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What’s in My Wheelchair Backpack? hey guys this is a what is in my wheelchair backpack video I get a lot of requests for it and a lot of questions about what I carry around in my wheelchair backpack so I thought I would make that video today so here we go so in the […]
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Pembrook Wheelchair Backpack Bag - Wheel Chair and Walker Accessories Side Storage Bags - Lightweight Pack for Mobility, Transport & Travel Portable Devices - Fits Scooter, Electric Wheelchairs & Etc
Pembrook Wheelchair Backpack Bag
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Two Bags Wheelchair Accessories by Astrata - Backpack Storage and Armrest Side Organizer - Lightweight Wheelchair Rollator Walker Bag - Organizers and Storage Travel Items (Gray Tartan)
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What’s in My Wheelchair Backpack?



hey guys this is a what is in my
wheelchair backpack video I get a lot of
requests for it and a lot of questions
about what I carry around in my
wheelchair backpack so I thought I would
make that video today so here we go so
in the big pocket a water bottle for
Colt the lid is a bowl as well you pour
the water in has a personal fan cuz I
get extremely overheated all the time
deep bag oh this is a cooling towel so I
can use it for either me or him you can
get it wet with any water even like a
water from a puddle so there’s first
times where I’ve done that because I get
super overheated to the point where I’m
gonna pass out and even if it’s not hot
because ever since my brain injury I
can’t regulate temperature so this has
saved me but it will also help Colt to
if he’s too hot you know I could put it
on him
just a plain towel so wipe up any messes
whether it’s from you know me drooling
or biting my tongue or something during
a seizure or throwing up or whatever or
whether the mess might be cold muddy
paws something like that
body spray cuz you gotta smell good
body lotion you gotta feel good just
a lot of the times I go to the hospital
with my wheelchair backpack I do have a
hospital bag that I use it’s loaded with
all my like stuff that I need for
Hospital shampoo the conditioner
toothbrush toothpaste all that kind of
stuff and so normally somebody grabs out
for me whether it be my friend or
Garrett or whatever or if I can even
grab it before I leave if it’s not like
an emergency or I’m home when the
emergency happens but yeah this has some
stuff that keeps me you know comfortable
until I get that bag
these are scrub pants and that’s for I
think this might be a shirt yeah scrubs
shirts from pants that’s for you no
accidents that happen during seizures so
that if I’m out and about I have a pair
of clothing clothes on me that I can
change into even though I look like a
nurse or something I would rather have
that than walk around smelling so and
this has some like stuff just in case I
run out I have an emergency meds
container so I normally have one of
these on me at all times my keys my med
bag like everything has one of these in
it the cars so that if I forget it or
whatever I always have one or if I run
out I always have one but my wheelchair
backpack is another place that I have an
extra I also have extra blood sugar
I have starburst candy in here for lows
I’m not diabetic but I am – glycemic so
my blood sugar gets really low
oh I have an extra pull type for Colt so
this is useful for being able to put it
on doors or something when I’m if I’m
going to a location and the door is
really heavy and I can’t get it open
myself I can pull the pull tie out and
wrap it around and have him pull the
door open for me and then I just pulled
a tie off and then a bunch of extra
alcohol wipes and another puke bag as
you can tell I need them a lot all the
time and these little bags are really
helpful because I can pull it out and
clip it on Colts best so you know
anything that I need him to carry I can
just clip it on him oh this is another
thing for the hospital this is like a
stitch what are those called again I
can’t remember a cross stitch so this is
just something to keep me active in the
hospital or something if I’m even
feeling good enough to do this which a
lot of the times I’m not but it’s there
in my other bag I have like pens and
pencils and notebooks and stuff for me
to draw oh this is a wheelchair cushion
it’s a custom cushion cover I have one
on my wheelchair right now and if you
check out my all about my custom
wheelchair video that I just did a few
