The price of nursing shoes in the US is between $41.11 for the cheapest model and $81.64 for the most expensive medical shoe, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's On The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black, 11 US Men/ 13 US Women reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Sticky Nursing Shoes Women - Chefs - Kitchen - Nurses - Clogs for Work - Waterproof Non Slip (Light Green, 8) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes,White PU,8 M US reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Orient Tree Women's Professional Lightweight Nurse Shoes Work Shoes (5 B(M) US, White01) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Nurse Mates Womens-Velocity Medical Professional Shoe, Grey, 7.5 reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Crocs Men's and Women's On The Clock Work Slip Resistant Nursing Shoe
Sticky Comfortable Nursing Shoes for Women
Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes
Orient Tree Women's Professional Lightweight Nurse Shoes
Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoe
Orient Tree
Nurse Mates
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Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's On The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black, 11 US Men/ 13 US Women reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Crocs Men's and Women's On The Clock Work Slip Resistant Nursing Shoe
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Sticky Nursing Shoes Women - Chefs - Kitchen - Nurses - Clogs for Work - Waterproof Non Slip (Light Green, 8) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Sticky Comfortable Nursing Shoes for Women
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Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes,White PU,8 M US reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Hawkwell Women's Lightweight Comfort Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes
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Orient Tree Women's Professional Lightweight Nurse Shoes Work Shoes (5 B(M) US, White01) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Orient Tree Women's Professional Lightweight Nurse Shoes
Orient Tree
Prime Benefits
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Nurse Mates Womens-Velocity Medical Professional Shoe, Grey, 7.5 reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoe
Nurse Mates
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Nursing Shoes! Our FAVS AND FLOPS!



