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The price of lightweight wheelchair in the US is between $144.11 for the cheapest model and $555.58 for the most expensive compact wheelchair, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Folding Transport Wheelchair with Swing-Away Footrest, Silver reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes, Folding Transport Chair for Adults has 12 inch Wheels, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes, 12" Rear Wheels, Removable & Flip Up Arms for Easy Transfer, Anti-Tippers Included, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Black reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Hi-Fortune Lightweight Wheelchair 21lbs Self-propelled Magnesium Chair with Travel Bag and Cushion, Portable and Folding 17.5” W Seat, Brake, Anti-Tipper, Swing-Away Footrests, 220lbs Weight Capacity reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes
NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes
Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair
Hi-Fortune Wheelchair 21lbs Lightweight Self-propelled Chair
Drive Medical
NOVA Medical Products
Karman Healthcare
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Product Page
Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Folding Transport Wheelchair with Swing-Away Footrest, Silver reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair
Drive Medical
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Product Page
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes, Folding Transport Chair for Adults has 12 inch Wheels, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes
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NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes, 12" Rear Wheels, Removable & Flip Up Arms for Easy Transfer, Anti-Tippers Included, Red reviewed by Community Clinic Association
NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes
NOVA Medical Products
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Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Black reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair
Karman Healthcare
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Hi-Fortune Lightweight Wheelchair 21lbs Self-propelled Magnesium Chair with Travel Bag and Cushion, Portable and Folding 17.5” W Seat, Brake, Anti-Tipper, Swing-Away Footrests, 220lbs Weight Capacity reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Hi-Fortune Wheelchair 21lbs Lightweight Self-propelled Chair
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My Lightweight Wheelchair Collection



