Drive Medical Rollator Review

The price of Drive Medical rollator in the US is between $86.96 for the cheapest model and $256.79 for the most expensive walker, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up and Removable Back Support, Padded Seat, 6" Wheels, Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro Euro-Style 4-Wheel Rollator Walker With Seat, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical 10257RD-1 Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical 795B Duet Folding Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Walker, Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator, Tan Plaid reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up and Removable Back Support
Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Red Rollator Walker
Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support
Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker
Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator
Drive Medical
Drive Medical
Drive Medical
Drive Medical
Drive Medical
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Product Page
Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up and Removable Back Support, Padded Seat, 6" Wheels, Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up and Removable Back Support
Drive Medical
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Product Page
Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro Euro-Style 4-Wheel Rollator Walker With Seat, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Red Rollator Walker
Drive Medical
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Drive Medical 10257RD-1 Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support
Drive Medical
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Drive Medical 795B Duet Folding Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Walker, Blue reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker
Drive Medical
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator, Tan Plaid reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator
Drive Medical
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Drive Medical Foldable Lightweight Rollator Demo Video



and being able to to stand often times
you just need another seat these are
brand spanking new these are the drive
medical lightweight row laters now what
a row later is I want to point out what
it is not yes this is not a Walker
Walker is what old people have to have
right right right and it’s not a
wheelchair and it’s not a wheelchair a
row later is four wheels wonderful
ergonomic grim economic grips right here
Denise how are you I’m fine to you a few
years I won’t tell him how many 20
she’s been here at QVC and she has been
the woman that has brought us personal
care products that have made people’s
lives easier
you get stability with this like you do
what you sure do boom that’s new by the
way we didn’t have this before
you also get at any given point an
opportunity to lock these wheels down
and to create seating for yourself the
whole shebang weighs in at about 17
pounds but it will hold a 300 pound ya
don’t and that’s significant because
most role leaders actually have about a
250 pound capacity so for this to
substantially hold 300 pounds and only
weigh 17 and a half yeah it’s pretty
amazing but some people are saying well
why do I need a role later well the role
later is essentially for somebody who
needs to ambulate needs to walk needs to
be mowed right great to be mobile you
know for health reasons but yet you
might be short of breath you might have
weak knees or ankles so this affords you
the opportunity to walk safely because
the hand brakes will stop you on a dime
as you move but also allows your seat to
be with you first thing you do when you
sit is apply those hand brakes up to
lock and now you’re stable and you’ve
got a comfortable state with some back
support so pretty a place to put your
arms exactly I know it sounds crazy it’s
more comfortable I have the armrest up
here and it is to have it down here so
you have a place where you can sit this
is getting from the car to the soccer
field or the softball field or the
lacrosse field yeah so that you can
watch your grandchildren and then
instead of sitting on some bed
or some high rises it’s difficult to
climb up on you got your own seating
yeah and then you release the brakes and
you’ve got mobility and freedom again
yeah well I don’t have people just
notice what I did is I folded this in
from side to side and this is what makes
this rollator so unique most role
leaders fold front to back well this is
our new european x frame design you pull
this little red tab here that unlocks
the base of the of the seat and then you
is just assisted in so now oh you’ve got
it still functions as a role later in
organization the clothing rack you can
elevators or hallways and you’ve still
got that nice you know radius but but
the other thing is is when it folds in
from side to side it gives you extra
legroom so you’re not kicking a bar with
reductions alright so there are right
there 149 bucks you know what it used to
be that if you or someone who had a
mobility issue the only equipment you
could ever buy was aluminium colored oh
yeah true now now this is an expression
of you as an individual and I’ve got
black different colors mhm actually
that’s titanium this is a titanium back
here like a gunmetal so yeah it’s a yeah
it is gonna that’s a good way to put
instead of being just black it’s got a
little bit of deep dark grey in its
color exactly we don’t really have black
basic black your blue which is a really
bold kind of a royal or cobalt yeah
that’s that’s sports car blue it’s cool
isn’t it yeah and they’re all very
metallic so I’m glad that you brought up
that their sports car have nice red yes
and that also points out they these are
steel frames yeah and then we’ve got
