Prestige Medical Stethoscope Review

The price of Prestige Medical stethoscope in the US is between $11.75 for the cheapest model and $38.34 for the most expensive stethoscope, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope, Hot Pink reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Prestige Medical Clinical 1 Stethoscope, Aqua Sea reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Prestige Medical Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope, Black reviewed by Community Clinic Association
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Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope, Hot Pink
Prestige Medical Clinical 1 Stethoscope, Aqua Sea
Prestige Traditional Black Sprague Stethoscope
Prestige Medical Dual Head Stethoscope, 3.6 Ounce
Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope, 3.8 Ounce
Prestige Medical
Prestige Medical
Prestige Medical
Prestige Medical
Prestige Medical
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Product Page
Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope, Hot Pink reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope, Hot Pink
Prestige Medical
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Prestige Medical Clinical 1 Stethoscope, Aqua Sea reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Prestige Medical Clinical 1 Stethoscope, Aqua Sea
Prestige Medical
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Prestige Medical Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope, Black reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Prestige Traditional Black Sprague Stethoscope
Prestige Medical
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Prestige Medical Dual Head Stethoscope, Hot Pink, 3.6 Ounce reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Prestige Medical Dual Head Stethoscope, 3.6 Ounce
Prestige Medical
Prime Benefits
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Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope, Stealth, 3.8 Ounce reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethoscope, 3.8 Ounce
Prestige Medical
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Prestige Medical Clinical Plus Stethoscope Demo Video