Wendy’s have it your way
that’s probably not the slogan
welcome to the carny show Oh bragging
about how all that y’all really think
this was nothing no oh yeah shoes so
what if the monied nursing probably the
number one nursing complaint well okay
there’s a lot would be or questions or
issues is well what do you do as a nurse
you look you’re gonna be constantly and
you know there’s days you know where you
don’t get to sit down so importantly
enough shoes is a big topic yes and we
have been through many issues different
shoes and we’re going to talk about
those shoes issues and you know most the
time you have to spend a lot of money
when I say a lot like hundred bucks at
least I’m good shoes like I have yet
find a pair of MBT shoes that I like that
are under $100 I did but 80 everyone is
different feet and you know if you just
have to do you have to try now
unfortunately you can’t just you know
you have to buy them in order to figure
out if you like them or not just have
sex so what I want to start out with is
tennis shoes I’ve tried that there’s
cute tennis shoes out there there are
they wear out so fast number one I would
wear tennis shoes and can barely walk at
the end of the day my feet hurt so bad
number two you can’t clean them with
like a white life you can um if they
have any mesh or cloth on them
definitely none super absorbent for you
I think about stuff urine I even went to
extreme and like went to a shoe store
got my foot fitted and sized for like
six and spend good money on tennis shoes
and even those my feet still hurt so I
mean I just I’ve been really I’ve been
struggling for years to find good shoes
and yeah so so once upon a time two
girls went to a uniform store and fall
would be a you know a really good idea
to get matching neon pink hold on
without it’d be so cool
to get these which wheel still I still
love the color either too but these
shoes murder your feet
these are koi ko I by Sunita very
extremely similar to dance goes it’s not
made by the same kind of air their
intertwine somewhat some way or another
the companies kind of so it’s got the
thick heel super hard hard surface um
supposed to be am economically great for
your body supposedly and you’ll hear
some people that swear by them that like
love dance goes and Serena’s and love
you know what uh I think that’s just we
gave it a solid like I’ve probably been
wearing it for two or three um and I
would you know have issues with like my
toenails would hurt if your toenail even
got like a little bit longer than normal
thank you it was hurt so bad um your
feet would pretty much hurt Tom I mean
it was good at first but I don’t know I
don’t know what the issue is but they
both hurt our feet an aspect that I
older than she did it she had to quit
sooner because we really like the way
they looked and at first when you put
them on with in throughout the day you
feed but hurt so bad it was miserable
so we’ve like screw it I’m not wearing
them anymore and then you go to
something else and go back to them but
now I don’t even put them on anymore and
then after that those I got a pair by
they’re called Grey’s Anatomy soft walks
and those got me through for a little
while there I don’t have them with me
they’re just they look a lot like those
but they’re not as high-quality and they
wore out really fast my feet would start
to hurt I’d be complaining all the time
and it’s so I had to find a new pair so
then I went
– Oh a uniform store and they’re in a
bag I am on so weird about my hospital
shoes being aiyah to have to wash your
hands after this
I haven’t wore those in forever though
you can clean it with Lysol wipes or
Liza whatever whatever so Allegra is
another allegory I say Allegra but I
think it’s pronounced differently but
it’s al eg rRNA and they’re known to
there they look horrible they’re ugly
I think they’re ugly as all get-out but
I can tell you that I think they’re
really comfortable and this patterns
really not my favorite pattern either
but again I’ll live out if my feet are
comfortable off I’ll live I paid a
hundred and maybe 110 for them and they
have but a lot of them you’ll see don’t
have backs I I like the back personally
and again like those dancers and
Sunita’s they come into weird sizes like
39 40 36 like you have to know what size
you are in those networks you can tell
me this because I don’t know about those
but with the dance goes you’re supposed
to go a size up because you won’t your
heel to be loose and come out of the
back you don’t want it to be tight
that’s that was her mistake because she
got them too small man I got plenty big
and I still hurt my feet so yeah these I
went up a size that I did in the dance
goes rolling because those were too
small or the Sanitas whatever but on
these fit good and you have to make sure
you but like I wear like good stops –
now I used to like wear like crappy
socks to work and um they like I said
they’re ugly they look like
I think they’ve like platypus feet but
they’re comfortable and I have yet have
any problems with them and I’ve had them
it’s been two months so I’ll check back
with you in a year can let you know but
um so far it’s been a win and I’m glad
I’m glad about it cuz I was I would come
home and I was miserable so after three
four or five pairs of different shoes
this is now Armas
for me these the ones I’m wearing now
are they the Crocker brain no they’re
really cheap they’re called anywheres
like a and why WEA are where do you go
did you get scratched or I’m going to
throw up with in the bottom of them I
don’t you want to get nearer no I got
them I think they’re from like um so
back to my shoes oh I think I got them
on at a um one of those shoe stores in
the mall I could pay less or rap room or
something like that and I had another
pair while back they were playing black
and I wore those for a while I don’t
have issues with my feet and I don’t
know why because they’re not expensive
and there’s probably not a lot of arch
support I’m just telling you it is what
it is and I don’t ever say I don’t want
to wear these I always end up putting
them on and I never complain about my
feet Haren well that’s good day and I I
have just so in case you flatfoot ours
out there I have extremely flat feet so
you know I think it depends on your foot
type and what kind of shoes work best
for you so in a nutshell that is about
best nursing shoes I will say go with
the Allegra’s or Alegria so however you
say it
they’re extremely popular among our
peers and other nurses I see probably
more so now than the dance goes I think
dance goes did hurt a lot of people’s
feet sorry
yeah I want to say about that and I’m
sure there’s people out there that swear
by them that this is just our experience
yep personally alright guys so thanks
for watching and don’t keep watching

Shoes for Nursing and Elderly Care Deals and Discounts

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Skechers Clog Black/Pink 8.5 B (M) Skechers Clog Black/Pink 8.5 B (M) reviewed by Community Clinic Association No ratings yet $64.95

Nursing Shoes Guide

Crocs nursing shoes

The Crocs Nursing Shoe is an innovative new pair of footwear from Crocs. They are a great new kind of shoe for nursing and other healthcare professions because of their many unique features that make them different from standard nursing clogs. First off the Crocs have some great quick features and they are a closed cell foam cushioning design that will keep you comfortable all day. Also the Crocs have several venting ports in the sole that will allow air flow so you can avoid feeling stuffy. They have an open cell construction which means that air and bacteria don’t have anywhere to stay, making them extremely breathable which is always a good thing.

