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The price of Twin Futon mattress in the US is between $119.87 for the cheapest model and $265.00 for the most expensive mattress, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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MAXYOYO Futon Mattress Twin Size Japanese Floor Mattress, Thicken Tatami Mat Sleeping Pad Roll Up Mattress Guest Mattress Foldable Couch Bed Mattress Pad, Green reviewed by Community Clinic Association
FULI Japanese Futon Mattress, 100% Cotton, Foldable & Portable Floor Lounger Bed, Roll Up Sleeping Pad, Shikibuton, Made in Japan (White, Twin) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress for Sleep & Travel - Twin-Long reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mozaic Basic Twin FUTON Mattress, Dusty Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Nirvana Futons Extra Thick Premium 10-Inch Twin Futon Mattress, Khaki Twill - Made in USA reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
MAXYOYO Futon Mattress Twin Size
FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Twin Mattress
Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Twin Mattress
Mozaic Trupedic Twin Size 8-inch Futon Mattress
Nirvana Futons Extra Thick Premium 10-Inch Twin Futon Mattress
Mattress Brand
Luxton Home
Mozaic Trupedic
Nirvana Futons
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MAXYOYO Futon Mattress Twin Size Japanese Floor Mattress, Thicken Tatami Mat Sleeping Pad Roll Up Mattress Guest Mattress Foldable Couch Bed Mattress Pad, Green reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
MAXYOYO Futon Mattress Twin Size
Mattress Brand
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Price not available
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FULI Japanese Futon Mattress, 100% Cotton, Foldable & Portable Floor Lounger Bed, Roll Up Sleeping Pad, Shikibuton, Made in Japan (White, Twin) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Twin Mattress
Mattress Brand
Prime Benefits
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Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress for Sleep & Travel - Twin-Long reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Twin Mattress
Mattress Brand
Luxton Home
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Mozaic Basic Twin FUTON Mattress, Dusty Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Mozaic Trupedic Twin Size 8-inch Futon Mattress
Mattress Brand
Mozaic Trupedic
Prime Benefits
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Nirvana Futons Extra Thick Premium 10-Inch Twin Futon Mattress, Khaki Twill - Made in USA reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Mattress Title
Nirvana Futons Extra Thick Premium 10-Inch Twin Futon Mattress
Mattress Brand
Nirvana Futons
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I Replaced My Mattress For A Japanese Style Futon



Stephen Shreds Fat Japanese style futon
What is up guys today we are going to do something huge
i am going to swap out my old mattress for a japanese futon
your probably wondering
the hair!
It is also 1 25 in the after noon!
alright today
we are going to be
getting rid of this mattress
and bring in the new futon
and we are going to hopefully enjoy some floor sleep.
thats how it is supposed to be
Ooooh god do you hear my stomach
do you hear my stomach?!
alright we are going to get rid of my bed and bring in the futon and unbox that for you!
there you have it
I have a shit ton of room in my bedroom now!
so actually
we got a lot of sound reverb too
huh i did not think of that
now with the bed gone i am going to release the roomba
let do some more cleaning
the i am going bring in the new box!
then we are going to unbox it for you
becausse whats this channel with out an unboxing!
that was terrible stephen
that was terrible
ok google
tell roomba to start cleaning
i will see you guys in a second
google * ok litter doc has started cleaning*
*roomba cleans floor for pet hair!*
alright so the litter doc is done cleaning
i actually want to open that up and see what the roomba has picked up
and uh
do a little review
before it was empty i emptied
i showed you it was full before we started
after removing my bed
the roomba picked up
a shit ton of pet hair!
we are going to dump that real quick!
*pulls keys off wall*
this is my bed!
going to grab our handy dandy tool@
*screams* AHHH
*phone Rings*
*this message is soley intended for
veronica garcia
if you are not veronica garcia
please hang up now
one two
*fold bed up*
that is it!
lets unfold it!
1 2
*takes nap*
fold it back up again!
it ius that easy
omg its hot in here
it hot in here man
its hot
so if you liked this video
of my japanese style futon
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Twin Futon Mattress Deals and Discounts

