Kinsa Smart Thermometer Review

The price of Kinsa Smart thermometer in the US is between $24.97 for the cheapest model and $31.97 for the most expensive thermometer, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Kinsa KET-001 Smart Ear Digital Thermometer for Baby Kid Toddler and Adult reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Kinsa QuickScan Smart Thermometer - No-Touch, Contactless Digital Forehead Thermometer for Babies, Kids, Adults - Works with a Smartphone App to Track Family Health & Offer Symptom Advice reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer - Medical Termometro FDA Cleared reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Kinsa KET-001 Smart Ear Digital Thermometer for Baby
Kinsa QuickScan Non-Contact Smart Forehead Thermometer & App
Kinsa QuickCare Smart Thermometer for Fever
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Product Page
Kinsa KET-001 Smart Ear Digital Thermometer for Baby Kid Toddler and Adult reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Kinsa KET-001 Smart Ear Digital Thermometer for Baby
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Product Page
Kinsa QuickScan Smart Thermometer - No-Touch, Contactless Digital Forehead Thermometer for Babies, Kids, Adults - Works with a Smartphone App to Track Family Health & Offer Symptom Advice reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Kinsa QuickScan Non-Contact Smart Forehead Thermometer & App
Prime Benefits
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Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer - Medical Termometro FDA Cleared reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Kinsa QuickCare Smart Thermometer for Fever
Prime Benefits

Kinsa Smart Thermometer for iOS & Android



hey guys welcome to another video in
this video we’re gonna be taking a look
at the kinsa smart thermometer and this
is a pretty cool little accessory for
your smartphone and as you can see here
this is available for not only the
iPhone but Android so you have to get
the app in the App Store and download it
to your device and then you can actually
use this to take temperature and this
actually will actually save your records
and try to actually be kind of a health
assessment tool for the most part so
let’s go ahead and check out what this
does what you get so you actually get a
little instruction booklet actually once
you install the app it actually has a
nice little video tutorial to walk
through get in the setup and pay
attention to it because there are some
unique steps in getting this set up
through the app this is actually one of
them this is a set up adapter so you
actually have to use this to get this
paired and set up then the actual
thermometer itself and then what we’ll
show here is it’s got a 3.5 millimeter
jack on one in and then a little
extension cord to your smartphone
because you don’t want to stick the
phone basically in the person’s mouth to
get the temperature so let’s take a look
at the app there’s what it looks like
the little kids – app so if you launch
the app it actually will run you through
you can do family profiles find groups
if it seemed like some kind of beta
thing here and there’s actually some
groups around here I use like where
they’re local so there’s some schools
using this I saw and some other stuff so
if I actually bring up find groups a lot
of schools in the area are using this to
try to keep track of like symptoms and
epidemics or something like that is it
common the settings so you can do
Fahrenheit Celsius you can turn sound
set up the health kit the Bluetooth
thermometer which this is not and the
set up the stick thermometer which we
actually did so to get the set up all we
do is plug this in directly to the phone
and the thermometer directly into this
we went through a little pairing mode
and you had to type in the number so
this has a lot ID I’m not gonna share my
a lot ID but this has a lot ID number on
it now you type that in and then you
take the little pairing guide off and
then you plug this directly into the
headphone jack of your phone and then it
does another little notification and
then you’re set you’re all ready to go
and take the temperature so let’s go
ahead and do that I’ve already done it
once and – just to test some accuracy
we’re gonna do it again and so basically
we’re going to plug this extension cord
into the headphone jack now you have to
on an iPhone if it pops up and says it
wants to use your headphones or your mic
or whatever say yes because this will
not work unless you let this use your
access to your mic and stuff so we’re
going to take this in and plug it into
the adapter here and now we’ve got a
little room to room to take a
temperature so go ahead and start the
app and we’re going to take my
temperature and it’s simply now you can
see I just did it a little bit ago and
for some reason I’m cold ninety four
point two degrees today that was like
ten minutes ago then I created a profile
for myself so let’s go ahead and take
temperature I’m gonna hit this and it’s
gonna say orally underarm or rectal
without this isn’t going to be a vote
session where you can choose we’re gonna
do it orally and it’s gonna say starting
up now I’m gonna shut up for a minute
and take my division
all right so it didn’t say so the first
time I just stuck it in my mouth this
time I’m actually stuck it under my
tongue like we’re kind of all taught to
do when we’re growing up as kids and
this time it came up with 99.4 or no
fever and it says are you feeling any of
these common symptoms chills fatigue
cough then you can actually expand it
body aches diarrhea earache all sorts
little things here and then of course we
can save the readout now I tend to
believe the 99 degree versus when you
save it to this one now you can see I’m
from ninety four point two to ninety
nine point four I kind of believe that
one a little more and like I said the
first one I just stuck it in my mouth
this won’t actually put under my tongue
and got a little really a little closer
than what I thought so anyway guys kind
of a cool little device here for home
health you know I’ve got kids whatever
and you want to use this to hopefully
take an accurate temperature of if
they’re running a fever or not then this
is a really cool device to do that and
it’s just another one of those you know
devices it’s kind of crossing the
borders blending it in and then using
your smartphone or your tablets or
whatever to actually be helpful and you
know take that help stop to the next
level like I said this has profiles has
different groups out there so they can
get reports of like epidemic so if more
fevers are being brought in you know
they’re seeing a lot more symptoms and
fevers and cases of the flu or whatever
then this kinda is analytics to kind of
guide that and help that out so anyway
check the show notes I’ll have a link
where you can pick this up if you like
this video give it a thumbs up subscribe
to the channel and as always guys thanks
for watching and have a good one