hey guys I’m back with another set the
scope review I know that’s all you’ve
been getting is stuff let’s go for a few
videos but this will be my third
stethoscope review from the companies
who have sent me their stethoscopes and
I don’t know if there will be more but
if there are I will post them and do my
review and tell you what I’d like and
don’t like about them and the specs
about them and yeah so today I will be
reviewing prestige medical clinical plus
stethoscope so funny story I actually
was sent them a stethoscope before last
year and I I lost it I accidentally put
it into an isolation cart before I went
into a patient’s room because we all
know not supposed to bring in your own
instruments into an isolation room
you’re supposed to use the disposable
one that they give you in the cart so I
left it in there sadly and once you’re
gone and you’re not back for a couple
days and that patient isn’t there
anymore and that isolation car is gone
it’s gone I went to the I went to the
central service supply and I asked if
they found my set the scope I put up my
number to see if they knew where it was
I felt so bad but anyways I reached out
to them again I apologized and they were
more than happy to give me another
stethoscope and the cool thing about
this company is they let me come and
pick it up from where they packaged all
their instruments and send them out and
I was so gratefully gifted another
stethoscope and this time it was not a
purple one because of one that they sent
me before was purple but they sent me
this beautiful beautiful beautiful navy
blue one and for whatever reason I just
I love it I love this color and it goes
great with my scrubs because we were
naked blue in my hospital and yeah so
this is the one stethoscope that I do
how the
packaging for surprisingly and I wanted
to keep in the packaging because I
really do like the stethoscope and they
keep it in a foam packaging which is
great and it really showcases how much
they really care about their
stethoscopes and how much they want you
to care about their stethoscope so
obviously first impressions are great
especially when they come to packaging
like this and it really makes me feel
like I need to take really good care of
this stethoscope
um so another thing about this set scope
when I first picked it up I could not
believe how weightless this set the
scope felt I loved how light this set
the scope feels and I I don’t know
there’s just something about this one
that is just amazing I just I can’t get
over how light it is I barely feels like
I have over my neck and it’s easy to
clean and this diaphragm doesn’t feel
like it’s 20 pounds heavy it’s really
great again with the ear pieces that I
like the ones that just go like this I
really like those and again the color I
really like the color and the tubing
isn’t as thick and the tubing is not
porous and it’s easy to clean so are the
metal parts and yeah so as far as the
sound quality goes the sound quality is
great it’s not your top-of-the-line
where you can hear every little thing
however um it does its job and I just
suggest you know putting it on direct
skin not through any fabric because you
won’t get as good of a sound quality if
you do that if not it still works as
just as good a shirt on this one that I
put my knee
and that so that it won’t get lost and
I’m the other side I have my phone
number on here because this baby is not
getting lost I love it and it’s great so
if there’s anything that I could say
that I don’t like about the stethoscope
other than the sound quality it’s not as
great as a more higher-end stethoscope
but like I said it does its job but you
know that would honestly be my only
complaint and I know that’s not really
saying a lot but it’s all I’m honest and
I really like this that the scope I like
the weight I like how it cleans I like
the like the the length it just all
works very well with each other
and I actually got to sit down with the
staff there at their at their building
and they’re actually really close to me
and they all got to interview me and
talk to me about what I liked about the
stethoscopes and this stethoscope in
comparison to another one they had
showed me and I just gave them my honest
opinion and that’s what I do I don’t
hide anything from you guys if I really
like something I’m gonna tell you guys
it also comes with two other of your
pieces for your diaphragm and your bell
and you can switch it out because right
now this is the pediatric side on the
Bell and you can switch this out to just
a regular mill I don’t necessarily use
the bell too often I usually only use
the Bell if I really really can’t hear
what I want to hear and if I switch it
over it will do what I want to hear so
yeah I really like that part that this
one comes with a pediatric side I do see
myself working in either LMT or the NICU
in the future so this will be nice to
have prestige medical your parts are
free for life so if you need more
pieces you let them know and then send
me to you and you got it so don’t ever
think that you are at a lost cause if
something breaks on your stethoscope and
they are very very very kind people
they’re at prestige medical and I really
liked working with them I really hope to
be working with them again soon and give
them my opinion and let them know how it
has been using that stethoscope fall on
the floor and like I’ve said for other
stethoscopes in which population who I
think this would work for honestly I
think this that the scope could work for
anyone in health care field that uses a
stethoscope honestly and this is great
um I I don’t seeing any issue with the
price for this which is um I believe I
have it here 36 95 for this stethoscope
on their website so honestly that’s a
that’s a deal for a pretty almost
perfect stethoscope so if you’re looking
for a set the scope and you don’t want
to spend the money on on a stethoscope
that you see everyone else buying um
then go ahead and purchase this one and
you will not regret the amount of money
that you spent on this stethoscope
because it really does this job and I
really love how lightweight it is and I
will keep saying that because I really
left lightweight stethoscope so anyways
um thank you guys for tuning in and I
will see you guys in my next video and
if you have any comments or questions or
suggestions or anything at all go ahead
and put it down in the comments and in
the description below I will also be
putting down where you could buy this
deatha scope alright so I hope you guys
have a great day and a great summer and
stay cool and I’ll see you guys in the
next video bye

Prestige Medical Stethoscope Deals and Discounts

Prestige Medical Stethoscopes

The Prestige Medical Clinical Lite is a budget-friendly and lightweight stethoscope. The diaphragm of this stethoscope is made from fiberglass and is capable of detecting S1 and S2 heart sounds, as well as Korotkoff sounds. Additionally, it features a non-chill bell ring, which makes it easy to use and helps improve the patient’s comfort.

The Prestige Medical stethoscope comes with a lifetime warranty. The company offers a Free Lifetime Replacement Parts Warranty, which covers parts and labor. When you buy a Prestige Medical stethoscope, be sure to register it for free. It will then send you an email with a link to register the warranty. The warranty will last for the life of the stereoscopic device, so you won’t have to worry about repairing it yourself.

The Prestige Medical Clear Sound Stethoscope is an excellent choice for use in clinical practice. Its high-quality, shatter-resistant acrylic body delivers superior clarity of sound. It is available in pediatric and adult dual head versions and features an easy-to-use lanyard and a lifetime warranty. You can purchase a single stethoscope or a set of three. Each stethoscope comes with a dependable case and accessories.

The Prestige Medical stethoscope is available in several models, with different features. The Sprague model, for example, has a flexible cuff and an adjustable light source. It is designed to meet the dental needs of young and old patients. The portable size makes traveling easy. Compared to other brands, the Prestige Medical STETHOSCOPE is more expensive but offers superior quality.