purple purple exactly and you know
there’s a lot of good features about it
too because this can be customizable and
adjustable right rule of thumb when
you’re using a roll leader is you kind
of want to put these handlebars at about
your wrist height but you can adjust
them up they are adjustable and then I’m
going to show you how easily they adjust
so there’s a little red button system
here so when you push that in with your
thumb now you have customizability now
so I don’t need tools don’t need tools
about 32 and a half to 38 and a half
inches is the range you’re gonna get as
yours he’s 6-4 6-4 yeah and I’m like
five four well five three I’m shrinking
theoretically this would work for both
of you for going out in absolutely
together to call out that 300-pound
weight capacity because that’s unique
and also the backrest is adjustable now
we didn’t have to put a backrest on here
but because people might be sitting for
an extended period of time it’s nice and
again you just under loosen this knob
and your backrest will go up and down
but I love the fact that you know this
will go with you wherever you need it to
go it’s going to give mom dad whoever it
needs it that support because as you’re
walking if you’re on a little decline
right or a little noise daddy you put
those brakes right on and you’re
stopping and always when you do sit
that’s the first thing you want to do is
put on those brakes then you’ll feel
comfortable that’s stable too now by the
way in the front the entire front area
from the seat back is this incredible
story of a bag yeah and the bag is
removable but I mean there’s a lot of
room look how deep this yeah this gives
you enough room to put a pocketbook a
purse your car keys your cell phone you
know all the things you would normally
carry so that you are now hands-free
exactly able to give yourself a feeling
of security with your foldable
lightweight rollator
to go with you it’s really well done it
is really cool and what I want people to
know too is the front wheels are really
big these are big in inch wheels and
they can never go flat right they’ll
never go flat and also a big front wheel
is indicative of an indoor/outdoor
okay also having said outdoor there’s a
little kickstand we call this a curb
climber in the back so if you do come
upon as we do in life curbs or obstacles
all you do is apply a little bit of
pressure with your foot and it just
lifts the front of the unit up so you
don’t have to lift the entire it’s only
seventeen and a half pounds you know but
you’ve got that that range that it’s
doing the work for you at spinning
you’ve got great radius and then it
transitions beautifully for seventeen
and a half pounds to hold 300 that’s
pretty cool and the light I forgot to
talk about our light this is what we
added safety features so we’ve got this
batteries included with this light you
can strobe it you can syncopate it you
could flash it and we’ve got some
reflectors on here too so you never have
to worry mom or dad are out and may be
getting dark you know that they’re going
to be safe and people are going to see
them and they’ll be visible mobility is
youth yeah and we’re not just talking
about a chronological age
my father is 90 in his 90s celebrated a
birthday and he’s every bit as active as
he ever was Wow but this is freedom now
because now you’ve got something that
will assist you when you’re walking but
you’ve got that seat everywhere you go
yep Denis it is always a pleasure thank
you for bringing us the newest model
this is new to QVC we’ve got it at 149
98 we’ve got it on easy pay as well and
a very reasonable reasonable price for
that shipping thank you
hi thanks Dan that looks like a really
great way to get around I thought like
two people that liked it including
myself that could use that all right
Megan I know right
Megan Marie and I have this on the other
day and it flew out of our show yeah we
wanted to bring it back this morning for
those of you who didn’t get to see it
this is the newest version of the M Joy
epilator it’s called the EPI slim the
erase glide it’s got 18 disks first at
the normal what like 60 that’s right
that the normal one has but it’s our
little it’s our little mini-me if it’s
the same amount of power
absolutely so this is a hair removal
device that you don’t have to wait til
your your hair grows out to remove it
it’s infinitely safer than shaving it a
little much less painful than other
options like waxing it’s really really
effective and we have it in all these
great colors all of which are exclusive
to QVC except for the blue so let’s take
a look we have green pink here’s your
purple blue is more of a robin’s egg and
you can get this one at retail but at
more money and then we also have an
exclusive Orange so here we have it for
you at two payments of $14.75 it’s
portable it’s convenient and it’s a
really effective way to remove unwanted
hair even from your face it’s awesome so
yeah this is really our this is our
smallest unit so it’s a teen tweezers
and what’s awesome about it is that
you’re gonna be able to use this on your
face probably on your chin your upper
lip peach fuzz on your face maybe your
underarms so this is for smaller areas
touch-up areas if you loved one of our
larger epilator x’ you absolutely have
to have this little guy in your little
makeup bag or if you have been wanting
to try Appalachia right way to try and
you’re saying you know what I don’t know
if I can handle 60 tweezers yet I just
want to kind of dip my toe in the water
and this is a perfect unit to do that
with so you can use this on underarms
bikini line up your face

Drive Medical Rollator Deals and Discounts

Drive Medical Rollators

Whether you are looking for a rollator for yourself or a loved one, you will have a lot of choices. There are Bariatric rollators, adjustable height rollators, and 6-inch wheels. There are even some with folding features.