days ago you’ll see everything else
about my wheelchair I have that extra
wheelchair cushion cover for if I have
accents or something a lot of the times
I use my wheelchair cushion as a head
cushion when I’m having a seizure in
public so I do go to a safe area if I
can but if I have to lay down on hard
ground or something I normally pull the
weird wheelchair cushion off of my
wheelchair and put it on the ground for
my head like a pillow and sometimes I
get blood or throw up or something on it
and so it’s good to have the other
wheelchair cushion cover in there just
as a precaution for if something happens
to it a folder with all of Colts
information and my medical information
one side is mine and one side is his so
it has you know information on
everything it has his medical
documentation his shots his uh that’s
actually my paperwork because I’m the
lights on that side but whatever um a
list of his commands and tasks and what
they mean a list of all the laws in my
area all the laws in the areas that I go
to quite frequently different states and
the federal laws and I have them all the
most important parts highlighted the
more you know more pertaining to us
but I mean all of its there
yeah just a ton of stuff his stuff my
stuff has my my medical information my
note about his and being my service dog
my diagnosis of tonic-clonic seizures
diagnosis of syncope heart palpitations
traumatic brain injury cervical strain
and closed head injury
syncope seizures
lumbar sprain neurotic sprained neck
sprain I don’t have a know if I’m saying
that right
seizures just you know a ton of stuff
the I have another note in here
somewhere that’s for his BLD harness
more specifically because when I fly on
a plane with that I do take this folder
because that heart oh and then there’s
what to do during a seizure all that
kind stuff but yeah enough of that
so here’s a card for my wheelchair
person just in case like something
happens I need screws tightened or
they’ll meet me like wherever I am to
help me fix my wheelchair and they’re
just absolutely amazing um this is some
wrap so a lot of the times I have to
have home IVs for you know seizure
medication over a longer period of time
or something with that but I don’t
always stay at home so it’s nice to have
that to be able to wrap the IV
well PICC line NIV survives to keep it
from getting pulled out during a seizure
so that’s always good so that’s that
first bag
I mean first zipper so now I have um
some glow sticks that we use for safety
my family’s military so we have like
plenty plenty plenty of glow sticks to
go around this is the one switch this
one’s the shampooing wipes for cult very
natural pet wipes I don’t really like to
give them water like chemicals on him
and stuff but these ones are fur fizz
pozdneyev dirty something you know he’s
dirty and anyway I can wipe them off
these ones are sunscreen wipes he has
the light nose and light skin around his
eyes and even in his ears but most of
the time his ears are not like flipped
up or something but just in case if
we’re gonna be in the Sun for a long
time I have sunscreen wipes for him then
this is a collapsible Bowl that I can
use for either food or water so when I’m
in the hospital this is really helpful
because he if I have someone to take him
from the hospital room and feed him and
everything and let him you know be at
home and exercise for a little bit after
you know before after he eats and stuff
and then come back that’s fine but if
I’m in the hospital for a while normally
we switch him to dehydrated or
freeze-dried foods or a really good
brand kibble and he doesn’t get really
upset stomach or anything when you
change him so yeah this is for that and
then he has his water bottle but we also
have collapsible bowls for water as well
so he’s good to go
another towel as you can tell I make a
lot of messes
a potty pad and this is actually not for
coal it can be used for cold but this is
actually for me messes basically there’s
a diaper and baby wipes for me or the
baby wipes for me or for the dog um just
a plastic bag for dirty towels or trash
or something some treats more treats
like um an extra collar so he doesn’t
necessarily ever have to use a collar
because he’s awfully strained because of
my disability but in cases of emergency
like if I’m not doing good or something
it’s always good to have a way to grab
onto him he normal has a vest on and
stuff too but and he does have collars
on sometimes I love collars on him I
mean they’re like his bling but his tags
