CAS Weighing Scale Review

The price of CAS scale in the US is between $118.89 for the cheapest model and $158.70 for the most expensive scales, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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CAS He-30 Digital Tempered Glass Bathroom Body Scales Auto Sensor Magic Glass Display Max180kg D100g reviewed by Community Clinic Association
CAS Premium Bluetooth Impedance Body Fat Analyzer Scale Quick & Easy GBF 1257 reviewed by Community Clinic Association
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CAS He-30 Digital Tempered Glass Bathroom Body Scales
CAS Premium Bluetooth Impedance Body Fat Analyzer Scale
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Price not available
Product Page
CAS He-30 Digital Tempered Glass Bathroom Body Scales Auto Sensor Magic Glass Display Max180kg D100g reviewed by Community Clinic Association
CAS He-30 Digital Tempered Glass Bathroom Body Scales
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Product Page
CAS Premium Bluetooth Impedance Body Fat Analyzer Scale Quick & Easy GBF 1257 reviewed by Community Clinic Association
CAS Premium Bluetooth Impedance Body Fat Analyzer Scale
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Price not available
Better alternative
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FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale - Measure Weight and Body Fat - Most Accurate Bluetooth Glass Bathroom Scale (White) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale
Prime Benefits

Body Analyzer Scale Demo Video



why do I look so friggin white when
today’s video I’m gonna be going over my
personal experience I’m using the body
analyzer one scale for just about a year
now I’m gonna go over a little review
I’m gonna explain the good the bad and
whatever else you need to know if you’re
in the market for a new scale and you’re
looking to track your weight which is
something you need to do then stick
around we’re gonna find out if this is
the one you should buy
what is good YouTube your boy John mango
from beyond the iron I’m looking to take
your fitness and nutrition further so
you could change your life forever now
on this channel I like to do a lot of
muscle building workout videos which by
the way if you want a workout video
comment I want some games down below and
I’m gonna come up with a workout video
next week anyways again if you’re new
workout videos muscle gain fat loss but
also fitness product and supplement
reviews just like this one so that’s
something that interests you you’re
looking to expand further your knowledge
then pick up my other content and
consider subscribing while you’re at it
so if you stick until the end obviously
I’m gonna be telling you everything you
need to know about the scale I know
there’s plenty of reviews out there but
I’m telling you my personal experience
I’m not sponsored I don’t have a
affiliate link or nothin like that so
it’s gonna be raw my thoughts at the end
which you know I always stick to honest
reviews if you’ve seen the other ones on
my channel so that’s what I’m gonna
stick to here that being said I’ll dive
in those who may not be 100% familiar of
this type of scale it’s called the body
analyzer one scale and it’s by vanity
planet looks like this I’m gonna be
going over the build and all that soon
but as you see it’s pretty thin it’s a
pretty normal looking scale but the
thing is is that it’s got all these
different things that it basically shows
you all these measurements that you can
find out about yourself when you step on
the scale so the main reason that I
actually got this scale was because I
follow some of the people in the fitness
industry and it actually was Christian
guzmán videos that I came across that
kind of got me intrigued in the scale
because when I was in the market for a
new scale so if you’re not you probably
I don’t know why you watching this video
I mean unless you love the kid but I was
in the market for it and you know I
wanted one that was very high quality
and the fact that this could show me
other things
I thought maybe could help dramatically
in the case that you know I weigh myself
every day and if you’re somebody always
yourself every day obviously a scale a
good scale is a pretty important
investment you can call it right so
that’s the reason why I chose to get
this scale so now talking about some of
the features that you’ll see on this
scale I’ll go ahead and put a little
video of the different things here and
basically it’s going to show you a few
that’s one is gonna be obviously your
weight that you can do it in kilograms
or pounds gonna also show you a body fat
percentage that is going to calculate
via a bio electrical impedance method
and if you’re not too sure about the
bioelectrical impedance method and what
that is or how accurate it is then go
ahead and click this video here where I
go in-depth about every kind of body fat
test arrays this being one of them all
right another thing it’s going to show
you is the amount of water you have in
your body at that given time and it’s
also going to show you your bone mass
obviously this can be pretty beneficial
when you think about it and you look and
you see your body fat percentage you can
determine based off that based off your
bone mass and based off your water you
can determine you know how much of it is
a lean mass and how much is fat
obviously this is the point also you can
track certain things like let’s say bone
mass if you want to obviously avoid
osteoporosis or anything of that nature
or maybe your goal is to just get
massive bones but again we’re gonna talk
about the accuracy and how these
features have worked for me since using
this and by the way I’ve been using the
scale for just over a year now so I’d
say that I have enough experience with
it to be able to bring to you an honest
and a pretty accurate review so those
are some of the features that you’ll get
from this scale now right off the bat
that is definitely a bonus as other
skills or most other skills cheaper ones
you will not find these kinds of
features right so another thing this is
a big Pro is that the battery life is
on this so I actually just had to change
the batteries for the first time the
other day and they take they don’t take
those weird like circular batteries they
take the triple-a batteries and honestly
I switch them out after a year literally
a year of using it which to be honest
actually don’t know if that’s good or
bad battery life but hey it seemed all
right to me so battery life is good
build quality also is it’s very solid
very sturdy if there’s no parts and it’s
shake or Nothing it feels very sturdy
when you stand on it also it’s kind of
nice because of the glass and whatnot
and you know it’s obviously extremely
water resistant so I know some digital
scales may not be but in this case
you’re good to go another pro that I
know about the scale is actual accuracy
so one thing about other scales have you
ever stepped on one scale and gotten a
certain number stepped on another one
and go
a completely different number what a lot
of people notice that the consistency of
their weigh-ins will vary heavily from
scale to scale even if it’s at the exact
same time you might get completely
different weigh-ins now one thing that I
did see before I bought this scale which
is another reason why I decided to get
it I did see it being compared to scales
that are actually used for you know
Federation’s such as weigh-ins for