In the intricate tapestry of modern living spaces, the futon has emerged as an emblem of adaptability and practical style. From its humble beginnings in Japan to becoming a staple in dorm rooms, urban apartments, and homes around the world, the futon’s rise in popularity is a testament to its unparalleled versatility. At the heart of every futon lies its mattress — the silent hero that stands at the crossroads of comfort and functionality. As much as a futon can adapt to our changing needs, its true essence and comfort lie in the mattress. Thus, investing time in choosing the right twin futon mattress isn’t just about ensuring a good night’s sleep; it’s about ensuring many years of relaxation, rejuvenation, and resilience. Whether you’re lounging on a weekend or retiring after a long day, the right mattress makes all the difference, making it crucial for comfort seekers and pragmatic homeowners alike.

History & Evolution of Futons

The word ‘futon’ itself, derived from the Japanese term ‘futong’, meaning “bedding”, can be traced back to centuries-old Japanese traditions. In its essence, the traditional Japanese futon was a simple bedding solution, crafted meticulously to provide a comfortable sleeping experience while also being easy to store during the day.

Origin in Japan: In ancient Japan, where space was a premium and rooms often had multiple functions, the futon emerged as a practical solution. During the day, these thin cotton mattresses could be easily rolled up and stored, allowing the room to be used for other purposes. By night, they’d be rolled out again, offering a comfortable sleep on the tatami-matted floors. The Japanese futon was not just a reflection of space constraints but also a nod to a minimalist lifestyle, emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and harmony with nature.

Evolution to Western Countries: As the world became more interconnected, the concept of the futon made its voyage to the Western shores. However, it didn’t arrive unchanged. Western adaptation led to a thicker and more cushioned design, primarily because it was placed on wooden or metal frames, rather than directly on the floor. The West’s version of the futon became synonymous with multipurpose furniture – a couch by day and a bed by night. This innovation was particularly popular among university students and city dwellers with limited space.

Differences between Traditional Japanese Futons and Modern Twin Futons

  1. Thickness & Composition: Traditional Japanese futons are thin and lightweight, often filled with cotton or a combination of cotton and other fibers. Modern twin futons, especially those in the West, are thicker and might incorporate layers of foam, innerspring coils, or memory foam for added comfort.
  2. Placement: While Japanese futons are typically placed directly on tatami mats, modern futons are often set on adjustable frames, allowing them to double as couches.
  3. Size: Modern twin futons, as the name suggests, are designed to fit the twin size dimensions standard in Western bedding, whereas traditional futons came in various sizes, not always conforming to Western standards.
  4. Maintenance: Traditional futons were often aired out in the sun to maintain freshness, a practice less common with many modern futons which may have fixed covers or are heavier and less portable.
  5. Aesthetic: The design of modern futons, particularly in the West, leans towards accommodating contemporary interior decor. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, while traditional Japanese futons were often more simplistic and neutral.

In its journey from East to West, the futon has been reimagined and adapted, yet it continues to resonate with people across the globe for its practicality and comfort. Whether in its traditional form or its modern adaptation, the futon remains a testament to human ingenuity in creating functional living spaces.

Benefits of a Twin Futon Mattress

In the modern age, where adaptability and practicality have become cornerstones of interior design, the twin futon mattress stands out as a prime example of how form can meet function in the most harmonious of ways. Let’s dive into the manifold benefits of incorporating one into your living space:

Space-Saving Magic

    • Compact Living: Especially in urban environments where every square foot counts, a twin futon mattress becomes an invaluable asset. Its modest size is perfect for studio apartments, guest rooms, or any space where room is at a premium.
    • Room Transformation: Instead of dedicating an entire room to a bed that’s used primarily at night, a twin futon allows homeowners to reclaim that space during the day. This adaptability makes room for activities, hobbies, or simply a more open feel.

