Golden Companion Scooter Review

The price of Golden Companion medical scooter in the US is between $2,466.00 for the cheapest model and $2,569.00 for the most expensive scooter, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Golden Technologies 3 Wheel Companion Scooter GC340 - Companion - 3 Wheel - Batteries Included -GC340 Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Companion II 4 Wheel Scooters - Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Golden Technologies 3 Wheel Companion Scooter GC340
Golden Technologies Companion II 4 Wheel Scooters
Golden Technologies
Golden Technologies
Prime Benefits
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Golden Technologies 3 Wheel Companion Scooter GC340 - Companion - 3 Wheel - Batteries Included -GC340 Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Golden Technologies 3 Wheel Companion Scooter GC340
Golden Technologies
Prime Benefits
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Companion II 4 Wheel Scooters - Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Golden Technologies Companion II 4 Wheel Scooters
Golden Technologies
Prime Benefits

Golden Companion Instructional Video



congratulations on becoming the owner of
a golden technologies companion series
scooter the companion series comes in
three models the GC 240 midsize three
wheel the GC 340 full-size three wheel
and the GC 440 full-size four wheel
model after you’ve watched this video
please read through your owners manual
carefully and in its entirety for
important safety information and
additional operating instructions your
companion scooter may come with a
charcoal vinyl or black vinyl seat both
seats function in the same manner the
charcoal vinyl seat also features back
angle adjustments we will explain the
operation of the seats in a few moments
for this video we will use the GC 240
model to demonstrate the user friendly
features of these scooters the control
panel is the operation and Information
Center for your scooter the speed dial
is found on the control panel move the
dial to the left towards the turtle to
go slow and to the right towards the
rabbit to go faster please travel at a
safe speed that is comfortable for you
the battery indicator light shows your
battery levels and is backlit to see in
low-light situations we recommend
charging your scooter after each use so
that you always have fully charged fresh
batteries the white buttons are for the
horn they are conveniently located on
the left and right sides of the control
the red button in the center turns the
headlight and tail lights on and off
your scooter also comes with rear
reflectors for added safety the key
switches for your key which must be
turned on to operate the scooter please
turn the key to the off position and
remove it for safety before you dismount
your scooter
use the throttle control levers to drive
the scooter forwards and backwards to
move forward use your left thumb to push
the left throttle control lever or pull
the throttle lever using your right hand
four fingers to move backward use your
right thumb to push the right throttle
control lever or pull the throttle lever
using your left hand four fingers
additional instructions can be found in
the owners manual the companion scooter
features the delta tiller for
comfortable positioning and operation
the tiller is adjustable and can be
moved easily with the tiller adjustment
lever you can position the tiller at a
safe and comfortable angle for you
moving farther down the scooter you come
to our auto grade carpet this carpet
snaps on to the scooter floorboard and
can be removed to be cleaned or reversed
to show the rubber side of the carpet if
the scooter is not operating after you
turn the key on and you also see a
flashing light match the flashing light
sequence to the information on the
troubleshooting guide found under your
carpet or in your owner’s manual the
seats on the companion scooter are
designed with these liquid cell pouches
under the seat cover to maximize comfort
over long periods of use your scooter
may be equipped with the optional seat
lift mechanism if you have this
equipment you can simply raise and lower
the seat using the switch on the tiller
the backrest of the seat folds down for
the arm rests also flip up out of the
way to make getting onto or out of the
scooter easy the arm rests our height
adjustable using this knob the arm rests
are also angle adjustable using this
screw please refer to the owners manual
for detailed instructions we have also
designed the seat to swivel for easy
transfers by pulling up on the seat
rotation lever the seat slides forwards
and backwards simply hold up the seat
slide lever and move the seat forward
and backwards for your most comfortable
position the freewheel mode lever allows
you to push the scooter should you need
to do so the companion scooters are
equipped with four tie-down points 2 in
the rear next to the anti-tip wheels and
two on the front one on each side of the
front wheel all of our companion
scooters can be easily disassembled just
follow these simple steps and refer to
your owners manual for detailed
instructions the first and most
important thing to remember is always
turn your key off and remove it before
disassembly the next step is very simple
to take your basket off and then set it
aside when removing the seat depending
on your strength you can remove the
armrest to make the seat lighter or you
can simply fold the seat down pull up on
the seat rotation lever and pull the
seat off and then set it aside
remove the rear shroud by pulling it up
and over the seat post
the next step is to remove the batteries
first you must completely loosen and
remove the velcro strap around each
battery then squeeze the connector for
the battery and then lift the battery up
and out of the way the next step is to
fold down the tiller notice that the
tiller automatically locks into place so
that it will not swing from side to side
during transport to separate the front
and rear sections of the scooter simply
pull up on the frame release lever
located behind the seat post and
separate the two sections your scooter
is now fully disassembled for transport
when you’re ready to assemble your
scooter simply perform the disassembly
steps in Reverse the first step is to
join the front of your scooter to the
back of your scooter use your frame
release handle and gently hold the
tiller to guide it into place push down
on your seat post to make sure you have
a positive snap connection for the front
and rear sections the next step is to
put your tiller into the upright
position and you’ll notice once you have
the tiller upright the automatic lock is
once you have your batteries in place
simply secure your velcro straps and
then put your connector into the jack
the next step is to place the shroud
over the batteries the next step is to
put on the seat make sure you’re holding
the seat rotation lever up as you guide
the seat into the seat post hold up the
lever turn the seat and push down and
you’re ready to go attach your basket
turn on your key and you’re ready to
enjoy years of riding your companion
scooter have fun we hope you found this
video to be helpful again please refer
to your owners manual for detailed
safety information and further
instructions if you have further
questions about your companion series
scooter please contact your authorized
golden technologies dealers

