bedrooms
King 76 x 80 Couples wanting maximum space, master bedrooms

Why Choose a Thin Mattress?

In an age where optimization and functionality reign supreme, the thin mattress stands out as a beacon for those prioritizing efficiency in their living spaces. Here’s why:

  1. Space-Saving: For many, especially those living in urban environments, space is at a premium. Small apartments, studio setups, and houses with minimalist interiors often demand furnishings that are both functional and non-intrusive. Thin mattresses perfectly fit the bill. Their sleek design ensures that they seamlessly blend into any space without adding bulk. Whether you’re looking to create an airy bedroom ambiance or trying to make the most of a limited space, thin mattresses are your answer.
  2. Versatility: The adaptability of thin mattresses is unparalleled. Do you have a trundle bed that needs a comfortable yet snug fit? Or perhaps a bunk bed for the kids? Maybe you’re a fan of the traditional Japanese-style floor sleeping setup? In all these scenarios, a thin mattress proves to be an excellent choice. Its design allows it to easily fit a variety of bed frames and setups, making it a versatile addition to any household.
  3. Cooler Sleep: Anyone who’s experienced a hot, restless night knows the value of good airflow in a mattress. Thicker mattresses can sometimes trap heat, making for an uncomfortable sleep experience. In contrast, the thin mattress, with its lesser material, promotes better ventilation. The result? A cooler, more comfortable night’s rest. This can be particularly beneficial for those living in warmer climates or for individuals who tend to run hot when they sleep.
  4. Affordability: Cost is often a significant factor when choosing a mattress. While we all want the best sleep experience, it’s equally essential to ensure we’re getting good value for our money. This is where thin mattresses shine. With less material and often simpler construction, they tend to be more wallet-friendly than their bulkier counterparts, all while providing commendable comfort and support.

A thin mattress is more than just a trendy choice. It’s a testament to how modern-day living and sleep preferences are evolving, prioritizing convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness in one sleek package.

Top Features to Consider in a Thin Mattress

When on the hunt for the ideal thin mattress, it’s not merely about the thickness (or lack thereof). A range of factors contribute to a mattress’s overall performance, comfort, and longevity. Here’s a deep dive into the essential features you should take into account:

Firmness Level Best For Notes
Soft – Side sleepers
– Lightweight individuals
Provides good pressure relief for side sleeping
Medium – Combination sleepers
– Couples with different preferences
Offers a balance between comfort and support
Firm – Stomach sleepers
– Heavier individuals
– Back sleepers
Provides maximum support and minimal sinkage

Material Quality

  • Memory Foam: Known for its contouring abilities, memory foam molds to the body, providing targeted support and pressure relief. While it’s excellent for comfort, some varieties can trap heat. However, many newer models incorporate cooling technologies to mitigate this.
  • Innerspring: These are your traditional mattresses with coiled springs. They offer a bouncy feel and good airflow but might not provide the contouring and motion isolation found in foam mattresses.
  • Hybrid: As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds – usually foam layers for comfort and innerspring for support and bounce. They can offer a balanced feel, especially for those who don’t want to commit to just foam or innerspring.


  • While thin mattresses may have less material, they shouldn’t compromise on longevity. The key lies in the density and resilience of the materials used. High-density foams or quality springs can ensure that the mattress stands the test of time and doesn’t sag prematurely.

Firmness Level

  • Your sleep position often dictates the ideal firmness for you. Side sleepers might prefer something softer to cushion the shoulders and hips. Back and stomach sleepers might lean towards medium-firm to ensure proper spinal alignment. It’s essential to match the mattress’s firmness with your sleeping preferences for optimal comfort.


  • With increasing awareness about environmental health and personal wellness, certifications can be a game-changer.
    • CertiPUR-US: Certifies that the foam used is free from harmful chemicals and has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions.
    • GREENGUARD Gold: Validates that the mattress meets strict chemical emissions standards, ensuring a healthier sleeping environment.

Warranty & Trial Period

  • A mattress is an investment, and the warranty can be an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. A more extended warranty can be a sign of a durable mattress. Additionally, a generous trial period allows you to test the mattress in the comfort of your home, ensuring it’s the right fit for you.