Another feature that the Crocs Nursing Shoes has that makes them very popular is the fully movable rubber inner sole. This is a great feature because the more you can do with your shoes the more comfortable and better your foot will feel. Crocs has made the rubber fully moldable so you can get a pair that has either an open or closed cell construction. Crocs have developed a great line of designer shoes that will make you look and feel better, this is another reason why people choose Crocs over the other brands. Because the Crocs have a fully movable rubber sole you can adjust it to fit your foot perfectly and if you need to replace the shoes you can simply take them off and put them in your closet.

People absolutely love the fact that these Crocs Nursing Shoes has ventilation ports in the heels so you can be sure that your feet are kept dry while you’re standing for long periods of time. Also another feature that people absolutely love about the Crocs Nursing Shoe is the built-in platform under the big toe. This makes it much easier for nurses to get in and out of bed because they have no problem slipping their feet in and out of the Crocs Nursing Shoes. All in all the Crocs Nursing Shoes are designed with many different features that will keep your feet comfortable and your back straight. Now that you’ve decided to finally purchase a pair of Crocs for yourself you won’t be disappointed by how great of a choice they are.

Nursing tennis shoes

If you are an aspiring nursing professional, it is very important that you get yourself a pair of nursing tennis shoes. Nursing shoes are one of the most important gears for nurses due to the fact that they need to have proper shoes that will protect their feet from all kinds of injuries and problems that may come during their working hours. There are a lot of people who do not know about this gear but nurses actually spend hours upon hours in their offices or in their homes caring and helping patients. Since they spend so much time in these shoes, it is very important that the pair they are wearing possess high quality and comfort so that their feet will feel comfortable and not in pain at all. This article will be showing you some of the most common things that nursing shoes are made of so that you will be able to determine which among the many brands and designs available in the market are really best for you.

One of the most important features that the nursing tennis shoes should have is a lightweight but thick padded collar that will prevent the person from slipping in case he or she accidentally slips on his or her way through the doors and windows in the hospital. A lightweight but thick padded collar would ensure that your feet will not hurt even if you accidentally step on your toes or other parts of your feet. Aside from that, there should also be an adjustable and washable cuff around the wrist and the ankle area of the shoe that will allow you to remove the shoe anytime you want to clean your sweaty and damp socks. Padding also helps in absorbing shock from the movements of your feet and from any jolts that may occur due to intense activity. You can also choose a shoe with rubber soles that will provide you comfort and will also reduce the chances of your nails being bitten by insects, calluses and bacteria.

One of the best brands that manufacture nursing tennis shoes are Asics and Skechers. These two brands are known for their comfort and shock absorption feature in the shoes that their users. Asics are known to make the best sports shoes especially when it comes to shock absorption and cushioning in them. These brands use soft materials like suede, cork and breathable materials like nylon to make their shoes cushioned. Although Asics is known to produce the best sports shoes, their cushioning and shock absorption feature are lacking compared to the other brands.

Nursing shoes for women

Nursing shoes for women are a must if you are a healthcare professional. If you have had your foot in the stirrups, it is time to put your foot down and take care of your feet. You may not know it, but you are spending a lot of time in your office, sitting at a desk or in your car, and you may be at risk for developing problems with your back, legs, feet, or mouth. Not only do you want to feel comfortable with your shoes, you also want them to be supportive and durable.

Finding a pair of nursing shoes for women that you can feel comfortable in and won’t make you itch is easier than you think. Comfort is important when you are standing for long periods of time, especially if you are an emergency nurse or you tend to work in high-risk areas, such as intensive care units or burn units. If you are in doubt about a pair of shoes you want to purchase, ask a trusted friend or family member what she recommends. The first thing you want to consider is whether the pair of shoes will offer you enough support or will they pinch in your toes or heels. Another thing to consider is whether or not the pair of shoes you select will be a good fit.