Golden Companion Scooter Deals and Discounts

Golden Technologies Companion Scooters

The Golden Companion two-wheeler offers good leg room, foot room, and a spacious front seat to cater to any need you may have. The Golden Companion comes in either a compact size or a mid-sized scooter which makes it ideal for families or anyone who doesn’t like a larger vehicle.

The Golden Companion comes equipped with lots of features. The front and back seat swivel, the side step is reversible, and there are even power steering and brake lights which make maneuvering on open roads much easier. The front-wheel drive makes it easy to stop in a tight spot, and the low-profile chassis provides a comfortable ride. The low ground clearance and tight turn radius make this vehicle ideal for both inside and outside.

The full-size Golden Companion is available in a variety of colors. The black and gray color combination is also available. The full-size Golden Companion has a three-speed transmission and brake light. The larger model is much heavier than the small one, so it’s best if you don’t mind riding a big scooter in bad weather. The larger model also features a large trunk and a larger seat which will accommodate the growing child.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, then the Golden Companion 3-wheeler scooters are perfect for you. The vehicle features a two-speed transmission with manual braking and the larger body will give you a better feeling when traveling over rough terrain. The vehicle comes equipped with a safety belt, adjustable suspension, a sunroof, and a CD player with an MP3 player, a cup holder, and two USB ports.

Scooters with four wheels offer the best balance and control. With the full-size model, you’ll be able to easily navigate your way around the city streets as you enjoy the peaceful ride. If you travel on bumpy terrains, the compact model may be just what you’re looking for.

Scooters are now an essential part of our lives. There’s no doubt that riding a scooter is one of the most enjoyable ways to get around the city, the beach, or the countryside. Scooters are now available in many different models and sizes, and styles, but the ones mentioned here are some of the most popular.

It’s important to take good care of your Golden Companion scooter. Most models are fairly inexpensive and easy to repair if something goes wrong, and many have very good warranties. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the machine and ensure you can use it for years to come. If you’re looking for a great way to get around, try out a Golden Companion scooter today.

For a variety of reasons, people from all walks of life all over the world use their Golden Companion. Whether it’s because it offers a fun way to spend time with family and friends or just to have a great way to get around the neighborhood, the Golden Companion scooter is one of the most popular vehicles for people to own today.