fighters or powerlifting Federation
Scalia vents or Federation’s that need
the most accurate scales this one
actually stood the test to those so it
was found that this was literally just
as accurate may be off by a point to max
as those other scales so accuracy is
something that you can count on with
this scale and of course it helps if you
use it in the same spot every day for
consistency purposes let’s go into
probably one of the biggest selling
points of this scale and that’s gonna be
the body fat percentage so as I
mentioned before you’re gonna be getting
your body fat percentage calculated via
bioelectrical impedance method so
essentially what it does is it shoots a
little electrical obviously non-harmful
electrical current through your body and
the thing here is that it’s only
covering one aspect of it so it’s
obviously shooting it up through your
lower body so basically the fat
percentage can vary quite a bit between
person to person for example myself I
know that I store more body fat in my
legs than I do my upper body or at least
some areas of it so this could actually
read out as a higher body fat percentage
overall so when it comes to the body fat
scale percentage it’s I wouldn’t say
it’s very accurate well actually it’s
definitely not accurate okay unless I’m
18 percent body fat in which case I’m
buying a nice scale but here’s the great
thing about the body fat percentage is
that this is also consistent so it may
not be a hundred percent accurate but a
consistent readout of your body fat
percentage is actually just as important
as the real number itself if you see my
DEXA scan videos and other body fat
videos you understand that there is no
100% true surefire way of finding out
your exact body fat but the key to
actually measuring if you’re losing or
gaining body fat is to get a consistent
body fat readout over time
now the fluctuations with the body fat
on how much water you did or didn’t
drink are very minimal in other words
three consistent body fat percentage
numbers that the scale is outputting so
that’s actually a good thing because you
know if I’m 200 pounds and it says I’m
16% when I think I’m less NOT fine if I
keep reading out every day and it’s 200
and it goes down to you know fourteen
point eight two hundred fourteen point
five two hundred fourteen point four
over time you know that you are most
likely losing body fat right so having a
consistent body fat readout for you
every morning let’s say or every week or
whatever the case is with this scale is
actually a big bonus even though it may
not be accurate that is literally all
that there is to talk about with this
scale and if you saw the video I posted
last week of my weigh-ins click here if
you haven’t seen it and I show you the
basically sheet with all my wins for the
last I have Wayans for the last few
years I have been using this every
single day 365 over 365 days at this
point and I have had zero issues with it
I have had no complaints you know it’s
been basically completely submerged it
has taken everything it’s been through
my boss my cuts and it’s been providing
me very accurate readout it’s a tool
that I’ve used to help me get to the
results that I want so when it comes
down to my recommendations here’s the
thing I would recommend that you get
this scale if you’re in the market for a
scale and if you’re serious about
weighing yourself every day so it’s not
necessarily about what kind of scale you
get but more so first the fact that you
get a scale because despite what these
fitness gurus say or what article you
read on Google says weighing yourself
every day is a huge component to getting
to your results as quickly as possible
and having a solid tool like this
although it might be pricey comes with
little extra features in it you know
that’s gonna be very helpful it’s gonna
last you a long time battery life is
good not much to worry about you just
step on it and go so in that case I do
recommend this scale if you’re in the
market for a new one if you have one
and you find that it’s been working fine
then hey why not stick to that you know
this one can get a little pricey too
unless you can find a discount code I
don’t have one myself but I know some
other fitness you tubers might have
percent off or something like that so
and that is obviously a good deal so in
that case it might be worth the
investment I also want to talk about the
bone density readout so the bone density
readout that I got from here was I
believe it was ten point two or
something it has literally been
consistent since I had the scale it has
literally been almost the exact same
number throughout and I’ve gotten DEXA
scans which yes they aren’t the most
accurate however for bone density
they are extremely accurate they are the
gold standard for bone density
measurement and the DEXA scan bread that
I had the exact same bone density as
this scale said so if you’re interested
in tracking your bone density then
definitely definitely this scale is a
must when it comes to water obviously
this is going to change depending on how
much water you drank beforehand
the day before how much you drink right
before all that kind of stuff how
hydrated you are basically whether or
not you go to the washing before after
that kind of stuff but again I noticed
very consistent results meaning the
water fluctuation was between I don’t
remember the numbers but it was like a
55 and a 65 and they’d only fluctuate
five to ten percent at most which is
again good because it’s showing that
there’s a consistency there and then
there’s a little bit of fluctuation
depending on you know the day before and
stuff so again if you’re interested in
knowing your hydration levels or how
much water you have then you know this
would be a massive reason to invest in
this scale also the skill comes with a
manual that shows you everything you
need to know about it which is great and
it’s going to tell you you know what
your hydration level should be what’s a
good bone mass how to track how to input
your stats you know another great thing
is that you’re able to input your own
stats and you can have up to five to ten
people input their stats because again
these stats are pretty important to
measuring those other features that I
talked about so the scale is actually
personalized to you every time you step
on it you want to make sure you set it
to yours if you have multiple people on
it and from there you’re literally
getting your specific readout so I gotta
be honest when I started
review I was gonna say at the end that
you know it’s not really necessary you
can just buy a cheaper scale at Walmart
and you know it still is the case if
you’re just kind of getting into it
obviously if you’re on a budget and you
don’t really care about the extra
features then you know what a scale from
Walmart will do just fine however going
through this review I realized this is a
six scale and I believe everybody that’s
serious about their fitness use the
extra features which we all can would
definitely benefit from this scale so
keep that in mind I hope that this
review has helped and again I like to do
reviews like this and I like to bring
you these kind of things just to help
you take your fitness nutrition further
so you could change your life forever
I’m John mango from beyond the iron and
thank you so much for watching like
comment share and subscribe for all of
your fitness content coming every week
Tuesdays and Fridays alright thanks so
much for watching again and I’ll see you
in the next one