Adjustable seat height

Having an adjustable seat height on a rollator is a big help. It can help you to get around faster, especially when you have trouble keeping your balance. With a rollator, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not falling over or dropping your drink.

The most important thing to know is that there are several options to choose from. There are bariatric rollators, junior petite rollators, and four-wheel rollators, to name a few. Each rollator is designed for different needs. Choosing the right rollator is a matter of your individual preferences, including your height, the distance between your knees, and the type of terrain you’re cruising. Some rollators also come with accessories such as a pouch to carry items like a water bottle or a cell phone.

A good rollator also includes a comfortable seat, a pouch under the seat for storage, and a handle that’s easy to use. While many rollators have handles that are clumsy and unwieldy, Drive Medical rollators are made with ease in mind. They come with a pouch to store items such as a water bottle or cell phone, as well as a handle that’s easy to use. You can adjust the height of the handle with a self-threading knob, making it easy to get the most out of your rollator.

There are some other rollators out there, but the Drive Medical branded rollators are some of the best. You can choose from a variety of options, including a rollator that has an adjustable height, a four-wheel rollator, and an aluminum four-wheel rollator. A rollator that has adjustable height is ideal for anyone looking for support while walking, as well as those who need to sit down regularly.

6″ wheels

Whether you’re looking to buy a walker, or are just looking for the best way to get around, the Drive Medical Rollator with 6″ wheels is one of the best options on the market. Not only does it come with a free padded backrest, but it also comes with an impressive list of features. From a seamless padded seat to a handy zippered storage pouch, there’s a lot to like about this walker.

It even has an odometer, so you know the number of miles you’ll travel. It’s also made of a durable steel frame, so it’s built to last. The 6″ wheels make navigating sidewalks and other paved surfaces a breeze. It’s also small enough to fit in your car trunk. Lastly, the Rollator with 6″ wheels is a good-looking walker, so you’ll likely be showing it off at your next booze up. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal anywhere else. So if you’re in the market for a rollator, snag one now and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier you in no time. Hopefully, you’ll also take the time to check out our other articles on how to shop for a walker, and where to buy one in the first place.

Folding feature

Almost all rollators fold up for easy storage. Folding rollators are great mobility aids for seniors. They allow you to travel in style and help you get to your destination. But before you buy a rollator, it’s important to know whether it folds up.

Folding rollators are usually quick and easy to open and close. You simply lift the seat and pull the lift bar until the handlebars come together. Once they do, you’ll need to snap the bottoms through the holes on the rollator’s frame. Then you need to pull the handlebars out of the frame and push the seat down until the wheels touch the floor.

The Drive Medical Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker with 5″ wheels is made of durable composite material and features a trigger release feature. This model also includes a lightweight aluminum frame and a push-button mechanism for easy folding. Its lightweight design is also a great choice for those with limited finger dexterity. The handlebars are height adjustable, and the padded seat provides maximum comfort. The seat also features a zippered storage bag that keeps the bag securely closed when the rollator is folded. The Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker comes with glide covers and rear glide caps.

The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator is made of a durable aluminum frame, a padded seat, and a foldable backrest. The handlebars are height adjustable, have a brake cable inside the frame, and are ergonomically designed. The seat has a zippered storage bag and a basket under the seat. The Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator is easy to transport and has a variety of features to make it the perfect wheelchair for anyone.

Bariatric rollators

Those interested in ambulating will find that Drive Medical has made its presence known in the bariatric category. This particular model includes all the right features, including an impressive weight capacity of 400 pounds. It also has a large padded seat and a handy basket. The large 8″ casters allow for easy indoor or outdoor use, and the large basket makes it easy to stash your belongings while you’re out and about.