hey YouTube so I want to do you a quick
video on my wheelchair collection that
I’ve had or that I’ve collected over the
past ten years or so so each one of
these wheelchairs of course I ordered
them at different times through my
insurance carrier so I can get a new
wheelchair every three years through my
insurance so basically this is roughly
the past ten years or so actually about
nine years
so my tie light here came first my
second time light three years later and
this one came last year so this is a
quickie they’re all nice chairs but if I
were to pick and choose which one or
which ones are my favorite by far are
the cheetah lights I’ve had quickies
pretty much most of my life and they’ve
been good chairs but the tie light
chairs in my opinion they’re they’re
much better built they are lighter
chairs and in my opinion they’re more
durable than the quickie wheelchairs so
pretty much what I’m going to do is I’m
going to talk about each wheelchair and
I’m going to show you a couple of
different things on each chair I’ll also
talk about what I do and what I don’t
like about every chair so this chair
here is one of my tie lights actually
what I’ll do is I’ll move this chair
around here so I can
chair and better shop actually listen to
so this chair was my first time like
chair that I were okay I ordered this
chair now both of these chairs are
titanium okay so in all fairness of
course the quickie here it’s not going
to be as light as ease because this is
aluminum now I’m supposed to be
lightweight aluminum but that I don’t
see it and I’ll talk about that here in
a few minutes but this was my first High
Line chair and I’ve always had a powder
coat powder colored powder coated sorry
a wheelchairs but when I warded my Tyla
here my first one I wanted it to be a
raw satin finish
mainly because all of the research I did
on the YouTube videos with other people
with these types of chairs they say that
these are really nice because if you
scratch them then basically you get like
a scotch-brite pad and basically you can
scratch out the the scratches now let me
see if it’s a big gash and you’re not
going to be able to you know you’re not
gonna be able to polish that out so
you’d probably have to sand down the
scratch and then you could probably
polish it out but that isn’t being true
I’ve had quite a few scratches on my
chair and I grabbed a scotch brite pad
and they come right out when I ordered
the chair of course I always order the
spinergy wheels with the Fox spokes and
these are the Serge handrims that I
always like to order – this was a nice
chair for me and I used it for a good
three years four years I also ordered
the J backrest now this is carbon fiber
this was my first somewhat hard or rigid
back breasts and I thought I was gonna
like it but this pretty much sucks I am
all of this extra hardware adds too much
weight to the chair do you feel it
I remember when when I first got the
chair it came with the regular holster
back like on my other chairs and then
this came in a box and I had to put this
on the chair myself I noticed a huge
difference in weight between the
upholstered back and this and this set
up here but if I ever had to do it again
I would not order this it’s just it’s
not worth it to me the front of this is
pretty comfortable with the insert in
there the Christian insert but it’s just
this app way too much weight to these
chairs so and of course anybody that has
to unload and load their chairs in the
amount of cargo every day you know that
every every pound or every ounce makes a
big difference especially if you do it
multiple times a day so but other than
that yeah it’s been a good chair zero
problems with it it pretty much it
doesn’t get used because it just sits in
one of my bedrooms and it’s pretty much
a spare wheel chair at this time so it
is nice knowing that if I ever have to
go back to this chair all I need to do
is I’ll put the upholstery back from
that chair which are this one and then
I’ll be in business again the main
reason why I don’t use this chair now is
because I’ve got a 2016 Camaro and it’s
it’s got a pretty small interior so I
it’s very very hard for me to get this
chair in and out of my back seat now I’m
going to do a separate video one day on
how I load my
the chair and out of my car but yeah I
can use this chair with my Camaro
because these two types of chairs have
two different types of frames so this is
a mana tube and this has the secondary
frame this secondary frame here it gets
in my way and I just I can’t get in and
out of the car easy so that’s pretty
much the reason why I don’t use this
chair everyday if this was a monetary
frame I’d still probably be using this
chair even though this chair is newer
then we’ll talk about my other pilot
chair so this chair here is my everyday
chair this is the one that I use the
most and this is it is my favorite chair
obviously in case if he can’t tell I’ve
got a thing for yellow I love the color
yellow and that’s what I’ve got a yep a
yellow chair originally the wheelchair
came in white it was powder coated away
don’t know how in the world that my
insurance provider or not maintenance
provider but my medical provider screw
data but it was supposed to be ordered
in yellow when I received it it was
white so unfortunately with a wheelchair
it’s not like you can just return and
say give me another one
so what I did was I went to a local shop
and my hair hat who does powder coating
and they did an awesome awesome job at
attorney gonna do a yellow chair so now
these of course are the spinergy wheels
but these have a different types of
spokes these aren’t these are it’s a
thin I don’t even know what the material
is called it’s it’s it’s like a fire
glass type of spoke but these folks are
very very thin
and the wheels themselves are carbon
fiber is there a weight or is there a
big weight difference between the carbon
fiber wheels and the regular wheels on
my other chair
I do feel a difference but in my opinion
is certainly not the it’s not worth how
much extra money that you spend on the
carbon fiber setup but again I order the
chair like that and it pretty much
that’s how it came but I get this chair
in and out of my car very very easy and
as you can see it’s still in excellent
condition all my chairs are in excellent
condition because I think care of them
it you know it cringes me when I watch
people take their a wheelchairs in and
out of their cars they slam them on the
ground or how they just let them fall
that that doesn’t happen with my chairs
my chairs like I said this chair is
probably a good I’d say six years old
now and it still looks brand new
so this is my favorite chair let’s put
this over here
now last but not least this is my new
wheelchair it’s a quickie so if you
notice the biggest difference between
this chair and these two other chairs is
that this is actually what you may not
be able to notice it but this is
actually a folding chair it’s actually a
well when I’m quick these new models
that that they say that they have the
same stability as a rigid chair right or
as a reading frame chair but it’s
foldable now on paper these chairs are
supposed to be as white as those chairs
that is 100% incorrect and I was not too
happy about that when I took delivery of
the chair but just like I said a little
bit ago you know once you order a chair
and it gets delivered it’s pretty much
yours so how do I like this chair I’m
just gonna say it’s okay it again I
ordered it with the spinergy wheels just
like the other two wheels but I I don’t
I don’t use this chair every day I most
of the time this chair also sits in one
of my spare bedrooms the only time I
pretty much use this chair is when meet
my wife go out and and I ride in her car
so instead of me having to take my
yellow chair out of my Camaro in and out
in and out I’ll just basically jumping
this one I’ll grab my roll cushion put
it in here and I will go out in her car
but like I say we don’t that we don’t go
out in it too
you know too much the footrest here
comes up so that’s how that comes up and
the chair now originally I bought you
know I bought this type of chair or I
wanted to try a folding chair was
because sometimes like if I need to rent
a car it always you know it seems like
maybe a folding chair would be easier
for me to get it in and out of the the
backseat area so that’s why I ordered
you know a folding chair but it’s just
it’s not again this chair is supposed to
be lightweight and in my opinion it’s
not lightweight I guess I guess that’s
main in part because now you have all
this extra hardware that you have on
this chair that you don’t have no chairs
and obviously hardware is weight so I
definitely will not agree with this
being a lightweight chair or not light
or not light enough for me so just gonna
push this put this down but I mean it is
a nice chair and it rolls really really
nice but it’s just it’s not it’s not the
same quality it’s not the same ultra
light weakness if that’s a word
as my toilet chair so this is definitely
a I haven’t had a quickie chair and
ten years and it’ll probably be another
ten or twenty or thirty years at the
forward another chair because this just
these they’re not as nice into the time
line chairs so I’ll put that one back
so that’s pretty much it now in case if
you’re wondering what’s the chair that
I’m sitting in now this is my $100
Amazon indoor chair and actually I’ve
got another wheelchair that sits in my
that’s my outdoor chair so my outdoor
chair goes in the garage and goes
outside never comes inside this chair
stays inside goes to the garage but
never leaves the garage I’m really OCD
about keeping my floors clean and not
leaving marks anywhere and these chairs
not that they ever do leave any marks on
anywhere because I used the swab of
tires on all of my views but I’ve been
using throwable tires now for years and
they don’t leave any marks anywhere but
again I you know the only time I bring
in these chairs or if I’m rubber if I’m
ever rolling around in them if there’s
something wrong with this chair but
other than that these chairs pretty much
by my regular everyday chair never comes
inside other than if I have to here up
the tires or or when I clean them once a
month so but this is my hundred dollar
Amazon chair and it’s been perfect I you
know if this thing lasts me what two or
three years it’ll be worth $200 so but
other than that that’s pretty much it
like I said I just wanted to post a
quick video on my I’m a wheel chair
collection and one day I’m going to post
a video on how I get my chair in and out
of my car so I hope that I hope that my
video was somewhat informative there’s
some people that who may who may be
and and what the differences are between
the chair manufacturers but as you can
tell I am definitely a tight light fan
and not so much a quickie fan so
hopefully you found this video
interesting if so I like it and then I
might be doing future videos thank you
and have a great day