CAS Scale Deals and Discounts

CAS Scales

Whether you need to weigh heavy materials for industrial applications, or just need a simple scale for home use, you can find an affordable CAS model. Cas digital scales are very accurate and are made of sturdy steel. Many models are battery operated, and some are dual display. Whether you need to measure a single ounce or three pounds, there is a CAS model for you. And if you need a scale for everyday use, a CAS SC-05P digital counter is the perfect solution.

CAS weight scales are available in a wide variety of sizes and features. Their PD2 series can measure in pounds and ounces. They have separate keys for pound and ounce readings, and they can connect to a second platform for weighing and counting. The CAS AP-1 weigher has a large LCD display and is perfect for home or commercial use. And, if you need to weigh more than five pounds, a CAS EC-II model is ideal for you.

Whether you need a professional-quality scale or a home version, CAS has a weighing solution for your needs. The enduro GP15200SC is an excellent choice for a high-end industrial application. CAS also offers a wide selection of models suitable for home or commercial use. The AP1 price computing scale has a dual range of features including a VFD pole display and 28 preset keys for precise price entry. It also has an RS232 interface for easy data transfer to your computer.

Whether you need a weighing solution for home or business use, you’ll find a CAS model to meet your needs. Regardless of the size of your budget, CAS has a weighing solution for your needs. From small, portable units to large, high-end industrial scales, there’s a CAS model to suit your needs. With its large LCD display, the AP-1 is a convenient choice for any type of business.