Kinsa Smart Thermometer Deals and Discounts

Kinsa Thermometers

For people who are looking to make their health more efficient, an excellent choice for them is the Kinsa thermometer. This type of thermometer is a bit more expensive than most other types you can find on the market, but there are many reasons why this is a good decision.

One reason why the Kinsa thermometer is the right choice for you is because it will help to save you money in the long run. When you can get it for less money, this will make it even easier to be able to get it installed and start saving money.

Another important factor in making your decision to purchase this type of thermometer is that it will make your life much easier. With the Kinsa, you will be able to get accurate readings of the temperature.

Of course, one of the best things about the Kinsa thermometer is the fact that you will be able to find the one that you are looking for online. When you are looking at different types of thermometers, you may find that there is a wide range of prices available. However, when you are looking at Kinsa thermometers, you can find one that is within your budget no matter what the condition of your health is.

The Kinsa thermometer will also make it easier for you to keep track of your temperature. This is something that you will need to do every day, so finding a way to keep track of your system and the temperatures is essential. With the Kinsa, you will be able to keep track of your health so that you can make sure that all is OK.

Kinsa Thermometer Guide

Kinsa Smart Ear thermometer

If you or someone you love is prone to catching colds, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the many benefits that Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer can provide. Designed to help keep you healthy, Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer has been proven to reduce the risk of colds and flu by up to 90 percent. Utilized to treat children, pregnant women and the elderly, this convenient product is easy to carry and can be used wherever you go. Kinsa also designs hearing aid products that are tailored to meet the individual needs of different people. If you or someone you know is using a product to reduce the risk of getting colds or flu, consider a low-cost option like the Kinsa Thermometer.

The advanced thermometer features an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to turn the device on or off, read the results and even adjust the settings for precision. Designed with you in mind, Kinsa Smart Ear Digital Thermometer is FDA-approved for accuracy & security and pediatrician Recommended for all life ages – from infant to adult. Kinsa Thermometers has a long cord with an easy grip surface and are designed with two probe positions for accurate temperature readings and easy temperature reading access, as well as a convenient retractable probe cap.

In addition to its thermally controlled probe, the unit also includes a body temperature probe that allows users to read their body temperature and take corrective measures if needed. The built-in rechargeable lithium ion rechargeable battery will provide users with up to eight hours of continuous monitoring, which is great for people whose hands are full and whose hands are constantly on the steering wheel or doing something else that could potentially distract them from their driving. Other accessories that may be useful include a data log book and a data sheet, which will allow you to track and analyze the performance of other Kinsa Smart Ear thermometers. With its great precision and reliability, the Kinsa thermometer has been a top choice of professionals nationwide and is available at various authorized dealers.

Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer is a quality, fully-functional Thermo-balancer that provides accurate, real time, temperature reading. Get peace of mind, when you require it the most (Kinsa’s long-lasting battery-free design does not fail or break down). The Thermo-balancer is made from medical-grade, stainless steel for longevity and performance.

