The price of Vicks thermometer in the US is between $10.48 for the cheapest model and $19.80 for the most expensive thermometer, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer – Accurate, Color Coded Readings in 8 Seconds - Digital Thermometer for Oral, Rectal or Under Arm Use reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vicks Digital Thermometer V901F-24 , V901F reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vicks V934 Baby Rectal Thermometer reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer for Kids or Adults
Vicks Digital Thermometer V901F-24, V901F
Vicks V934 Baby Rectal Thermometer
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Product Page
Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer – Accurate, Color Coded Readings in 8 Seconds - Digital Thermometer for Oral, Rectal or Under Arm Use reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer for Kids or Adults
Prime Benefits
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Vicks Digital Thermometer V901F-24 , V901F reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vicks Digital Thermometer V901F-24, V901F
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Vicks V934 Baby Rectal Thermometer reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vicks V934 Baby Rectal Thermometer
Prime Benefits

Vicks Thermometer Battery Hack



what’s going on y’all I know it’s been a
long time since I’ve posted up a video
all right so I thought I would share
this quick little gorilla freestyle type
video my surf you’d call it a hack or
just some simple knowledge that I want
to pass on but anyways as I’m sure most
of y’all know or know the flu season was
pretty rough this year right around
winter I mean it’s still winter
technically but you know what I mean
it was pretty harsh so I’m sure some of
y’all have children and probably
purchased this Vicks thermometer here
highly recommend it it works great real
quick with the temperature reading and
and kid not for anything better
really when it comes to a thermometer
but basically from what I come across my
days of using these bad boys now this
one isn’t exactly the same as this one
because it’s not flexible but it’s the
same exact thermometer anyways as you
can see here it’s actually working right
this upside down but here low right now
I found with these things they work
great until the battery dies and then
you go to replace it and it’s kind of
hard to find I doubt you’re gonna be
able to actually see the battery itself
the camera will pick it up but it’s the
CR 1225 is the is the number on this
battery right and I found it super hard
to find this barrier this is the battery
that actually goes into this thermometer
here but it stopped working so you know
what I did because I couldn’t find the
battery was I bought another one
not quite cost-effective but while I was
in the store I also stumbled across this
you know as you can see it’s a 1216
battery but that battery is actually
working in here and to prove it to y’all
I’m going to take it out so you can see
so you can see here that it’s that’s a
camera pick it up with the reflection
but it’s it’s 12
12:16 there you go right it was in there
now this battery is the one that I was
talking about earlier
he’s the 1225 it was dead I just put it
in and as you can see it’s not working
right the batteries duck no instead of
throwing it away just get one of these
batteries right here put it in here
Thanks so I’m not gonna put the back on
line and actually I’ll do that so you
got the 1216 battery in here and you
just lock it up and as you see it works
so don’t throw it away don’t throw it
away just get one of these to replace it
now I’m not sure if the the 1225 is a
common battery and it just happens not
to be carried by any Walmart around my
area but the 1216 battery works just
fahren in there so there you go don’t
have to buy a whole new one just replace
the battery probably cheaper I can’t
remember exactly how much I paid for
this he’s probably like three or four
dollars I think this was like seven to
ten dollars don’t quote me on the prices
I can’t remember but yeah anyway I just
wanted to share that with y’all I’ve
already bought three of these
thermometers before I actually figured
this out so I figured seeing as how I
spent money that wasn’t really necessary
to spend I would share this information
for y’all so hopefully it does you some
good it saves you some money I just
wanted to share with y’all thanks for
checking it out and I appreciate you
watching these videos
taking the time to comment I really
appreciate it just lets me know that
people are actually watching these
videos and getting something from them
aside from me wasting my time so thank
you for that appreciate it take care
happy Friday

Vicks Thermometer Deals and Discounts

Vicks Thermometers

Vicks Thermometer is a popular brand of medical instrument which has long been in production in the USA. The first Vicks Thermometer came into being in 1900 in Philadelphia and has since been marketed worldwide.

Vicks Thermometer is also available in other countries like Canada, China and France. These medical instruments are used to measure various aspects of the body including temperature and humidity. The latest versions of the Vicks can measure body temperature and can be used for temperature-checking purposes.

The Vicks thermometer accurately measures the body temperature of the patient. It also has an automatic shut off feature which is useful in cases where the patient is a diabetic.

Vicks Thermometer is widely used to detect the body temperature of the patient. There are other features available in the modern versions of the Vicks Thermometer which includes the ability to record the temperature of the patient and the ability to display the recorded data. In some versions of the Vicks Thermometer there is also the ability to read the patient’s body temperature via an alarm.

Other features of the Vicks Thermometer include the ability to be used in remote areas. There is also the option to read the patient’s temperature via the Internet. These latest versions of the Vicks Thermometer are highly capable and accurate in their readings of body temperature.

Many people in the medical profession use the Vicks Thermometer as they are highly accurate and able to give accurate readings of body temperature and other related readings. This medical instrument is used for detecting various conditions and is also used as an instrument for home monitoring of body temperature. It is also used to detect and diagnose a range of illnesses including diabetes.

The latest versions of the Vicks Thermometer are highly accurate and are used in the medical profession and in private medical facilities for diagnosis and home monitoring. The accuracy of the latest versions of this medical instrument is especially useful for diabetics.

The latest versions of the Vicks Thermometer are highly accurate and are used for diabetes. These medical instruments are used for detecting various conditions and are also used as a tool for home monitoring of body temperature.

The latest versions of the Vicks Thermometer are highly accurate and are used for diabetes. These medical instruments are highly accurate and are used for diabetes.