Master of Duality: Sofa by Day, Bed by Night

  • Style Meets Comfort: With the right frame and cover, a twin futon mattress can be transformed into a stylish sofa that complements the room’s décor. When night falls, it seamlessly converts into a cozy bed.
  • Guest-Ready: Impromptu guests? No problem. The futon’s dual function ensures you’re always prepared with an extra bed, making overnight stays a breeze.

Effortless Mobility and Storage

  • Light on Its Feet: Unlike traditional beds, which can be bulky and challenging to move, the twin futon mattress is designed with mobility in mind. Whether you’re rearranging furniture or moving to a new place, its lightweight nature is a boon.
  • Stash Away with Ease: Not in use? Simply roll it up or fold it. The twin futon mattress is made to be stowed away easily, be it in a closet, under another bed, or even behind larger furniture pieces. Its compact design ensures it doesn’t hog space.
  • Travel Buddy: If you’re off on a road trip or relocating, the twin futon mattress can come along without the hassle. It’s easy to transport, making it a favorite among those who value flexibility in their living arrangements.

In a world where spaces are becoming more multifunctional, and the lines between work, play, and rest blur, the twin futon mattress is a testament to timeless design meeting modern needs. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s a solution for dynamic lifestyles.

Key Features to Consider

Selecting the right twin futon mattress involves understanding its various attributes. Each feature plays a crucial role in determining the comfort, functionality, and durability of the mattress. Let’s break down these key features:

  1. Material:
    • Cotton:
      • Pros: Natural, breathable, and provides a firmer sleeping surface. It’s lightweight, making it easy to fold and store.
      • Cons: Can compress over time, leading to reduced comfort. Less resilient than other materials.
    • Foam:
      • Pros: Offers good support and contours to the body. Lightweight and retains its shape well over time.
      • Cons: Can retain heat, making it less ideal for hot climates or those who sleep warm.
    • Innerspring:
      • Pros: Provides a traditional mattress feel with good bounce and support. Often combined with other materials for added comfort.
      • Cons: Heavier than other futon mattresses, making it less portable. Springs can wear out or poke through with time.
    • Memory Foam:
      • Pros: Contours perfectly to the body, offering superior comfort and support. Excellent pressure relief.
      • Cons: Can retain heat. Some people find it too soft or sinking.
  2. Thickness:
    • The thickness of a futon mattress can significantly influence comfort and durability. A thicker mattress often provides more cushioning and support, making it comfortable for sleep. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional futon feel or need to fold and store it regularly, a thinner mattress might be more appropriate.
  3. Firmness:
    • The right firmness level is subjective and depends on personal preference.
      • Soft: Provides a plush feel, suitable for those who prefer a more cushioned surface.
      • Medium: Strikes a balance between softness and support, ideal for the majority of sleepers.
      • Firm: Offers solid support, especially beneficial for back and stomach sleepers or those with back issues.
  4. Cover & Design:
    • The cover isn’t just about aesthetics; it plays a protective role too.
      • Aesthetics: A stylish cover can transform your futon mattress, allowing it to blend seamlessly with room decor.
      • Protection: A good cover protects against spills, stains, and wear and tear. Some covers are removable and washable, making maintenance easier.
  5. Durability & Warranty:
    • A futon mattress is an investment, and its longevity ensures you get value for your money.
      • Durability: Look for mattresses with quality construction and materials that resist sagging or indentations.
      • Warranty: A good warranty can provide peace of mind. It’s indicative of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. Ensure you understand the terms, especially what constitutes a defect and what’s considered regular wear and tear.

Incorporating these considerations will guide you to a twin futon mattress that’s not only comfortable but also durable, functional, and in tune with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Top 5 Twin Futon Mattresses

Each of these futon mattresses offers its unique blend of features, catering to varied needs and preferences. Whether you seek tradition, luxury, or adaptability, there’s a mattress on this list designed just for you.

MAXYOYO Futon Mattress Twin Size

Brief Description: This mattress boasts a combination of cotton batting with memory foam layers, providing a mix of traditional feel and modern comfort.