If you are a healthcare professional who spends most of your day in your office, you are probably quite busy and don’t have a lot of time to pick out your own shoes. This means you should purchase a pair of nursing shoes that offer you plenty of cushioning for your feet and that allow you to move comfortably. In addition to being comfortable, you also want to purchase a pair of shoes that are stylish as well. You want to look good, and you can do this while still providing adequate support for your feet. Shopping online has become widely accepted in the healthcare industry, so you can browse a large selection of fashionable and supportive shoes without leaving your home.

Nursing shoes for men

Nursing shoes for men always come through when looking for a good solid pair. These clogs come made of 100% pure leather, making it easy to clean properly. They also usually come with an insole made with latex for orthopedic purposes and also to provide support and comfort to male nurses who have wide feet, high arches, or other foot issues. The insole is flexible to accommodate male nurses who have wide feet, high arches, flat feet, and other unique foot issues.

When a male nurse needs to work in an environment where he has to keep his feet on the ground, this type of shoe is a great choice. These types of slip-on shoes allow a man to do so without pain. Some of these slip-ons may even offer a slip resistance feature that is just above the normal leather sole. This may give a male nurse an added advantage when working in some hazardous environments. Male nurses also have a special shoe called a “diaper” that fits right beneath their pants. This diaper is designed to fit just right underneath the male nurse’s shoes and help absorb the shock of any heavy tasks that they may have to perform.

There are some men’s shoes specifically designed for health problems, such as blisters. Doctors normally prescribe this type of shoe for those males who have recurring problems with blisters on their feet. These specific shoes are more stylish than the traditional slip-on type, but still offer the extra comfort that some people need. These types of shoes usually have a built in arch support system that helps to take the pressure off of the blisters. The special arch support system relieves pressure on the blisters while the shoes maintain proper arch support.

Waterproof nursing shoes

If you are a nurse or just love to spend time around people who are ill, one thing that you need is waterproof nursing shoes. Most of the time, you will do much more than simply take a leak on these shoes. These shoes protect against cold, moisture, and rain. However, if you work constantly on your feet with a sticky shoe, they can become very wet and also lead to other medical problems. Waterproof nursing boots are best for all environments, including the hospital, the pool, or even just in your own home.

For this reason, it is very important that nurses know how to take care of their feet. In fact, this is an accepted part of their job, since if nurses don’t keep their feet clean and dry, it can lead to poor patient care and even infections. Additionally, by keeping their feet free of dirt, bacteria, and viruses, nurses are better able to provide their patients with proper care. This makes it extremely important that there is sufficient room for the toes to move comfortably, without the sole of the shoe rubbing against the floor.

There are many styles of waterproof nursing shoes available. One popular style is the siren edge hiker. These are made from waterproof materials and have a seamless sole. They are available in both casual and dressy styles and generally give a bit of a heel effect when worn. They have elastic gore inserts which help reduce the amount of weight that the wearer puts on their feet, which can lead to soreness in the toes and feet.

Leather nursing shoes

When you are a new nurse and you want to look sexy while at work, there is no better option than to buy some good looking, high quality leather nursing clogs. Nursing clogs are made to be very comfortable and versatile so you can find the right pair for any occasion. Leather is always a popular choice for nurse uniforms because it has the look and feel of professionalism and leather. There are a few things that you need to know about buying these types of shoes to help you make the right purchase for you. Keep reading to learn more.

One thing to consider is how your feet will respond to nursing clogs and whether or not you want a lace-up or slip-on option. Lace-up leather nursing shoes tend to be a little bit more flexible because they have lace on the side of the shoe and can be slipped on or off of your foot without too much trouble. Slip-on options are often more flexible but take up more room on your closet. It’s important to find the right fit so that you have the right style and the right comfort level for your feet and body.

One other thing to consider is the type of leather you are getting. Some leather is more durable than others and some is more durable than others as well. A nice blend of leather and suede will provide you with some nice highlights in style and durability. These pairs are very stylish and comfortable and are perfect for day long or night time work.

White nursing shoes

Whether you work in a medical health care facility or other place that requires you to wear white nursing shoes, or perhaps you like white as far as shoes go and don’t want to wear any other color, there are all sorts of shoes that you can get in the marketplace that will meet your requirements while also giving you protection, style, and comfort for your feet at the same time.