Whether you need a commercial weighing solution or a professional-grade one, CAS scales are a great choice. From industrial to commercial-grade products, CAS offers a wide range of weighing solutions to fit every need. The AP1 price computing scale offers both a high-performance price computing solution and an RS232 interface for easy data transfer to a computer. Choosing the right CAS weighscale for your business is essential in ensuring its success.

With a variety of choices to fit your budget, CAS scales offer a weighing solution that will meet your needs. From portable models to industrial ones, CAS offers a weighing solution to suit your needs and your budget. With the AP1 price computing scale, you can easily weigh multiple products. The AP2 and AP3 are two of the most popular models. The AP2 weigher has a large LCD display and a large range.

Whether you need a portable price computing scale or a weighing machine, CAS scales can meet your needs. The AP1 price computing scale, for example, has a dual range of features. It has a VFD pole display and 28 preset keys for easy price entry. Its RS232 interface allows for easy data transfer to a computer. Besides being highly accurate, CAS weight scales are very convenient for home and commercial use.

Depending on your needs, CAS scales can be extremely accurate and versatile. Whether you need a portable price computing scale, CAS has a weighing solution to meet your needs. The AP1 price computing scale features a VFD pole display for easy price entry and a RS232 interface for easy data transfer to a computer. These features make CAS weight scales great for home and commercial use.

CAS weight scales are the most accurate and user-friendly digital scales available today. They are also highly durable, and have been used in some of the most difficult industrial applications. A CAS AP1 price computing scale features nearly 30 preset keys for easy price entry. It is a very accurate and user-friendly weighing machine and has a large LCD display. If you are looking for a professional grade weighing system, the AP1 is a smart choice.

CAS’s TM Series crane scale is a cost-effective solution for weighing heavy objects in a warehouse. Its CAS HFS series of floor scales are designed to be durable and reliable. Unlike other brands, CAS has been used in thousands of businesses all over the world for decades. Despite its popularity, CAS weight-scales are easy to use and affordable. You can purchase them online or from a reputable distributor.

CAS Scale Guide

CAS digital scale
The Cas digital scale is a great choice for those who are serious about their weight-loss goals. Unlike traditional analog scales, the Cas digital scale provides you with precise measurement of the weight of your food or other items, right on the go. Most analog scales are limited to only being accurate to a degree, while the Cas digital scale can measure your weight to one tenth of a pound. If you are a busy professional, you will find that this is an invaluable tool in your kitchen. Not only will it make you more aware of what you are putting into your body, but if you choose the right model, it can also help save you money since you will no longer have to buy food at the grocery store for those pricey weight loss items.

If you are looking for an accurate and versatile digital scale, the Cas scale is an excellent choice. This scale can work in most kitchens, from home and professional to the family eatery and gas station. The built in tare function allows you to weigh small amounts of food. For those who need more precision, the digital scale can be calibrated automatically, so you can set the level that you want to weigh at. And, the large display makes it easy to read, especially in the kitchen.

When purchasing a new scale, make sure that it is made of a durable material. Cas scales are made of heavy duty steel, which ensures that the scale is very accurate. There are many different styles of Cas scales, including some that have two displays. If you want to be able to compare your weight against the scale, you can purchase a Digital Multifit Display scale. These scales provide you with the same look and function as the larger models, but allow you to easily compare your weight against a number of standard measurements.

CAS bathroom scale
Many people do not realize that there are many different types of bathroom scales available to use in the home, including bathroom scales for the Casa Bathroom. Casa Bathroom scales are very popular because they have a great design and are well built and last for years. These types of bathroom scales come in many different sizes, which makes them great to use for large or small bathrooms. Many people also choose to use the Casa Bathroom scale in combination with their bathroom scales for an even greater reading.

The main reason why many people choose to use these types of bathroom scales is because they offer a better reading on how much you weigh and at what point in your body. Most bathroom scales are equipped with digital displays, which can be read from either a distance or from directly in front of the bathroom scale. They can also be set to different levels, which gives you a great way to figure out your BMI or Body Mass Index. This is a great way to make sure that you are eating healthy and keeping up with your weight, which is a vital part of keeping yourself healthy and fit. If you do not check your BMI often then you are not giving yourself the proper care and information needed to keep your body healthy and strong.

Casa Bathroom Scales is well known for their durability, accuracy and design. If you are thinking about purchasing a new bathroom scale then you may want to consider using a Casa Bathroom scale. While most other brands are expensive and don’t do a great job of weighing you, these scales are built to last and are extremely accurate. Many people who purchase a Casa Bathroom scale find that they are comfortable and don’t need to worry about their bathroom scales weighing you down.

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