Lightweight Wheelchair Deals and Discounts

Lightweight Wheelchair Review

A manual lightweight wheelchair can make it easier for someone to get around in public because it is one that is easy to transport while travel. Wheelchairs are not always easy to move from one location to another. This can be especially true for a wheelchair with limited maneuverability. The best lightweight wheelchair can make it easier for someone to maneuver in the case of an emergency.

Wheelchairs have different ways to make it easier to move around. Some pediatric wheelchair designs allow a person to slide into the seat while others require a person to sit down. Some chairs fold or roll, while others can be folded into a compact package that can fit in a vehicle trunk. These various designs allow a person to easily get a wheelchair into a place that is convenient.

Motorized lightweight wheelchairs are made with a variety of materials. One of the materials most commonly used is plastic. Plastic makes it easy for a wheelchair to move around. This is because plastic is flexible, lightweight, and is less likely to break than other materials.

Plastic wheels are commonly used in collapsible wheelchair designs. Some bariatric lightweight wheelchairs are also made of metal. These materials offer a bit of a compromise between the flexibility of plastic and the lightweightness of wood or steel/aluminum.

An electric lightweight wheelchair can be made to fit any budget. When shopping for a wheelchair, take the measurements of your body to determine the size of the chair. It is important to make sure that the chair can fit your needs. Buying a wheelchair can be a complicated decision but a small lightweight wheelchair can make it easier. Wheelchair fans can purchase a range of accessories. One accessory that wheelchair fans often purchase is a foldable chair. This folding chair is easy to use because it is easy to fold the chair up and store in a bag or in a pocket.

