U-Haul Mattress Bag Review

The price of U-Haul mattress bag in the US is between $10.99 for the cheapest model and $21.00 for the most expensive mattress bag, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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How to Load a Mattress into a Cargo Van



Hi, I’m Sperry Hutchinson. Today, I’m gonna show you how to load your queen size bed into a U-Haul
cargo van. Place your mattress and boxspring into mattress bags to keep them
clean and protected. Load the boxspring first, angling it to fit through the back
doors and leaning against the driver’s sidewall. Load the mattress next,
leaning it against the boxspring. This will allow easier access to load additional
items through the passengers side doors. Finished loading your remaining items
around the bed. You may also place the mattress and boxspring flat in the van
if you have few or no other items.
Note that king size bed fits into any one of U-Hauls larger moving trucks. For
more information, visit uhaul.com or refer to the user’s guide available
at your U-Haul store.

U-Haul Mattress Bag Deals and Discounts

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U-Haul Mattress Bags

You know that you have been getting a good deal from U-Haul mattress bags by the number of times you have used them. There’s no way that you can go back to your heavier plastic zipper-pack overnight bag now that your bedding and possessions are so protected from outside elements. Readily available and easily packed into your car, your bedding, and personal belongings will be ready to take on any road trip and extended stay when you decide to cross the state line.

The U-Haul mattress bag benefits also extend to the protection of your items. Our double bed bag is going to keep your bed or box spring from drying out from the effects of direct sunlight, heat, or just plain old abuse from being left outside to dry on its own. These waterproof bags are made with high-density, heavy-duty 2.0 mm polyethylene plastic with numerous durable tear-resistant seam sealers. All of these features will make it easier than ever to pack all of your belongings into your car and drive without worrying about damage from inclement weather conditions.

In addition to the protection afforded your mattress bags and your other personal possessions, U-Haul mattress bags benefit you in several other ways as well. First, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which means that you’re sure to find the right size for your bed. Also, many of the sizes offered by U-Haul come in queen size, making it easier than ever to transform your bedroom into something luxurious without having to break the bank. In addition, since U-Haul offers a wide selection of styles, colors, and textures to choose from, you’re certain to find a plastic mattress bag design that suits both your taste and budget. And you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style because U-Haul offers premium quality products that are built to last.

U-Haul’s eco-friendly offerings go beyond the ordinary. Their environmentally friendly designs mean that you can feel good about reaping the benefits of recycling while still appreciating beautiful U-Haul mattress bags. The company recycles over two million pounds of paper every year, making them one of the nation’s leading recycling companies. By using soy and coconut-based inks, ComfortHome mattress bags come in a variety of eco-friendly options including cotton and hemp. They also feature eco-friendly zipper pulls and they are made from natural materials like faux leather and quilted cotton.

U-Haul’s eco-friendly concepts extend to the packing process as well. While traditional mattress disposal bag manufacturers use cardboard, paper, or plastic, U-Haul uses recyclable packing materials that can help make their customers’ lives easier. As an example, they offer free shipping when you purchase your long-distance mattress, and they offer a minimum order of 20 to help the environment. U-Haul boxes spring bags and other accessories can be recycled, saving the planet and saving you money at the same time. You’ll never have to worry about disposing of harmful plastics again with U-Haul mattress bags and other eco-friendly bedding and related items.

When it comes to packing your things, do yourself a favor and take the suggestions on the U-Haul website. They’ve already researched so you won’t have to waste time looking for information or asking others who have moved before. The resources offered are comprehensive. You’ll find complete listings of the top U-Haul mattress bags for your big move and other useful information such as rent pricing, maps, addresses, etc. Take advantage of all the valuable tools offered by this website.

U-Haul mattress bags pros:

The U-Haul sealable mattress bag provides excellent protection from dirt, debris, moisture, and bed bugs. It is made of a heavy-grade 2.0 mil polyethylene plastic and can accommodate mattresses and box springs up to 14 inches thick.

  • Provides superb protection.
  • Water-resistant closure.
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • Available in different sizes.

U-Haul Mattress Bag Guide

[openquestionmicro]U-Haul sealable mattress bag[closequestionmicro]
The U-Haul Sealable Mattress Bag from the King/Queen size is an effective means to protect a queen or king-sized standard mattress from water, debris, dirt, and other pests while moving or storage. It also protects a mattress during a house renovation. This plastic bag seals tightly to prevent bacterial growth including mildew or mold. Since it’s clear, these products are seen as a green alternative to plastic tarps. They’re made of breathable synthetic fabric materials and come with a zippered pocket for keys or other small items. These bags are made in California and carry a lifetime warranty.