are normally not attached to his collar
they’re attached to a clip on his vest
or in my backpack or medical bag or
something like we carry them with us or
they’re attached to them but they’re not
always on you know a collar or something
so the collar is just kind of extra but
this is just in case he didn’t have a
collar on and someone needs to hook him
to a leash
lots of sanitary wipes toilets and
alcohol prep pads
so that’s it for that pocket this pocket
there’s headphones and gum I didn’t even
know that was in there in this pocket I
have a dog pepper spray so it doesn’t
hurt humans at all I mean it doesn’t
harm the dog it just irritates them and
their nostrils in their eyes and stuff
and I need this to protect Colt because
there’s so many fake service dogs out
there people just bring their pets in
claiming them as service dogs and they
are possibly aggressive and I’ve had so
many dogs attack and try to attack Colt
that that is a necessary thing that I
have to carry around everywhere and it’s
in a really easy pocket to get to here’s
some extra Hanban pros these are like my
wheelchair gloves so just in case
something happens to them I lose a pair
I mean I lose one or I forget it
completely or something I always have it
in my wheelchair just in case so that I
can protect my hands
here are some wheelchair gloves those
are normally for more colder weather but
I mean if I forgot all of that together
I could use the gloves instead some poop
bags women products just in case a lint
oh they just popped out earplugs tools
for my wheelchair just in case something
gets loose or breaks or something
service dog law carts there’s you know a
bunch down in this compartment so also
have an extra blood glucose meter in
here some gummies some peanut butter
I have Oh extra is called a nasal
cannula Spacek aliy the eye when I do go
to the hospital I ask them if I can use
these sometimes they don’t let me in
there not pretty cool about it I mean
it’s you know if you have to use it you
might as well be stylish right um but
yeah I use these on my portable oxygen
and my you know after seizures I have to
use oxygen or during and after well I
mean during the end bit and after and in
the hospital and I mean even at home but
these are just extra ones that I take
with me nausea medicine and this is dog
cologne very natural but it’s very
relaxing actually so a lot of the times
I’ll spray cold down the fat I mean even
if he doesn’t stink because he normally
doesn’t stink but just when he’s gonna
be doing DPT and relaxing on me it
really helps me so then at this this
strap right here that was connected I
have hand sanitizer chapstick and more
poop bags and I have a menagerie of
cute little keychains that I’ve gotten
over the years with a lot of unicorns
because you know how people are what
service dogs they treat them like
they’re unicorns
I also have like a ton of buttons on
Teheran I’ve lost like so many over the
years but there’s stitch because you
know stitch is awesome
keep calm and eff off I don’t know if I
want to I think I probably already have
um a giraffe because we do collect like
patches and pins and stuff place as we
go when we remember who are you looking
at to-do list not give an F did I do
and nothing beats a quickie and it
spelled the quickie like my wheelchair
that’s funny so that’s what it is it’s
the brand of the wheelchair Mickey Mouse
I pooped today I got these for Colt but
it’s you know true for me too everybody
should poop everyday if you’re being
normal sometimes my medicine can make me
keep calm and and then it flatlines and
says okay not that calm I thought that
was pretty funny Keep Calm and country
on effing magical and it’s a unicorn
Keep Calm and poop you can’t sit with us
ain’t nobody got time for that forgive
forget this is a religious button that I
have be yourself unless you can be a
dragon than be a dragon is that one’s
cool too man I’m missing a lot of mine I
think I have a few in the kitchen
counter that fell off recently but yeah
and then I have a Alain Ian that also
has unicorns on it and says I effing
believe yep that would be everything
that is in my wheelchair backpack I hope
you enjoyed this video please give it a
thumbs up and comment below if you have
any ideas for future videos because I
want to try and give you guys what you
want I don’t do many training videos so
other things besides that please comment
below what you’re interested
and let me know what you thought about
this let me know what is in your
wheelchair backpack and I will talk to
you guys later