This thermometer also features a high-tech, five-hour battery backup, so it can still be used even if your home’s electricity goes out. With the Kinsa Thermo-balancer, you have the ability to read your results without opening the cupboard, reaching in to pull out the device or unplugging it from the wall. Just put the Kinsa into your cupboard, go to work, and monitor your progress. It’s as simple as that.

Also, since the Thermo-balancer is also a digital unit, it has an easy to learn, convenient to use, graphical interface for any beginners, including small children. And, because it is a touch screen, the kids can be kept busy for hours while learning their temperatures with the interactive multi-touch menu. With an accurate temperature display, great accuracy and advanced functions, this handy little thermometer will keep everyone and everything in its place. And, with the built-in Bluetooth capability, the Smart Stick can also be used on the go, no matter where you are.

Kinsa Quickcare thermometer

The Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer has been designed to be used for the non-intrusive, discrete measurement and measuring of body temperature, orally, topically and below the armpit. The product is suitable for the general adult and even pediatric population. This brand offers a unique combination of features including an auto shut off feature, which allows the meter to turn off when it reaches a preset temperature, making temperature monitoring less cumbersome. The product also features a leak proof cap and a battery backup facility, assuring the reliability of the device for many years of continuous use.

The thermometer has been designed with an easy to use fingertip dial, which is located at the base of the thermometer, for ease of guidance and placement. Simply place the finger on the tip of the dial to read and measure the temperature of the rectum or any other body part. The probe has been designed with a leak-proof seal to ensure that the product remains stable at all times, even during extended periods of inactivity. The Kinsa Quickcare Thermometer comes with a carrying case and instructional manual for easy use and care. The manufacturer recommends that you replace the batteries at least once a year, to maintain the longevity of the product.

The product is very easy to clean. To clean the meter, simply wipe the thermometer with a cloth or Kinsa Quickcare Thermometer Cleaning Solutions. After cleaning, place the disposable probe tip into warm water for five minutes to remove any grease or dirt from the tip. Replace the tip into the receiver and wait five minutes before using. Following these simple steps will result in the most accurate, consistent readings possible and will provide Kinsa Quickcare Thermometers with the best results for your intermittent measurement and monitoring of body temperature.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Jennifer Zimmerman

    I’m picky about medical supplies, including thermometers. I’m an ICU nurse, and I frequently find myself wishing that I had the same high-quality hospital supplies that I have at work at home. I’m wishing we had Kinsa in the hospital right now. The length of time it takes to take someone’s temp is one of the most frustrating aspects of the job. This thermometer is quick to read and has a high degree of accuracy. I compared it to my old one; same readings, just faster. My kids enjoy using the app because it is simple to use. This flu season has been terrifying, to say the least, and an accurate quick temperature is critical. When you can save all of your other symptoms in seconds, even diagnosing the flu vs. a cold becomes easier with this thermometer. This thermometer is something I would recommend to all of my friends and coworkers.

  2. Vera C

    This thermometer scans in 1 second and has an accuracy of 0.1-0.5 error when compared to my other head thermometer. Is easy to use if not for the ignoring app and limited features when compared to other devices on the market.

    The ignoring issue I’m having with this is that every time I turn it on, it displays “APP” status because it’s always attempting to connect to a mobile app. And there is no way to turn it off if I don’t want to use or connect it.

    It simply becomes very ignoring as you must wait for it to be completed or fail the connection before using. I just want a quick simple scan without having to fiddle with some nonsense app on my phone. Also, why do I need to use the APP to get the most out of this? Why can’t the device do everything? It should have more than one button to access additional information, just like any other device on the market.

    The second issue is that it can only scan the ear and not the forehead or other objects; there are other devices that are less expensive and have more of these features than this. For something that claims to be a 2019 upgrade, but is still lagging behind in terms of useful features when you don’t want to use their app.

  3. Kirty

    So far, I’m really enjoying this thermometer. Setting it up with my phone was a breeze. I use this to keep track of my son’s fevers, and I love how they are automatically sent to my phone when the thermometer is finished. From there, you can choose which person/account you want the temp to be assigned to, as well as whether it was an oral, underarm, or rectal temp. I like how the thermometer lights up and, instead of changing colors like others I’ve had, has a smiley/frown face. The app contains a wealth of information to assist you in determining when to contact your doctor, take medications, and so on. There’s also a handy chart that keeps track of your working hours. You can also keep track of symptoms.

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