These are made to fit most U-Haul mattress sizes but note that they will be slightly larger than your normal plastic moving containers. They will be made out of heavy-duty polyethylene and have a black zipper to easily identify your possessions. The dimensions of your luggage will determine how much space is available. Check your dimensions before ordering to ensure you are getting the right size.

This convenient container is easy to use and lightweight. Most U-Haul stores carry this product but please check your local area for availability. Most models come with zippered sections for side or front loading. In addition, most come with matching pairs of mattress pillows. This convenient multi-purpose box springs and mattress case will make your life easier and your possessions safer.[endanswermicro]
[morequestionmicro]U-Haul Queen mattress bag[closequestionmicro]
U-Haul Queen size storage bed bags are the most sought after by people who live a busy lifestyle and require a maximum organization for a bedroom. The large, double queen-size bed bags are available in the U-Haul storage solution which will allow you to organize your items without having to purchase more bags. All sizes of these bed bags can be used to hold just about anything that you need to store away. Bags are made of heavy-duty U-Haul material that is made to withstand the wear and tear of multiple trips to the closet in a day. The double bed bags come with zippered interior pockets for keys, jewelry, cell phones, blankets, and more. They also have an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easy to roll them onto the truck when you arrive at your destination.

The twin bed bag is designed for long-term storage, not just moving and transporting. The twin-size bed bag will maintain your mattress or bed frame safe from soil, dust, and water during your long-distance move or time in storage. This quality product will allow you to sleep soundly each night as it is designed with an extra-wide zippered pocket on the inside of the bag. The double U-Haul queen bag for moving and storage protection has an adjustable padded shoulder strap that makes it easy to roll it onto the truck when you arrive at your new destination. It has a heavy-duty zippered interior pocket for keys, jewelry, cell phones, blankets, and more.

U-Haul is one of the largest manufacturers of mattress bags for moving and other accessories. Their wide variety of products includes Box Dividers, Box Springs, Mattress Pouches, Underbed Storage Systems, Bed Straps, Boxes, Baskets, Hammocks, Dust Covers, Pillows, and more. They are one of the most trusted manufacturers in the moving industry. If you want to learn more about these and other U-Haul moving accessories, visit the U-Haul website today.[endanswermicro]
[morequestionmicro]U-Haul King mattress bag[closequestionmicro]
You may have heard about the new U-Haul King mattress bag by now. The newest addition to a growing market share for U-Haul is a durable, water-resistant rolling duffle bag that makes moving your mattress to and from the truck easy and efficient. The twin-size bed bag will keep your bed or mattress safe from soil, dust, and water damage during your long move or trip in storage or transit. These eco-friendly bags are constructed of heavy-duty 2.0 mm polyethylene vinyl. They come in a variety of bright colors and are available in black.

The U-Haul full-sized King mattress bag can be filled with just about anything you will need for your bedding and more. If you have never transported a mattress this size, they recommend that you plan to do so under the most ideal circumstances, which are still fairly safe for your hens. The mattress should be the correct size and lie flat. The weight of the load will depend on its purpose and the type of items you intend to transport. The weight of the full-sized U-Haul king mattress bag is approximately thirty-two pounds total when empty. This includes the weight of the mattress, blankets, pillows, linens, box springs, and everything necessary to protect your investment.

The U-Haul King mattress cover for moving is conveniently priced at just over fifty dollars. It also offers free shipping in the continental USA. You can find more information about the truck’s security measures, which include a locking tailgate, at their official website. You can also browse through the online catalog to view a selection of mattresses, sheets, and more. Be sure to look for the best price and a secure shipping option when making your purchase from the internet.[endfaqmicro]

3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Jen

    In the shower, we used this to cover a mattress that we were putting out for trash day. It was very high… It would have worked even if our mattress had been deeper or more poofy, and it was simple to put on. We used tape to protect it. The only real problem was that it ripped easily when pulled against a stairway. I’m sure our trash collector was relieved that the mattress wasn’t soaked when he picked it up.

  2. Dan

    This is the best queen-sized mattress bag I’ve ever bought. I didn’t even have to get up from my place. I ordered it, it arrived at my place, I rolled over, opened the door, and carried it in. Of course, I had to get up to bring the mattress in.

    In all seriousness, it’s going out onto the deck for a few months as the space is repurposed. In the Pacific Northwest, the bag is dense enough to keep mold out. Strong enough for me to grip the bag and carry it into the storage.

  3. Drew B.

    The item was exactly as described; my only complaint was the measurements; my rug is the exact size, and I was hoping for a little extra slack for the tie off, but it didn’t have enough. To ensure the rug’s safety, I had to get a second bag and hood the first one.

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