Selecting a thin mattress, or any mattress for that matter, is a personal decision. However, by considering these crucial features and aligning them with your needs, you’re bound to find the slender comfort that’s perfect for your slumber.

Reviews of the Best Thin Mattresses in the Market

When shopping for a thin mattress, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on personal sleep preferences. Whether you value portability, cooling properties, or a balance between comfort and support, there’s a thin mattress out there tailored to your needs.

Material Benefits Potential Drawbacks
Memory Foam – Contours to body
– Pressure relief
– Motion isolation
– May retain heat
– Might have an initial off-gassing odor
Innerspring – Good airflow
– Bouncy feel
– Durable
– Can be noisy
– Less motion isolation
Hybrid (Foam + Springs) – Combines benefits of foam and springs
– Balanced feel
– Can be pricier
– Heavier than other types
Latex – Natural option (if 100% latex)
– Responsive
– Durable
– Can be expensive
– Some find it too firm

LUCID 5-inch Memory Foam Low Profile Bed Mattress

Quick Overview: LUCID’s offering combines the body-contouring properties of memory foam with a sleek low-profile design.


  • Great pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • Infused with cooling gel to regulate temperature.
  • Ventilated design promotes better airflow.


  • Might be too soft for some, especially stomach sleepers.
  • Some users report off-gassing upon unboxing.

Special Features: Dual-layer technology, with a firm foam base layer to provide support under the plush memory foam top.

Linenspa 5″ Thin Gel Memory Mattress

Quick Overview: Linenspa has crafted a mattress that offers the cooling properties of gel memory foam, perfect for hot sleepers.


  • Gel infusion helps in dissipating heat.
  • Suitable for a variety of sleepers given its medium-firm feel.
  • Low cost compared to similar models.


  • Some users note that it can be too firm for lightweight individuals.
  • Durability might be an issue over extended use.

Special Features: Comes with a soft breathable cover that complements the cooling features of the mattress.

Zinus Memory Foam 5-inch Twin Thin Mattress

Quick Overview: Zinus offers a 5-inch mattress that boasts a blend of comfort and support with its layered foam construction.


  • CertiPUR-US certified foam ensures quality and safety.
  • Balanced firmness ideal for back sleepers.
  • Good edge support compared to other foam mattresses.


  • Might require airing out due to initial odor.
  • Takes longer to expand to its full size upon unboxing.

Special Features: Uses green tea extract and castor seed oil to naturally inhibit odor and bacteria.

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover Space Saver Single Size

Quick Overview: Milliard’s tri-folding design makes it the perfect companion for travelers or those needing a temporary sleep solution.


  • Highly portable and versatile.
  • Durable foam maintains its shape over time.
  • Comes with a washable cover, making it easy to clean.


  • A bit on the firmer side, which might not be ideal for everyone.
  • Only suitable for single-person use given its size.

Special Features: Unique tri-fold design allows for easy storage and transportation.

JINGWEI 5-inches Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Thin

Quick Overview: JINGWEI combines the best of comfort and cooling with its 5-inch gel memory foam mattress.


  • Cooling-gel infusion is great for temperature regulation.
  • Offers a good balance between support and pressure relief.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Some users might find it too plush for their liking.
  • The cover is not removable or washable.

Special Features: Uses open-cell memory foam technology for enhanced breathability.

Benefits of Thin Mattresses for Specific Users

Thin mattresses, with their versatile nature, have a unique set of advantages tailored to cater to various user groups. Let’s explore how these slender sleep solutions can be particularly beneficial for specific individuals and situations:

Kids and Teenagers

  • Safety Considerations: For bunk beds or lofted beds, a thinner mattress is crucial. A too-thick mattress can reduce the effective height of safety rails, making it easier for kids to roll off.
  • Growth Needs: Children and teenagers are constantly growing, and their bodies are developing. A thin mattress with the right firmness can provide adequate support without compromising comfort, helping in maintaining proper posture during these crucial growth years.