The Prestige Medical stethoscope is durable and comfortable, with a durable, non-chill aluminum chestpiece. Its artery-indicator label and heavy vulcanized bladder allow for easy and accurate measurements. The sphygmomanometer is compatible with a variety of electronic devices and is a necessity for physicians. Its patented design allows for quick and easy insertion and removal of needles.

Aside from a durable, comfortable stethoscope, the Prestige Medical sphygmomanometer is a must-have piece of equipment for any medical professional. Its heavy vulcanized bladder with artery indicator label is perfect for assessing blood pressure. Its precision-calibrated gauge is a must-have for any stethoscope for doctors. It is designed to provide superior vision and comfort for every healthcare worker.

This stethoscope is equipped with a comfortable, ergonomically designed cuff. Its high-visibility light source also makes it easy to see and read arteries and veins. The lightweight design of this stethoscope makes it ideal for traveling. Unlike other brands, it is less expensive than the competition. It can be easily carried from one location to another without difficulty, making it an essential tool for any healthcare professional.

The “clinical lite” series of Prestige Medical stethoscopes has many advantages. These models have a heavy vulcanized bladder, a tunable diaphragm, and a heavy, nylon cuff for added durability. The diaphragm is also very comfortable and comes with a lanyard and a range of other accessories. This stethoscope is designed for doctors who need to monitor patients.

The clinical lite stethoscope is the most popular model of the Prestige Medical range, with its curved, laminated face. It is available in four different colors: hot pink, silver, and gold. Depending on your preference, it is possible to get a multi-function stethoscope. The sterile features of the stethoscope make it easy to see and hear.

The clinical lite stethoscope is lightweight and made from anodized aluminum alloy. It is equipped with a built-in rubber diaphragm that removes the need for additional blocking. It has a fiberglass bell chamber and detects S1 and S2 blood sounds and S2b and S3a heart sounds. The clinical lite stethoscope also features a snap-on diaphragm holding ring.

For advanced users, a stethoscope with an adjustable diaphragm is essential. The diaphragm should allow you to listen to low-frequency sounds without difficulty. Other important features to consider are the quality of the earpiece and the price range. A high-quality stethoscope will last for years. Aprestige Medical stenoscope is a great investment.

Prestige Medical Stethoscope Guide

Prestige Medical clinical cardiology stethoscope
When looking for a reliable brand of stethoscope, you might want to consider looking at Prestige Medical. Prestige Medical is one of the most trusted brands of stethoscopes available on the market today. They are known for having extremely high quality stethoscopes that do not require many replacement parts and that have outstanding customer service. You should know about the different features of this stethoscope before deciding if it would be right for you.

The Prestige Medical Clinical Cardiology Stethoscope has several different models to choose from. These stethoscopes also come with other accessories such as stethoscopes cases and lanyards. With all of these options, patients can be sure that they have everything they need to effectively treat their medical conditions. The stethoscopes have been carefully designed so that they will provide excellent medical care. The large sized stethoscopes have been purposely engineered to be useful in providing superior vision for all patients.

The Prestige Medical Stethoscope is known for having an accurate diagnosis for any patient. It has been known for its great clarity and accuracy. This makes it easier for doctors to make reliable diagnoses and it helps to reduce unnecessary surgery. Some of the other features of this stethoscope include high durability, reliability, accuracy, quiet operation, easy maintenance, low cost and excellent quality.

Prestige Medical Sprague stethoscope
The Prestige Medical Sprague stethoscopes are known all over the world for its excellence and durability. This stethoscopes has a great reputation of durability that it is known to deliver. The product is designed to serve different types of dental procedures and patient needs. It is not only reliable but also looks beautiful and elegant.