A folding chair is especially helpful for individuals that need a folding wheelchair for a variety of reasons. For instance, a folding chair can be used for a hospital stay if a hospital has a space that is limited. In addition, a folding chair can be used in the trunk of a car for a variety of reasons. It can be stored in the trunk if the wheelchair is not in use.

Portable wheelchairs are more affordable than many other types of power wheelchairs. If you are interested in purchasing an ultra lightweight wheelchair, it is a good idea to check online reviews to get a good price estimate. This will help you be sure that the reclining wheelchair you choose will be a good choice for your needs. If you choose a wheelchair that is too costly, you may find that it does not work for your needs.

Lightweight Wheelchair Guide

Compact Transport Wheelchair

A wheelchair transport system is one of the most convenient ways to carry around your wheelchair and it comes in several varieties. Wheelchair lifts can be used to transport wheelchairs or scooters to higher floors or rooms, as well as to the yard and garage. You can find small hand operated wheelchair lifts in residential homes as well as commercial buildings, although the cost of these types of lifts is more expensive than permanent wall-mounted wheelchairs. Permanent wall-mounted wheelchairs are able to hold up to 5 kilograms (some models can hold up to eight kilograms) of weight. These wheelchairs are also available with detachable hand controls, foot rests and other accessories.

Another type of wheelchair transport system is the handheld portable wheelchair lift. This is perhaps the easiest of all the portable wheelchair systems to set up and use. A user simply mounts the lightweight wheelchair onto a portable armrest, places the footrest into place, and pushes a single lever for the chair to be tilted up or down. Hand controls are not required for this type of wheelchair, as the user controls the chair from just his or her own position. An adjustable foot rest can also be utilized if your wheelchair does not have one, making this the perfect compact transport wheelchair for a person who is short on height or who has a bad back.

The maximum user weight of a wheelchair lift is usually between twenty-five to twenty-eight kilograms. In addition to carrying a wheelchair, this device can be used to move scooters, golf trolleys and watercrafts as well. The device runs on batteries and comes with a circuit board and electric motor. Most compact transport wheelchair lifts come with a detachable power unit that allows the user to eliminate the need for rechargeable batteries and will allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Lightweight wheelchair for heavy person

When a person who is a heavy weight to walk gets a wheelchair, he will surely require a lightweight wheelchair for heavy persons so that he can move easily and with ease in his new wheelchair. A lightweight wheelchair for heavy person is specially made for the heavy weight people so that they can carry their self along with their things while walking in the roads. This mobility device is available in various colors and designs so that the people can select one for themselves as per their needs and likes.

The lightweight wheelchair is of high quality and has all the necessities which the heavy weight people may require so that they can get their everyday work completed without any hindrance. The lightweight wheelchair is flexible in nature and is designed in such a way so that it can be used by the person with ease while walking. They are available in various sizes and shapes so that they can be selected as per the requirement of the person who is a heavy weight person. The wheelchair is also affordable and comes under the budget, which is highly desired by the handicapped people.

There is a lot of support provided by the wheelchair for the handicapped people and they do not feel much pain while moving around as the wheelchair supports their body and provides them with complete comfort. There is a seat attached with the chair that support the back of the heavy person and this seat also has good back support so that the person can sit and relax himself. There is a hand control unit attached with the wheelchair and this control unit is very useful for the disabled person as he can control his movements with the help of this hand control. The armrests of the lightweight wheelchair are also provided with great support so that the arm can be stretched freely without having any problem. The seat also has headrests and this is provided to provide comfort to the heavy person. There are many more accessories provided with the lightweight wheelchair for heavy persons and one can check out from the internet for more information on these accessories.

Lightweight wheelchair for elderly

We need a lightweight wheelchair for elderly as we get older. It’s quite embarrassing to see a grandpa or grandma standing in a wheelchair because it really looks like they’re carrying a ton of luggage around all day. For most of us, using a regular chair to wheel around town can result in some pretty uncomfortable positions. That’s why lightweight wheelchairs for elderly are important and it’s even more important to choose the right wheelchair to get the job done.