In addition to all of the features found on the Drive Medical bariatric rollator, it’s also made of a sturdy steel reinforced frame. Its cleverly designed front handle is extra wide, so it’s easier to grip. Its soft padded seat is comfortable and offers a little extra cushioning. The rollator also includes a full-size basket with loop locks for easy access to personal items. It’s all part of what makes this one of the most reliable bariatric rollators on the market today.

The Drive Medical bariatric rollator has a lot of features, including a large basket for personal items, an easy-to-read manual, and an impressive weight capacity of 400 pounds. It’s made with the finest materials and is also of good value. Its attractive red finish and large wheels make it a good choice for those interested in a reliable ambulatory aid.

7.5″ casters

Designed to increase mobility and provide strength, the Drive Medical Rollator with 7.5″ Casters is a durable walker with a comfortable seat and wheels that can be used indoors or outdoors. It features a sturdy steel frame and a removable, foam-padded backrest. With 7.5″ non-marring caster wheels, it increases mobility and reduces the risk of falling. It also includes a handy carrying basket and removable loop locks for easy height adjustment. This model is perfect for individuals who want to increase mobility and maintain their independence.

The aluminum rollator features a padded seat, hinged back support, and 7.5″ caster wheels with loop locks. It also features a convenient storage pouch under the seat for personal items. The ergonomic handles allow users to adjust the height to their comfort level. It also features a deluxe hand brake and a padded seat for additional comfort. It is also available in two models, with either a basket or a tray. This rollator can also be folded to a compact size, making it easy to store.

The Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker can be used indoors or outdoors, providing an easy solution for individuals with limited mobility. Its sturdy steel frame and 7.5-inch non-marring casters help provide strength and reduce the risk of falling. With a convenient storage pouch and easy height adjustment, this product is perfect for travelers and those who spend a lot of time outdoors. It also features a removable back support that can be folded up or down. Designed to be used by individuals with limited mobility, this rollator is ideal for individuals looking to maintain their independence. This product includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Pros of Drive Medical rollator

  • Removable storage pouch: Both the Drive Medical and Healthlines models offer under-seat, removable storage pouches for added convenience.
  • Comfortable seat: Rollators typically come with an in-built seat, and both Drive Medical and Healthlines models have padded seats. The Drive Medical model offers a wider seat than Healthlines, providing more room for the user.
  • Assured support: The Drive Medical Four-Wheel Rollator provides assured support with excellent stability for the user.
  • Sleek and stylish design: The Euro-style rollator from Drive Medical is described as sleek and stylish while also rugged and easy to use.
  • Positive user reviews: The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style 4 Wheel Rollator Walker with Seat has a high overall rating based on user reviews.

Cons of Drive Medical rollator

  • Heavier than traditional walkers: Rollators tend to be heavier than traditional walkers, which can be an issue for some users.
  • Learning curve for braking system: The Euro-style rollator from Drive Medical has a braking system that may have a learning curve, although many users praise its overall maneuverability.
  • Fatigue risk: A traditional rollator requires the user to lean forward to move in a desired direction, which takes both strength and coordination and may result in fatigue and increase the risk of accidents.

Overall, Drive Medical rollators offer many conveniences and comforts for people with limited mobility, but users should consider the potential drawbacks, such as weight and fatigue risk, when choosing a rollator. It’s also important to note that different models may have different pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to research specific models and read user reviews before making a purchase.

Drive Medical Rollator Guide

Drive Medical cable brake for rollator
The hydraulic system inside the truck is one of the things that make it possible for the truck to roll over, and this is what is needed to be able to use the hydraulic system on the Rollator. Before you ever even attempt to use the hydraulic system on your vehicle, some things need to be done. First off you are going to have to make sure that the tires on your truck are inflated properly. This is because if the tires are underinflated it will make it harder for the tires on the truck to grip the road. The more grip the tires have the better your ability to control the rollers in the truck will be.

Next, you are going to want to get an idea of how much weight you are putting on the tow vehicle when you are trying to figure out how much weight you should be putting on it. You also want to make sure that you remove the gas cap from the tank before you start to turn it on so that there is no extra pressure build-up. Make sure that you turn the engine on and then you take a look at the speedometer and make sure that it reads 100 mph. Also, make sure that the tire pressure is properly set and that the brakes are also properly set.