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Wheelchair Backpack Review

Wheelchair backpacks are ideal to take with you anywhere, especially when you’re using your wheelchair to go from one point to another. It’s the best way to make sure that you can make it through the city or road in case you have to use your wheelchair and still reach your destination safely.

Wheelchair backpacks come in a wide variety of different styles to suit every type of wheelchair and every person’s need. But first, what exactly is a wheelchair backpack?

Basically, a wheelchair backpack is a large backpack that contains all of the items you will need to transport your wheelchair. For instance, you could find a wheelchair bag that has a shoulder strap and hook for the wheels of your wheelchair, a large storage basket for the wheelchair parts that you don’t want to lose, and a large mirror on the inside so you can see where your wheelchair is and how well it’s working. You will be able to store all of your supplies and your medications as well so you won’t have to do any digging around for them.

You don’t have to worry about your backpack being too big, either. It should fit snugly over your wheelchair, allowing you to easily slide into the bag. But even if it doesn’t fit right, you can make the most of it. All you have to do is take everything out of the backpack that you don’t need and put it in there. This way, you will have all of your supplies stored in one place, which will allow you to get through the city or road easily and quickly.

Wheelchairs have changed a lot over the years. Most now come with some type of built-in storage container that will keep all of your wheelchair equipment organized. The best part about these containers is that you can usually find them at a discount at the nearest department store.

Wheelchairs are a blessing, but they can be a pain sometimes. But with a good backpack, you can get through any situation with ease without having to worry about lost equipment or not being able to carry all of your supplies with you.

One of the most important things to consider when picking a wheelchair backpack is what kind of wheels you have. A standard wheelchair backpack only comes with wheels on the outside of the bag, which can be very limiting if you don’t have a special wheelchair or other mobility device.

Wheelchairs are great devices that are building to help people who need them, but they can be dangerous if you’re not careful. If you plan to travel by wheelchair, you might want to invest in a wheelchair backpack to help you get through any situations you encounter. Whether you need to transport yourself, your wheelchair, or other wheelchairs, there is a backpack available that’s made just for you. Whether you need a simple backpack with a strap or a custom-made with wheels, it’s worth investing in one.

Wheelchair Backpack FAQ

Trunk backpack harness for wheelchair

The trunk backpack harness for wheelchair users is one of the most common accessories that are being bought these days. And with good reason too! They are a very convenient and functional piece of equipment that enables a person to easily carry all the necessary things with them that are required during their daily routine activities without having to look around too much. This type of harness is basically a belt that is fastened around the trampoline back.

When you go to a gym, you will definitely notice that there is a separate rack for walking or jogging. And in addition to the rack, another rack is fixed up to where the users can store all their equipments. The reason why these racks are installed on the walls is because there is no place for the backpacks to be stored when they are not in use. But on the other hand, trunk backpack harnesses are fastened right on to the trampoline itself. And even if you don’t have a trampoline, you can still make use of this special harness.

So what does the trunk backpack harness for wheelchair users exactly mean? Well, it is basically the harness that is used to keep your equipment safe and secure in your trunk when you are not using them. It is made from durable materials, such as leather, and can be adjusted according to your size and even your lifestyle. So, no matter whether you are traveling on vacation or just at home, or even at the gym, no matter what the purpose is, you can always rely on this type of backpacks to keep you safe and secure at all times.

Backpack carrier for wheelchair

The backpack carrier for wheelchair bound persons was developed to provide the best carrying capacity and ease of use. Its development also made sure that there would be safety features that would minimize injuries and to make the carry-on easier to use. Backpack carriers for wheelchairs are available in two types: the most common one is the front pack carrier, while others have a built-in carrier for wheelchairs. Front pack carriers have a large shoulder strap attached to the front part of the backpack. On the other hand, backpack carriers with built-in carriers have harnessed handles for carrying.

A lot of manufacturers offer different sizes and models of backpack carriers for wheelchairs. Many come with a built-in carrier which can be easily adjusted according to the user’s height. This means that a smaller person will find it easier to enter and exit the van. It also ensures the security of all the person’s possessions, because they will not fall out of their places if the carrier becomes too heavy. Furthermore, these features ensure the protection of wheelchair users in the event of emergency situations, when they could be trapped or injured. A backpack carrier for wheelchairs will usually come with a large door for easy access to the vehicle and a lockable compartment which contain personal belongings, documents and other items needed by the user.

All these things have to be taken into consideration before purchasing a backpack carrier for wheelchairs. Make sure to consider its weight, as well as the maximum load limit of the carrier according to the user’s height and weight. There are many models offered in the market, each with its own unique features, but they should all have the same standards of safety and functionality.

Wheelchair backpack for swimming

Using a wheelchair backpack for swimming can help you to safely and comfortably enjoy your swimming activities. A wheelchair backpack is a device that hangs from a motorized wheelchair and fits around the handlebars so that you can rest the wheelchair over your chest and legs when you are swimming. These backpacks usually have a strap or webbing at the top of the bag to secure your wheelchair in place while you are swimming. Backpacks usually have flaps to allow you to access water when needed without straining your body. Many of these backpacks are equipped with built-in, inflatable air-bags to provide additional buoyancy for added safety and security.