Vicks Thermometer Guide

Vicks Digital Thermometer

The Vicks digital thermometer is known to be one of the most reliable and versatile brand of thermometers. It comes in a variety of types including those that measure surface temperature, body temperature, and humidity. The thermometer has a probe that sticks onto the skin or clothing and a probe can either be placed on the top of the cloth or on the clothing. The body of the thermometer also has three probe settings. It has an “off” setting that does not indicate a current temperature. There is also a “warm” setting that indicates a body temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

The thermometer is rechargeable and comes with a battery cap for recharging whenever necessary. This is convenient because it can be used without the need for a power source and the batteries are durable enough to work when exposed to temperatures as high as those experienced by young children. The Vicks digital thermometer also has a display screen that can show different readings and temperatures and is easy to read.

The long life of the battery makes it a good buy. This is especially true because most models last up to two years depending on how often the user charges the unit. Young children will likely outgrow their fever thermometer and if they do not, they can keep it around for their next trip to the doctor or other healthcare professional for accurate temperature taking. The compact size is another plus as it can be taken along on camping trips or vacations where its small presence is important.

Vicks speed read thermometer

The speed read thermometer is the easiest way to measure your body’s temperature. This high-tech digital thermometer has a large, easy-to-read display and infrared -pointing probe that lets you pinpoint your core temperature in just a few seconds. With its intuitive interface and built-in infrared thermometer, this product enables you to easily measure your temperature over time. Its precision temperature sensor allows it to measure up to 0.Artifacts in less than one second. If you want accurate readings of your temperature, take a look at the Speed Reader.

The thermometer features a built-in LED indicator that displays your reading in millimeters and Fahrenheit, and has two probe covers for maximum accuracy. With its intuitive interface, the Speed Reader can be used quickly and easily by anyone. It includes an automatic shut-off timer and easy temperature calibration that allow it to work even when the computer is turned off. In addition, the probe covers can be easily removed so you can change brands or sizes. The eight seconds of timer-free sampling gives you plenty of time to take a look at your temperature.

Vicks rectal thermometer

The Vicks Rectal Thermometer is a new product to hit the market that is designed to provide a home with accurate readings of their body’s temperature. This product will work with any type of heating system or electric device that can be used in the home. This is one of the first products to be able to be purchased for home use without the need for professional assistance. The rectal thermometer is known to provide readings at different temperatures in an extremely accurate manner. The best way to use this type of thermometer is when cooking or taking a reading of your general body temperature in general.

The rectal thermometer comes in two different sizes depending on the type that is purchased. The Vicks has a medium sized bowl and is about one inch in diameter. It is made of plastic and will come with a long cord and a protective cap that will keep it from breaking or becoming damaged. When purchasing this product, you should ensure that you are purchasing the correct one as there are several different ones available. As a result, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing the correct one so that you get an accurate reading.

It is recommended that you read the instructions that come with the thermometer before beginning to use the item. By ensuring that you follow the steps that have been provided, you will be able to get the most accurate results possible. There is a small tube that is included with the thermometer that is used to take the temperature and convert it to Fahrenheit. Many people like to purchase this thermometer to use when they are away from home and they want to ensure that they are keeping track of their temperature.

Vicks forehead thermometer

When talking about temperature measurement, precision is certainly among the most important aspects that should never be forgotten. Vicks forehead thermometers have been medically proven to be highly accurate as well safe for personal use. But accuracy is attained only when used according to the manufacturer’s manual. Following the guidelines of the temperature gauge can extend the life span and accuracy significantly.

When choosing a pick forehead thermometer always make sure it has an external bulb which provides instant temperature reading. This is because temperature sensitive thermometers only give you an estimated temperature after taking a measurement and if there is a malfunction with the bulb it might interpret inaccurate readings. Most thermometers nowadays come equipped with safety switches that prevents the possibility of malfunctioning which could lead to injury or even death. It is always good to ensure that the bulb is always turned off whenever not in use so as to prevent any accidental leakage.

The thermometer that is most preferred by most fever blisters patients is the Thermo-Calm Vicks Forehead thermometer which allows users to get precise temperature readings without the need for mercury. With the mercury based thermometers, it is always possible for you to take the wrong readings of your fever blister because its measurements are affected by mercury level present in your body. This is because your body secretes mercury when it is experiencing fever. This is the reason why the Thermo-Calm Vicks forehead thermometer allows you to have precise temperature readings within just 3 seconds without the risk of mercury leakage.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Arthur Schwartz

    This is the best thermometer I’ve ever used. It is extremely simple to use. Your temperature is divided into three parts: average body temperature, colder body temperature, and fever. It just takes a few seconds to take your temperature, and then it beeps in time with it – a slow beep for average, a medium beep for a higher temperature, and a quick beep for a fever. The color of the backlight often varies in response to your temperature. Standard is green, higher is yellow, and fever is red. So there’s no mistaking your temperature.

    I also like how the smooth, rubbery part keeps you from chewing on hard plastic. It is also really adaptable. This thing is amazing.

  2. Rose

    I can’t believe so many people have complained about this thermometer. I’m a parent who insists on using a rectal thermometer. The Vicks digital thermometer is a digital rectal thermometer that has everything you need. It has a 30-second temperature readout and beeps when the target temperature is reached. At a low price, it includes all of the features found in more costly models, such as memory retrieval, automatic shut-off, and a light-up display. The rectal thermometer is simple to clean and also comes with a lid to keep the probe clean and undamaged until the next time you decide to take your child’s temperature.

  3. Tenley

    My 9-month-old son has just had his first fever. I’d used it a few times before, but this was the first sickness, and it was so easy that he doesn’t mind having his temperature taken. There’s no need to think about whether it’s in deep enough or far enough, because it slides in really easily. It also beeps when it’s over. I just wish you could make the backlight stay on all the time, or that it would turn on automatically when the reading was over.

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