When it comes time to start the tow vehicle up you want to make sure that the reverse gears engage first. Once you do that you can put the accelerator on and begin to roll the truck forward. Remember to keep yourself from locking the front wheels in since that is something that can cause damage to the hydraulic system. There are many other things that you can do to increase the safety of the system but these are the two main things to take care of. Take good care of your vehicle and you will have it for years to come.

Tray option for Drive Nitro rollator
Using a tray option for the Drive Nitro rollator can help make carrying meals and magazines easier. This walker features a removable tray with cup holders that folds when the walker is not in use. Most 2-button walkers can fit this tray, which makes it easy to store. This tray option will also prevent spills and make carrying crafts easier.

The Drive Nitro rollator has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to maneuver. It also features a fabric seat and an adjustable backrest that provides a comfortable place to sit. The frame is also very durable and made to last for extended periods. It features large 10″ front wheels that have caster forks for optimal steering and braking. It also features a built-in brake cable that is stored inside the frame. The handle is also height adjustable and has ergonomic grips for maximum control. It also has a removable storage bag.

The Drive Nitro DLX Rollator is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is lightweight and can carry up to 300 pounds. It is easy to fold for compact storage. The rollator is also built to stand up upright in a restaurant corner or the trunk of a car.

The Nitro DLX Rollator can be folded and stored in a matter of seconds. It features large wheels, a comfortable seat, and a lightweight design that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Its large caster forks allow it to handle tight turns and large spaces. Its spring-loaded backrest and handle height are also designed to help reduce wrist strain.

The Drive Nitro Rollator is comfortable and stylish. The handle is spring-loaded, and the seat is made from durable fabric. It features a padded backrest and a removable storage bag. It has bicycle-style brakes and a cross-brace design that allows it to fold on both sides. It can be folded with one hand and is also height adjustable.

The Drive Nitro rollator has casters that are 25cm in diameter. These wheels are durable and will support a user of up to 300 pounds. The rollator is shipped in a package that includes the frame, seat, backrest, and a removable storage bag. The seat is also made from durable fabric and is 18″W x 8″D. Its storage bag can be left on the rollator when it is folded.

The Drive Nitro rollator is one of the highest-quality walkers on the market. It is also lightweight and can be folded to a compact size that makes it easy to store in a car. It also features bicycle-style brakes, an adjustable backrest, a mesh seat, a wire basket, and a removable storage bag.

The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker is designed to be a safe and convenient solution for those who are disabled or elderly. It features a frame that is constructed of lightweight aluminum, a backrest that can be adjusted to fit the user’s height, and a seat made from a piece of luxurious nylon fabric.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Tomi

    Walker was largely pre-assembled when it arrived. This 87-year-old lady just needed to put together a few items. To change the hand bars, simply insert the back support into its slots and loosen the screw at the top of the hand grips. When measured at the back brakes, it is only 23-1/2 inches tall, although the body itself is only 20 inches wide. It was easy to get through all of the house’s doors. And, unlike my old walker, which I had to raise at every turn, the maneuverability is exceptional. The seat is also a perfect place for me to store items that I couldn’t bring with my old walker.

  2. RoJo

    Just returned from a two-week trip to Ireland and England with this rolling walker, and it was fantastic! I would not have been able to walk as far or as well as I did with this walker if I had just brought my hurry-cane with me. I took it to the plane’s entrance, folded it up, and secured it with a couple of cheap straps to keep it locked while it was loaded into the hold. When I landed, it was returned to me at the plane’s door. I walked on concrete, dirt, grass, cobblestones, and bricks, as well as down and back up a gravel sloped road. I could sit down when I was tired, humid, or listening to someone talk.

  3. AT

    The best walker on the market! I bought it for my mother, but my father took it because it’s so much better than his! 😉 It’s made of lightweight steel rather than aluminum, which makes it much more durable. The wheels are larger than those on most walkers, which improves stability. It is slightly shorter than most walkers, allowing it to pass through doorways more quickly. The handbrakes are simple to use even for arthritic hands. They also “lock” with a simple push to prevent the walker from rolling when needed. If you need to pause for a break but don’t have somewhere to sit, the seat is an added bonus – that feature alone makes it appealing.

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