The extended arm rests are made from memory foam to minimize fatigue and pressure points. The ergonomically-designed seat pan also reduces pressure points and provides maximum support while seated. The motorized tilt mechanism does not slip backwards when the electronic state increases. And for those of you who tend to spend a lot of time on the computer, there’s an electronic keyboard port for your convenient use.

With a lightweight wheelchair for elderly, this is one of their greatest assets, especially for people who may have difficulty with their balance. The seats come in various seat sizes to suit the needs of any individual, including small children who do not yet have the coordination to sit properly in a chair. The armrests are fully adjustable, which is a great feature for somebody whose hands may be atrophying.

Lightweight power wheelchair for mountains

If you are looking to purchase a lightweight power wheelchair for riding, then you may want to think about purchasing one that is suitable for the mountains. Wheelchairs that are suitable for mountains will be heavier and sturdier than most other lightweight power wheelchairs. A lightweight power wheelchair for the mountains will also need more support than a normal wheelchair would because of the extra weight. The weight of a wheelchair in addition to its strength may cause the wheelchair to rock or wiggle when you are pushing it uphill. Because of this you should try to consider spending some money on a sturdier wheelchair if you are going to use it for rough terrain and a lightweight wheelchair for mountains should not be bought unless you can afford a higher priced wheelchair.

It is best if you choose a lightweight power wheelchair for mountains that is easy to fold so that you can take it with you if you need to travel. There are many lightweight power wheelchairs that fold so that you can store it easily. You should always keep in mind that the lighter the wheelchair the less support it will provide you and that you should buy a heavy wheelchair if you do a lot of hiking or trekking in your wheelchair. Most of the time people who use wheelchairs to get around on rough terrain are people who hike and who like to go places that are off the beaten path so that they can visit exciting places that they may not otherwise go to unless it is a more mainstream destination.

If you are considering a lightweight power wheelchair for the mountains then you should consider buying one that can fold up into a very small size. Most of the time you will find that you can purchase these wheelchairs for much less than a heavy wheelchair and for this reason it is nice to try to get a wheelchair that folds up easier. Another advantage to buying a lightweight power wheelchair for the mountains is that you will be able to store it in a small space so that you do not have to have an incredibly large wheelchair to bring with you when you travel. If you find that you really enjoy using a wheelchair on rough terrain then a lightweight wheelchair for the mountains may be just what you need to make the entire trip more enjoyable and easier.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Robbie

    It’s fine! For my father, this transport wheelchair has been a lifesaver! It took a long time for my father to agree that he now needs one when we take him out of the house and to places where he must take more than a few steps. He can’t walk as well as he used to. The chair is simple and compact, lightweight, quick to fold and unfold, load into and out of the vehicle, drive, and most importantly, a perfect fit (19″) and ride for my father! He’s 5’10” and weighs 160 pounds. Taking him to Disneyland and California Adventure and wheeling him in the chair for the whole day was the perfect test-run!! We were all ecstatic about it. 🙂

  2. S. Haffner

    At first, I was pleased with this chair. I was able to control the chair when going downhill thanks to the brakes on the handles. I used to always back downhill, using myself as a brake, and I had to be very careful in public places to avoid obstacles and pedestrians. It was more stable thanks to the larger rear wheels, and I was able to get it through graveled areas with ease. The length of the footrests can be adjusted with push button spring clips. Our previous chair’s footrest was constantly moving out of place and sometimes falling off due to a loose adjustment bolt.

  3. David Koscielniak

    We looked at three different brands of transport chairs as a possible alternative to a wheel chair for our baby. He can walk, but only for short periods of time. We wanted something tough that could withstand rough terrain. We chose this Nova chair with the larger rear wheels and couldn’t be happier with our choice. During a trip to Germany, we put it to the test. Tiny uneven bricks/stones and wide uneven bricks/stones were the two types of streets they had. The chair was fantastic, with the exception of when the surface was very rough. My only recommendation is to purchase star washers to use on the screws that keep the detachable foot rests in place, as the screws have a tendency to back out.

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