  • Plush memory foam enhances comfort.
  • Breathable design promotes air circulation.
  • Versatile usage, including floor sleeping or on a futon frame.


  • Might be too soft for those seeking a firmer sleeping surface.
  • Potential for compression over extended use.

Ideal for: Those who appreciate a fusion of tradition and contemporary comfort; great for regular sleeping or guest use.

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Twin Mattress

Brief Description: Embodying the essence of traditional Japanese design, this mattress is filled with anti-bacterial and deodorized cotton.


  • Authentic Japanese experience.
  • Lightweight and easy to roll up and store.
  • Anti-bacterial properties ensure hygiene.


  • Not as thick as other mattresses, potentially less cushioning.
  • Might require regular airing to maintain freshness.

Ideal for: Lovers of authentic Japanese sleeping experience and those with limited space or need for frequent storage.

Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Twin Mattress

Brief Description: Made with 100% organic cotton, this mattress is designed for both comfort and environmental consciousness.


  • Environment-friendly with organic cotton.
  • Foldable design for easy storage.
  • Suitable for various surfaces including tatami mats and futon frames.


  • Might be on the thinner side for some users.
  • Regular maintenance like sun airing might be necessary.

Ideal for: Eco-conscious consumers seeking a versatile and traditional sleeping solution.

Mozaic Trupedic Twin Size 8-inch Futon Mattress

Brief Description: With an 8-inch thickness filled with foam and cotton, this futon mattress offers robust support and comfort.


  • Enhanced thickness for greater comfort.
  • Dual-sided, offering variability in firmness.
  • Durable, resisting sagging and body impressions.


  • Bulkier than other models, potentially harder to store.
  • Can retain heat due to the foam layer.

Ideal for: Those looking for a more permanent futon solution with a Westernized comfort level.

Nirvana Futons Extra Thick Premium 10-Inch Twin Futon Mattress

Brief Description: This premium mattress stands out with its substantial 10-inch thickness, combining layers of cotton, foam, and polyester for maximum comfort.


  • Exceptional thickness provides luxurious comfort.
  • Multi-layer construction offers both support and softness.
  • Suitable for daily sleeping.


  • Heavier and less portable due to its thickness.
  • Premium features come at a higher price point.

Ideal for: Those seeking a deluxe futon experience and are willing to invest in top-tier comfort.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Twin Futon Mattress

Your twin futon mattress is not just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in comfort and functionality. To ensure its longevity and keep it looking and feeling its best, follow these care and maintenance guidelines:

Cleaning Recommendations for Spills and Stains

  • Immediate Action: Address spills immediately to prevent them from setting. Blot (don’t rub) the spill with a clean, dry cloth or absorbent paper.
  • Spot Cleaning: For stains, use a mild detergent diluted in cold water. Dab the stained area gently with a cloth soaked in the solution, then blot with a dry cloth. Allow the spot to air dry.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Refrain from using bleach or other strong cleaning agents as they can damage the fabric and internal materials.

How Often to Flip or Rotate the Mattress

  • Flip & Rotate: To ensure even wear and tear and to prevent indentations, flip and rotate your futon mattress every few months. If you use your futon more frequently or if it’s primarily used as a bed, consider doing this once a month.
  • Symmetrical Wear: Regular flipping and rotating will distribute the weight evenly, prolonging the life of the mattress and maintaining its comfort.

Importance of Using a Protective Cover

  • Barrier against Spills: A protective cover acts as a shield against accidental spills, dirt, and dust.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: It minimizes direct contact with the mattress, thus reducing wear and tear.
  • Easy Maintenance: Most protective covers are machine washable, making them easier to clean than the futon itself. A fresh cover can also quickly refresh the appearance of your futon.

Keeping it Fresh: Airing Out and Occasional Sun Exposure

  • Airing Out: Every once in a while, especially if the futon has been stored or hasn’t been used for some time, let it air out. This helps in getting rid of any trapped moisture and odors.
  • Sun Exposure: Sunning your futon mattress occasionally can be beneficial. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are a natural disinfectant, helping to kill bacteria, dust mites, and other microorganisms. Plus, it helps to refresh and deodorize the mattress. However, don’t leave it out for too long to avoid fading or damage from prolonged exposure.