Guest Rooms

  • Space Optimization: Especially in homes where the guest room might also serve as a study or home office, a thin mattress can be a boon. It can be used on a fold-out couch, trundle bed, or even as a floor mattress, allowing the room to be multipurpose.
  • Temporary Use: Given that guest rooms aren’t used daily, investing in a more affordable thin mattress makes financial sense without compromising on the comfort of guests.

Campers & Travelers

  • Portability: For those who love to travel, be it camping in the wild or visiting friends across states, a thin, foldable mattress is an ideal companion. It’s lightweight, making it easier to transport.
  • Compact Packing: Most thin mattresses, especially the foldable types, come with travel-friendly features. They can be rolled up or folded, taking up minimal space in a vehicle.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re setting up a tent, have a camper van, or are crashing at a friend’s place, a thin mattress can adapt to various scenarios, ensuring you always have a comfy sleeping spot.

People with Back Issues

  • Supportive Surface: It’s a misconception that only thick mattresses can provide adequate support. Many thin mattresses are designed to give firm support, which is often recommended for those with back issues.
  • Spinal Alignment: The right thin mattress can aid in proper spinal alignment, which is crucial for people with back pain. It can evenly distribute weight, preventing pressure points and ensuring the spine remains neutrally aligned.
  • Ease of Movement: For those with back issues, getting in and out of bed can be a challenge with a high mattress. A thin mattress reduces the height, making it easier to move without straining the back.

Thin mattresses, while often seen as a trendy or space-saving option, can offer genuine benefits across various scenarios. Their adaptability and range of features can cater to specific needs, ensuring that comfort is never compromised. Whether you’re a growing teenager, a travel enthusiast, or someone seeking relief from back pain, there’s a thin mattress designed just for you.

Common Myths about Thin Mattresses – Debunked!

The world of mattresses is vast, with varying thicknesses, materials, and features. However, like many products, thin mattresses have had their fair share of misconceptions. Let’s set the record straight by debunking some common myths:

Myth 1: Thin means less comfort.

Debunked: Comfort doesn’t solely depend on thickness. While a mattress’s thickness can contribute to its overall feel, it’s the quality and type of materials used that primarily determine comfort. Many thin mattresses are made with high-quality memory foam or supportive innersprings that contour to the body and offer excellent support. For many individuals, especially lightweight sleepers or children, a thin mattress can be just as comfortable, if not more so, than a thicker one.

Myth 2: They wear out faster than thicker mattresses.

Debunked: Durability is a factor of material quality and construction, not just thickness. High-quality thin mattresses made with dense foams or resilient springs can last just as long as their thicker counterparts, given the right care. Regularly rotating the mattress and using a proper bed base can further enhance its lifespan.

Myth 3: Thin mattresses are only good as a temporary solution.

Debunked: While thin mattresses are indeed popular for guest rooms or temporary sleeping arrangements due to their space-saving nature, they are by no means limited to such scenarios. Many people prefer thin mattresses for their primary beds, finding them perfectly suited to their comfort and support needs.

Myth 4: Thin mattresses aren’t suitable for heavier individuals.

Debunked: While it’s true that individuals with a larger build might require more support, which is often associated with thicker mattresses, this isn’t a strict rule. Some thin mattresses are designed with high-density foams or sturdy springs that can adequately support and comfort heavier sleepers. It’s more about the mattress’s construction and materials than its thickness.

Myth 5: All thin mattresses are firm.

Debunked: Firmness is determined by the type and density of materials used, not solely by thickness. There are plenty of thin mattresses in the market that range from plush to firm. Some thin mattresses have plush memory foam tops for a softer feel, while others might use firmer foams or innersprings for a more supportive surface.

