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Wheelchair Footrest Adjustment on this one we’re going to show you how to adjust a footrest with being loose here and up under the bottom which will let it go up and down first off you want to come in here you need a 5/32 allen wrench and a 7/16 wrench to tighten this bolt […]
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Wheelchair Footrest Adjustment



on this one we’re going to show you how
to adjust a footrest with being loose
here and up under the bottom which will
let it go up and down first off you want
to come in here you need a 5/32 allen
wrench and a 7/16 wrench to tighten this
bolt here put your allen wrench in and
tighten the back of it so it’s nice and
tight okay you don’t want to over
tighten it because then you will not be
able to slide up and down you want it
kind of free moving now put it back onto
the chair put your individuals foot on
here and then you want to adjust this to
wherever their foot is that okay again
you want to take your 5/32 allen wrench
put it into the top your 7/16 wrench up
under the bottom tighten until it’s very
tight that way it doesn’t move on you
you want it good nice and snug and that
way it will not move any more and then
the other one will go up and down also
sometimes the bolts that adjust this up
and down will either come out or they
will come loose as this one is here
again take your 7/16 wrench come in
tighten these down so all the way until
they’re tight and you do want to make
sure that these are here or a little bit
more than snug okay see that right there
that will tighten it up for us and that
way your now your complete foot foot
rest is now tight adjusted to your
person and it’s ready to go

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Wheelchair Footrest Review

Wheelchair footrests is one of the first and most basic items that come standard with all wheelchair accessible vehicles. This is a double instructional on how to increase a regular wheelchair footrest, by adding bumpers and footpads. A typical wheel chair footrest normally consist of two round pieces of hard plastic or metal to hold your foot up off the floor.

Wheelchair footstools also come in two different styles of bumpers and footpads. The two different styles of bumpers are the swivel bumpers and the stick bumpers. Wheelchair footstools are typically available in round two-piece bumpers or in one-piece bumpers depending on what style you would like. Wheelchair footstools have two basic styles of bumpers, the stick bumper and the swivel bumper.

The stick bumper consists of two pieces, one piece on top of the other, with the upper bumpers sticking out of the bottom bumpers. On the other hand, the swivel bumper consists of one piece of hard plastic with two small bumpers sticking out of it and then sticking out from the side of the bumper.

There are many benefits to having a wheelchair footstool. One benefit is increased comfort level. When your feet are supported by a footstool you don’t have to worry about them sinking into the floor or hitting the back of the wheelchair. You also do not have to worry about your feet slipping when you are standing with your legs in the air. When your knees are in front of your torso, you don’t have to worry about your knees slipping off the edge of your wheelchair, which can cause a fall.

Wheelchair footstools also provide additional support to the lower back and abdomen. This helps prevent strain on the back, shoulders, and abdominals. A back or abdominal strain can be extremely painful. A regular wheelchair cannot give you the level of support that a footstool can give. It has also been found that having a footstool makes using a wheelchair easier because you can position your weight more evenly and rest your foot on the floor, which reduces the risk of an injury to the back.

There are many wheelchair models that do not come with a wheelchair footstool. Wheelchair Accessible vans are usually equipped with some type of lift to help the passenger into and out of the vehicle. Most vehicles offer the ability to purchase a footstool separately if you are purchasing a wheelchair. For those that want to make the decision to install a wheelchair footstool on their wheelchair-accessible vehicle there is a full selection of various styles of footstool available.

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    Chris H

    These are an excellent alternative to the plastic footrests that are usually included with regular wheelchairs. I have leg spasms that are heavy enough to break many plastic footrests; these metal ones are practically indestructible. It’s worth noting that the fixing points on most wheelchairs, including those made by different manufacturers, are universal; these suit two different Invacare chairs, a Drive Medical chair and a Drive transport chair that I’ve used.

  2. Avatar

    After having ACL reconstruction surgery, I used this item for a couple of travel days. I was advised to elevate my legs after surgery to minimize swelling, but I had two weddings and a conference to attend after my surgery. This allowed me to raise and lower my leg as required while remaining off of it.

    My only complaint is that the pull lever to lower the leg pulls backwards. To lock, the brakes also pull backwards. My driver had to be very careful not to catch the wrong one as he reached down. We pulled the wrong lever once, and my raised leg dropped to the resting position…this was excruciatingly painful post-op, like seeing stars and fire.

  3. Avatar

    The box was incredibly thin, but I had no idea how small these legs collapsed. They are a great match for our old wheelchair after thoroughly extending and attaching them. The price is very fair, and I believe it is due to the plastic fold-out foot rests. They’re incredibly comfortable and strong, according to my disabled cousin.

    These, like the originals, fold quickly out of the way and the clasp that keeps them in place is almost impossible to unintentionally activate. The plastic footrests fold down with little effort but are secure enough not to fall down while in the ‘up’ position.

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