If you are a teacher or other professional working at a young children’s hospital or similar type of facility, then it might be best for you to get yourself some white nursing shoes as well as some cute nurse scrubs. These will go much better than trying to squeeze into old, uncomfortable scrubs that you have to replace on a fairly regular basis. They can come in any type of color that you would like so they can match the overall theme of the room where you work. You can also get them with extra straps, various closures, or even fun cartoon characters on them if you want a little fun with your workplace attire.

If you happen to be a nurse who likes to dance the night away in the summer time, then you might want to purchase white nursing clogs or shoes as well. These are great for those days when you need to let your feet dry off after being out and about all day long. Most nurses like to wear white leather shoes because they are easier to take care of and keep clean than some of the other colors that are available for nurses. Of course, you will still need to make sure that you keep your scrubs clean at all times so your outfit will remain fresh for longer periods of time.

Black nursing shoes

Nursing shoes are an important part of any nursing wardrobe. While many nurses find it uncomfortable to wear sneakers, there are a few benefits of nursing shoes that cannot be overlooked. The black color is always a safe choice for a nursing uniform, and the soles will protect you from injury because they are usually cushioned. For some women, wearing shoes with heels can cause back problems later on in life because they can damage the structure of their feet and have a tendency to roll to the bottom as time goes by. Nursing shoes with low heels are also more comfortable than high heels, so take a look at your current footwear and determine whether you are wearing the right type of shoe for your health needs.

When you first step into a pair of new black nursing shoes, you may feel a little sore the first few days, but this is normal. Your body is adjusting to the new shoes, and as long as you remain diligent about changing them regularly, your discomfort should be brief. In most cases, the pain you feel in your first few days of wearing them is simply from the adjustment period and you will soon get used to them. It may be necessary for you to try on a pair of nursing scrubs during this time so that you will know which styles and colors look best.

Once you feel more comfortable in your black nursing shoes, you will probably wonder how you ever managed to live without them! They are one of those things that simply become part of your daily routine. If you are like many nurses, you probably have at least one pair of these shoes in your office or bedroom. If you don’t, chances are you are going to buy a pair soon. No matter what color you choose, you are going to find that black nursing shoes are the perfect choice for everyone.

Author: Dr. Dave Miles

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Sheila

    I waited to write this review before I had a chance to wear and try them out, but these shoes are incredible! These are my first nursing shoes, which I purchased for clinicals. They are very comfortable. They don’t hurt even after being on my feet for 10+ hours. I read the reviews that said to order a size up, and even though I’m normally a 6.5/7, I ordered a 7 because I have a small foot, and I’m glad I did because they match true to size. I believe the sizing is determined more by the width of your foot. I highly recommend these shoes; the price is unbeatable.

  2. Erika

    I didn’t think these shoes would be that comfortable based on the reviews, but they ARE! I have big feet and like a lot of cushion because I work double shifts and run around 7-8 miles per shift. They fit like a glove and perfectly to your foot. I inserted a thicker shoe memory foam insert and it still suits perfectly. I’d recommend these to ANY NURSE. Stop paying $200 for a pair of hard, clunky, heavy shoes! These are fantastic, and I ended up purchasing two more pairs in various colors. I purchased as a skeptic and will never purchase another brand again. In reality, I’m going to buy a pair for a family member who has edema and has to wear special shoes all the time!

  3. Tahj

    My feet are WIDE and flat, resembling flippers. These is an excellent match for me, but no one else has my feet. I have them paired with a few shoes. I work 12 hour days six days a week and get six months out of them. That’s fantastic news for me. Personally, I think they look…GOOFY, but they are extremely relaxed. As I slip them on, I’m wondering what happened to THAT guy from high school, but whatever. Given that Dickies is my next favorite work brand, I just admit that these look better than corrective orthopedic shoes. That being said. I highly recommend these shoes, particularly to men who are already married, don’t care about fashion, or are looking for women with low fashion standards.

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