It’s essential not to judge a mattress by its thickness alone. The world of thin mattresses offers a range of options, catering to different needs and preferences. As with any purchase, it’s crucial to do your research, read reviews, and maybe even test out a mattress in-store or during a trial period to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Thin Mattresses

While thin mattresses are inherently versatile and often more portable than their thicker counterparts, they still require regular care to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Here’s a guide on how to maintain and care for your thin mattress:

Maintenance Task Frequency Notes
Vacuuming Every 2-3 months Use an upholstery attachment to avoid damaging the mattress
Rotation Every 3-6 months Helps ensure even wear
Spot Cleaning As needed Use mild detergent and water; dry thoroughly
Protector Replacement Once a year or as needed Helps keep the mattress stain-free and extends its life

Proper Cleaning and Rotation Schedules

  • Regular Rotation: Even though thin mattresses might experience less sagging compared to thicker ones, it’s still recommended to rotate them every 3-6 months. This ensures even wear and can help prolong the mattress’s life. Remember, some mattresses are one-sided, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Spot Cleaning: Accidents happen. If you spill something on your mattress, immediately blot the area with a clean cloth. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing. For stains, use a mild detergent mixed with water and gently clean the spot. Always ensure the mattress is completely dry before putting sheets back on.
  • Vacuuming: Every couple of months, use a vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment to clean the surface of the mattress. This helps in removing dust mites and allergens.

Using Mattress Protectors

  • Waterproof Protectors: These are a lifesaver, especially if you drink or eat in bed. They protect the mattress from spills and stains. Additionally, they prevent sweat and body oils from seeping into the mattress, ensuring a longer mattress life.
  • Hypoallergenic Protectors: For those prone to allergies, using a hypoallergenic protector can help keep allergens at bay. This is especially important for thin mattresses used in guest rooms or sporadically, as they can accumulate dust over time.

Ensuring Adequate Support with the Right Bed Frame

  • Slatted Bed Bases: If you’re using a bed frame with slats, ensure the slats are not too far apart. Wide gaps can cause the mattress to sag or wear unevenly. Ideally, slats should be no more than 2-3 inches apart.
  • Box Springs: If you’re using a box spring, ensure it’s in good condition. A worn-out box spring can affect the comfort and lifespan of your mattress.
  • Platform Beds: These provide uniform support across the mattress’s entire surface, making them an excellent choice for thin mattresses. Just ensure the platform is sturdy and free from protruding screws or rough patches that could damage the mattress.
  • Check for Sagging or Broken Frames: Periodically inspect your bed frame for any signs of wear or damage. Even a thin mattress can sag or get damaged if placed on a compromised frame.


As we’ve journeyed through the world of thin mattresses, it’s clear that these slender sleep surfaces have more to offer than what meets the eye. While often perceived as mere space-savers or temporary solutions, thin mattresses, when chosen correctly, can provide the same, if not better, comfort and durability as their thicker counterparts.

Key Takeaways

  • Versatility and Space-Saving: Thin mattresses shine in spaces where every inch counts, making them perfect for compact apartments, guest rooms, and even for travel enthusiasts.
  • Material Matters: From memory foam to innersprings, the material quality and construction are paramount. It’s not the thickness but the quality of materials that determines the comfort and durability of the mattress.
  • Tailored Benefits: Be it for children, travelers, or those with specific health needs, thin mattresses can cater to a variety of specific user groups.
  • Myth Busting: Contrary to popular belief, thin mattresses can be just as durable, comfortable, and supportive as thicker ones. It’s essential to make informed choices rather than falling for common misconceptions.
  • Maintenance is Key: Like all mattresses, thin ones require regular care. With the right cleaning practices, protectors, and supportive bed frames, you can ensure your mattress remains in pristine condition.

Investing in a top-quality thin mattress is not just about saving space; it’s about optimizing comfort, ensuring durability, and getting value for your money. As you venture out to find the perfect mattress, remember to consider your unique needs, preferences, and the specific benefits a thin mattress can bring to your sleep sanctuary. Because, in the end, a good night’s sleep is not measured in inches but in the quality of rest and rejuvenation you receive.

Thin Mattress Guide

Are thin mattresses suitable for everyday use?
Absolutely! While they are popular for guest rooms and temporary sleeping situations, many people find thin mattresses perfectly comfortable for daily use. The key is to choose one made of high-quality materials that suit your personal comfort preferences and support needs.