If you use a wheelchair backpack for swimming because of pain from arthritis, physical disabilities, spinal injuries, or similar conditions, you may want to consider using a backpack instead of a traditional swimming backpack. Backpacks for swimming come with many features that make them much more comfortable to use while swimming than other traditional backpacks. If you already have a back pack for swimming, you can add an additional back pack filled with water and accessories to the one that is already provided with your wheelchair. You may also want to purchase an inflatable air-bag along with your swim backpack for added comfort as you travel to and from swimming activities.

A wheelchair backpack for swimming is the best choice for individuals who find it difficult to swim or do not wish to wear a life-saving apparatus such as a life buoy during swimming. With a traditional backpack for swimming, even a well-meaning friend could inadvertently drag you underwater and cause serious injury or even death. With the proper care and precautions, however, a wheelchair backpack for swimming is the most convenient way to carry your swimming equipment. Most backpacks are made of sturdy materials such as nylon, vinyl, and heavy duty polyester. These materials are strong enough to hold up against the force of a person’s swimming movements and will not cause stress to your body. In addition, an inflatable air-bag provides added safety during the time that you are not using your wheelchair.

Backpack holder for wheelchair

A backpack holder for wheelchair is a portable device which give a place for a wheelchair user to store their possessions, while enabling them to access public buildings, and other such places easily. Such devices are available in the market under various names, and different specifications. Some of these holders detach completely from the wheelchair frame and can be attached or mounted on a stable surface, while some are hinged at the bottom, and allow storage only of objects weighing up to specified weight limits. There are certain models that are more compact than others, and are used primarily for carrying oxygen tank cases. In general such a holder for wheelchair can be used as pouches or can be attached to the frame of the wheelchair with the aid of soft straps or velcro-cords.

The most common type of oxygen tank holder for wheelchair is the cylinder bag holder, which has been commonly used in hospitals, and medical institutions for carrying medications. However, it can also be used for many other purposes, including for carrying objects such as grocery bags, or books, and even for carrying personal belongings, as in the case of travel bags. In addition, there are portable versions of cylinder bag holder for wheelchair, which are specially designed to carry compressed air. Such cylinder bags are generally made out of strong, non-flammable material.

Another commonly used type of oxygen tank holder for wheelchair is the oxygen tank bag holder, which are useful for placing oxygen cylinders in cars, and enabling the passengers to get into the vehicle without having to go through the driver’s door. Usually, such cylinder bags attach to the bottom of the car seats using Velcro straps or tow straps and are available in different colors, sizes and materials to match the color of the car’s interior. Moreover, holders for oxygen cylinders also include pockets for storing the medication while traveling. In order to fit an oxygen cylinder in a backpack holder for wheelchair, one would have to cut a small hole in the backpack or diaper bag, and place the cylinder within the hole. The tube should be inserted into the hole and secured with the help of several Velcro straps or tow straps. This method provides good security, as oxygen cylinders have a tendency to leak some gas out during long journeys.

Author: Dr. Dave Miles

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Linda Sue

    This small item fits perfectly on my wheelchair, has a lovely design, and best of all, has plenty of space for a variety of things. I appear to be able to fit anything I need (and want) in this bag. I can’t tell you how much easier it makes my life to have it rather than struggling to hold everything in my lap and having it fall out. It is very useful and has a functional design.

  2. Darlene

    These were purchased for my mother-in-wheel law’s chair. They are lovely, and I adore the stuff! I’d had them on the chair for a few days, but this was the first time we put them to use. The side pouch is ideal for mom’s sunglasses, allowing her to no longer rely on us to retrieve or store them for her. When we go to church, the back pocket houses both of our Bibles, so we don’t have to place them on mom’s lap! We had no idea they were getting too big for her! The only issue with the backpack is that if I fold Mom’s wheelchair handles down, the bag falls off. I’m afraid of having to remove and redo the Velcro in order to put it back on and/or get the Bibles in and out.

  3. Rick Campbell

    I was looking for a solution to the dilemma of returning home with groceries from the bus stop as an amputee living alone without the opportunity to drive. This bog is well-built and has enough space to store two days’ worth of groceries.

    One minor issue is that the bag comes with two pieces of strong cord to tie it to the wheelchair frame at the bottom, but no directions on how to properly knot the cord. For those who are less familiar with knots than I am, look up “ring hitch knot” and “bowline” for the bag and frame attachments, respectively.

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