A twin futon mattress can offer years of comfort and versatility with the right care. Regular maintenance not only ensures a hygienic sleep environment but also enhances the lifespan of your investment.

Twin Futon Mattress Guide

Can I use a regular twin bed sheet for my twin futon mattress?

Yes, a regular twin bed sheet can typically fit a twin futon mattress. However, depending on the thickness of the futon mattress and how snugly you want the sheet to fit, you might want to consider deep-pocket sheets or those specifically designed for futons. If using the futon as a sofa, fitted sheets might shift or come off easily, so securing them or using a dedicated futon cover might be more practical.

How often should I replace my futon mattress?

The longevity of a futon mattress varies based on its material, usage, and care. On average, a futon mattress can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. However, if you notice sagging, lumps, thinning, or reduced comfort, it might be time to consider a replacement.

Is a thicker mattress always better?

Not necessarily. While a thicker mattress often provides more cushioning and support, the best thickness depends on individual preference and usage. For example, if you use your futon primarily as a bed, a thicker mattress might be more comfortable. If you fold and store your futon regularly, a thinner one might be more convenient. It’s all about balancing comfort, functionality, and personal preference.

Can I fold my futon mattress for storage?

Yes, most futon mattresses are designed to be foldable, making them convenient for storage. However, how easily they fold can depend on their thickness and material. Traditional cotton-filled futons are generally easier to fold compared to thicker, foam-filled ones. Remember to store them in a dry place to prevent mold and mildew.

Do futon mattresses need a special frame or can they be placed directly on the floor?

Futon mattresses can be placed directly on the floor, and in fact, that’s traditional for Japanese futons. However, using a frame elevates the mattress, which can help with air circulation, reduce moisture accumulation, and provide additional comfort for some users. Ensure the frame slats are close together to offer adequate support and prolong the life of the mattress.

Are futon mattresses suitable for daily sleeping?

Absolutely! While futons have a reputation as a temporary or guest bedding solution, many people use them for daily sleeping. The key is to choose a quality futon mattress that offers the comfort and support you prefer. Some people even find futons more comfortable and supportive for their back compared to regular mattresses.

Author: Dr. Dave Miles

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Jerry K

    For many years, I stayed in the far east and slept on tatami mats and beds that looked like a smooth wooden tabletop. I’ve been sleeping on top of a pile of blankets on a tatami mat resting on a steel bed frame recently. I figured I’d try one of these twin size futons with a cover from the same company because it’s a little sloppy and hard to air out and can bunch up. They’re well-made and attractive. I was shocked at how similar this mattress feels to a foam mattress. This has a more floating feel than a pile of two or three blankets, and my hips and shoulders fall into the futon a little (which doesn’t happen with a pile of blankets).

  2. Peace

    While channeling Goldilocks, I attempted to make my own Japanese futon. So your family doesn’t think you’re crazy, put your western thinking aside and buy this futon made by professionals. More mattresses have been returned to me than I care to admit.

    The casing is made of dense cotton cloth, and the stitching appears to be of excellent quality. Underneath, I don’t use a foam mat. It’s fine the way it is. Men, you don’t need soft bedding! My back was messed up by soft bedding, but the hard floor fixed it. I’ve been sleeping on the floor with my home-made futon for the past two and a half years, and I’m glad I finally made this purchase. My futon-making adventures probably cost me more money.

  3. Hanna Says

    This futon is pretty comfortable, and I like how you can feel the solid support underneath without damaging your hips, speaking as someone who has serious scoliosis.

    However, if you have hardwood floors, I strongly advise you to use something else underneath. I had to have several blankets providing protection in different positions when I had it on the hardwood floor because my back would hurt if I didn’t. It worked much better on carpet, and it worked even better when I added a foam topper and a down topper underneath. After that, it was very comfortable, with the exception that you could use a particular pillow or your neck would hurt.

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