The Prestige Medical Sprague stethoscopes have received high rating by both dental surgeons and physicians. The reason behind their popularity is the fact that this stethoscopes are made of high quality materials that are durable and can withstand any type of condition. In addition, the product comes with an easy to adjust feature making it very easy to use. With its five-in-one styling, the Sprague – Rappaport stethoscopes is now the most flexible stethoscopes on the market.

Furthermore, this product offers patients the comfort of using the flexible cuff while the high visibility of the light source allows it to be used at night. The stethoscopes are also designed to meet the dental needs of the youngest patients as well as those of the elderly. Moreover, the product makes traveling and extended distance traveling simple and easy. With a price that is less expensive compared to other brands, it is expected that more people will buy the Prestige Medical Sprague stethoscopes.

Prestige Medical Clinical Lite stethoscope
If you’re looking for the perfect stethoscope for your practice, the Prestige Medical Clinics line of stethoscopes is sure to be right up your alley! Made with anodized aluminum alloy, the Prestige Medical Clinical Lite stethoscope is a durable, versatile dual heart stethoscope that is very affordable and lightweight. The clinical model has a built in, comfortable, non-sticking rubber diaphragm, which eliminates the need for extra blocking. A sturdy fiberglass bell chamber is used to most effectively detect S1 and S2 blood sounds, including Korotkoff and S2b heart sounds, as well as S3a heart sounds. The clinical model incorporates a snap on diaphragm holding ring and a non-stick bell ring that contribute to both ease of usage and increased patient comfort.

The sterling silver-colored Prestige Medical Clinical Lite stethoscope is the perfect addition to your medical practice or lab. Designed with a polished, full-length, curved, laminated face, this high-quality, versatile stethoscope will offer you years of reliable service and excellent value. This stethoscope is available in four different color choices, including hot pink, hot lime green, champagne yellow, and peach. The hot pink model is the brightest of the four, making it easy to spot potential problems and medical conditions early on in the treatment process.

What is more, each stethoscope comes preassembled, so you don’t have to worry about buying more kit than you need. You can even choose which parties to use on the stethoscope and then use them interchangeably if you wish. For maximum convenience, the Prestige Medical Clinical Lite stethoscope also comes with a comprehensive illustrated manual that walks you through the features of the stethoscope and explains how to use each of its vital features. It even has helpful illustrations and easy-to-understand instructions that ensure your patients receive the highest level of health care. The Prestige Medical Clinical Lite stethoscope is really like a luxury product when you consider all of its outstanding features and exceptional build quality.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Phoebe

    This was bought as a backup. It is much heavier than my other, more costly stethoscope, which I have used many times. Even when it’s in my pocket, it drags down the side of my top, and I can feel the weight if it’s around my neck. I have to make sure I put it on correctly or the ear pieces would not fit in my ears properly. Some ear parts are included for a better fit. I like the color because it breaks up the monotony. Overall, I’ll use it only when necessary, and if and when my more expensive one wears out, I’ll replace it with the more expensive one because it’s more comfortable and lighter weight.

  2. Regina Grant

    Pro: Surprisingly high quality, surprisingly low price, pleasantly lightweight, perfectly suits the prestige medical brand stethoscope light (I’m a Neuro Stepdown nurse, so I HATE carrying pens/penlights in my pockets).

    The eartips have a tendency to fall out. Quite a bit.

    Until applying the eartips, prep the metal threads with skin prep and alcohol prep pads. (I got the idea from how sticky the prep makes your gloves when you’re sinking NG tubes or putting condom caths in.) It’s like gluing them on, haha. Reduces eartip loss from several times per change to once every two months or less, and the procedure is repeatable; simply peel the skin prep remnants out of the tips and repeat the process. (When applying the prep, be careful not to obstruct the shafts.)

  3. J Wilson

    Excellent value for money! This stethoscope won’t produce Littmann-quality sounds. However, given the price, I doubt you would have expected this. This is a good-quality stethoscope with a good price. The earbuds on this stethoscope are more comfortable than the previous generation. The product is extremely light, which is ideal for someone like me who can’t stand wearing something heavy (or anything at all) around their body. Unless you’re a doctor, you’ll be fine with this stethoscope.

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