Can I use a thin mattress on any bed frame?
Most thin mattresses are compatible with a variety of bed frames, including platform beds, slatted bases, and adjustable frames. However, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure the frame offers adequate support, especially if it has slats.

How long do thin mattresses typically last?
The lifespan of a thin mattress varies based on its materials and construction. However, with proper care, many can last up to 5-10 years. Always check the warranty and customer reviews for insights on durability.

Are thin mattresses good for side sleepers?
Thin mattresses come in various firmness levels, and some are indeed suitable for side sleepers. Side sleepers typically benefit from a slightly softer surface that contours to the body’s curves. When shopping, look for a thin mattress with pressure-relieving properties and adequate support.

Is it easier to maintain a thin mattress than a thicker one?
Thin mattresses can be lighter and more maneuverable, making them somewhat easier to rotate, clean, or move. However, in terms of cleaning and longevity, both thick and thin mattresses require similar maintenance practices, such as regular vacuuming and the use of a mattress protector.

Do thin mattresses trap heat?
Heat retention is more about the materials used than the thickness. Memory foam, for instance, tends to retain heat. However, many thin mattresses made of memory foam come with cooling technologies, such as gel infusions or breathable covers, to mitigate this issue. If you sleep hot, look for a mattress with cooling features.

Can I use a mattress topper with a thin mattress?
Yes, you can! Adding a mattress topper can alter the comfort and feel of a thin mattress. Whether you want to make it softer, firmer, or cooler, there’s likely a topper that fits your needs. Just ensure that the topper is securely fastened to prevent slipping.

Are there foldable thin mattresses available?
Indeed! Foldable thin mattresses are popular among travelers, campers, or those looking for an easily storable guest bed solution. They are designed for easy transport and storage, and when unfolded, they offer a comfortable sleeping surface.

Author: Dr. Dave Miles

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Smith

    I have a pair of these that I use on an IKEA trundle bed. They are much superior to the comparable IKEAs at the same price point. They off gas a little when you get them, but leaving them for 48 hours fixes everything. The measurements appear to be correct; the pair is about 10 inches thick. You may keep them stacked for a twin sleeper or split them into two mattresses to make a king. My only criticism is that it sounds like you’re crushing Saran Wrap when you first lay down on them. It’s not bothering me enough to do anything; it just sounds like soda fizzing. It vanishes in about 15 seconds. Excellent value and very comfortable—much more so than the firm IKEA foam.

    The cover is entirely removable, which is a really nice feature. I used a bed bug encasement cover on the inner foam before applying the factory cover to compress it and remove any excess. The factory cover is made of cotton and quickly unzips into two parts. Simple to clean.

  2. J. Howard

    I purchased three of these 5″ memory foam twin mattresses for my nine, seven, and four-year-old boys. They were having difficulty sleeping on their old coil-style mattresses, so I recommended memory foam.

    The mattresses are installed on platform beds (basically a sheet of plywood set on top of bed slats), so the base is very solid. As a result, the overall support is firmer than I anticipate, but it is still extremely comfortable. I am 6 feet tall and 165 pounds, and I will have no trouble sleeping with this set-up. Since none of the boys weighs more than 60 pounds, they barely fall past the premium memory foam layer. “It’s like I’m a baby sleeping on a cloud,” my four-year-old said. They all like the mattresses and seem to be more rested when they wake up in the mornings.

    The mattress was delivered tightly wrapped up in a plastic bag, which you are told to tear off (it takes a little muscle). I arranged them so that they could be reconstituted and straightened out. The directions call for 48 hours, but I noticed that the mattresses were completely extended after 3-4 hours. This meant they were 39 X 75 X 5. When I opened the plastic bag, there was a SLIGHT odor, but it went away after a minute or two.

    This product has made me and my children really happy.

  3. Jen

    These mattresses are fantastic! I was searching for two stackable mattresses for our nursery’s daybed. I ordered two of the 5″ mattresses, which are ideal. They’re firm enough to double as a sofa, but soft enough to be comfortable when we have guests over. They arrived in two days and grew to the maximum 5 inches in less than eight hours. I would strongly recommend these to someone who has an expandable daybed like this one!

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