Pros of Golden Companion scooter

  • Top-notch quality: The Golden Companion scooter is made from high-quality materials and assembled in the United States.
  • Modern design: The Companion GC440 four-wheel scooter has a modern, rugged design, and features like an adjustable LED headlight and ergonomic control panel design.
  • Legroom and foot room: The GC440 four-wheel scooter offers the most legroom and foot room in its class.
  • More features: Golden Technologies Companion Full-Size Mobility Scooters have more features than any other scooter on the market today, such as adjustable LED headlights.
  • Health benefits: Mobility scooters, including the Golden Companion, can have an overall positive effect on people’s health and wellbeing. Studies have found that the use of a mobility scooter can increase a person’s physical activity, as it eliminates the need to use all of one’s energy simply walking from place to place.

In conclusion, the Golden Companion scooter is a high-quality mobility scooter with a modern design and many features, and it can have a positive impact on a user’s health and wellbeing. There do not appear to be any significant drawbacks associated with this scooter.

Golden Technologies Companion Scooter Guide

Golden Companion 4-wheel scooter

The Golden Technologies four-wheel trolley was one of the very first electric scooters on the market, back in, what seemed like, the early 1970s. And it was also one of the very first models to use a “Telescoping Spoke” transmission – which is still pretty much just a fancy name for a gearbox. I think it’s safe to say that all electric scooters have benefited from the developments and advancements made over the last few decades, but the Golden Technologies trolley was ahead of its time. Back then, there were no real off-road capabilities, the transmission was set up front and rear, and with a standard-size front wheel, the trolley was quite small in comparison to today’s models. But it did have the advantage of being one of the very first “motorized” models – meaning that you could go pretty much anywhere.

Well, today’s modern scooter is pretty incredible, but it certainly can’t compare to the old gas or even electric scooters. It has all of the same controls and capabilities and can go almost anywhere it can (which probably makes it more fun). But back in the day, you had to have it plugged in somehow and had to be able to reach down to turn the ignition, and even if you were able to reach underneath without rolling over, you probably didn’t want to be carrying it. Those are factors in my opinion, and many of today’s buyers, they would lose out on purchasing this unique scooter if those factors were not factored into the design.

The Golden Technologies motor scooter still goes for about $700 new (with an extended warranty), so it’s one of the better values for the money. But it’s not what people are thinking of today when they consider a “motorized” trolley for sale. Many buyers are thinking about the benefits of going “wireless” and buying their scooters online or at a retail store, where the selection is much larger, the prices much lower, and the service much better. These days, those who need a scooter for work, or pleasure, have several options to choose from, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get one to reach your potential, be safe, and save money on your electric trolley by buying a Golden Companion 4-wheel scooter.

Golden Companion scooter battery

The battery life on the Golden Companion scooter is a bit longer than I would have liked, but it’s still an excellent model. It also seems to be able to handle more inclines than I experienced, which is important since I don’t like to climb on the scooter while riding. On the flip side, it did seem to draw more power from the scooter battery than I would have expected given all its lightweight construction and durability. When weighing its disadvantages vs. advantages, though, I can only conclude that it was simply a better fit for my lifestyle.

There are several different makes of scooter batteries, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. The eZee battery, for example, seems to have a higher capacity than others but has the highest rate of failure. The Kwick Batteries, on the other hand, have proven over time to be less expensive and have better overall performance. This, in turn, helps make them more practical for anyone who’d needs one. This means that most models in this family should be compatible with the same trolley as mine, but if you do happen to buy a different one, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your scooter battery lasts as long as it should.

The first thing to do is to never let the battery fall completely off of the trolley, or you’ll risk ending up with a dead battery and a spent case. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Instead, it’s best to just buy the battery new, but with proper care so that you’ll be able to fully utilize it for many rides. As far as keeping it fresh, it’s important to run a fresh charge every couple of days.

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2 verified buyer reviews

  1. Jim Stewart

    This is flawless. I purchased this for my wife because she can no longer walk long distances. I used it for the first time yesterday at the zoo, and it worked well. The people at Martin Mobility are also very helpful.

  2. Haulin

    I’ve owned a range of four-wheel scooters. Even with four wheels, this scooter is not as stable as others I’ve had. They do not seem to be sufficiently separated, in my opinion. Having said that, this scooter is comfortable, fast, and has a long battery life. Something I used to have a problem with. Since it is quick, you must exercise caution when making sharp turns, which they warn you about, but overall, it is a good scooter that I would recommend.

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